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Desertion Bloody Sunday

by Colin E. Demet - £9.99  Wordcatcher Publications (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780955131837 | ISBN 10: 0955131839

This is a true story which has been written to portray and to share the experience of what it was like for soldiers and civilians on the streets of Belfast during the time period of what has become to be known as Bloody Sunday. A teenage soldier finds himself trapped in a chain of events beyond his control.
The regiment is sent to Flax Street Mill in the Ardoyne area of Belfast on a four month tour of duty. The book describes the interactions between British soldiers and civilians and includes rioting, street patrols, searches (of homes and civilians), the beating-up of innocent civilians and indiscriminate shooting. Soldiers' reactions to Bloody Sunday are also highlighted and Colin's decision to desert the British army is now confirmed.
Within minutes of his desertion from Flax Street Mill, Colin is pursued, trapped and taken hostage to a house by the I.R.A. A vote is taken by the I.R.A. as to whether he should live or die. The vote is overruled by one person in Colin's favour. He is then transported to Dublin.
Events in Dublin are described; including newspaper reports and TV coverage.

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