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Dust from Our Eyes: An Unblinkered Look at Africa

by Joan Baxter - £15.95  Pambazuka Press (2011)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780857490247 | ISBN 10: 0857490249

Whether speaking with an African grandmother over 100 years old, interviewing an African inventor, or working with African journalists, Joan Baxter has been repeatedly struck by the diversity of Africa and the resilience and spirit of its people.
In this book she shares how living in Africa opened her eyes not only to injustices Africans have faced but also to the strengths and cultures that have helped them weather adversity. As she erodes the tired stereotypes of the western media, Joan Baxter leads us to question, as she herself did, the approach of the western mindset. She aims to help readers to understand the continent, its triumphs and its problems, and she provides compelling evidence of the need for westerners to scrutinise their own countries' policies at home and abroad and to do more to support Africans working to solve the problems they face.

"'Before we blame Africans for the corruption, chaos and anarchy... across their continent, we should determine who the corrupters are, how they corrupt, and why they are permitted to continue. A course in Exploitation 101 might well prescribe Dust from our Eyes as its text."
(Judy Kennedy, The CCPA Monitor)
"'Even while tackling so many politically charged issues, Dust from our Eyes remains a deeply human book, with a narrative and a set of interviews running through every chapter. This is a compelling work that could change your perspective on Africa and the West's impact there."
(Joseph Howse, The Chronicle Herald)

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