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Ogham Sketch Book: A Diary of Tree Lore and Spiritual Growth

by Karen Cater - £14.99  Hedingham Fair (2007)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780955647505 | ISBN 10: 0955647509

"A few years ago I discovered the Ogham, a system of writing devised by Druids over 2000 years ago. Each symbol was not only a letter, but also a number, a time period and a tree or shrub. What fascinated me was that in this system was encoded mythology and folklore, and the uses to which each tree may be put, both for practical craft and for culinary and medicinal purposes.
I wanted to learn the system, but the task seemed huge, far too big to achieve all together, so I chopped it up into manageable chunks. I found that most of the trees grew very close to my home, so I set about taking them in turn, at their allotted times, and I made a magical journey, like a pilgrimage, to each one.
I kept a diary and sketchbook of the journeys, with drawings and watercolour paintings of the trees, and observations of everything that happened. Returning home, I researched the folklore and mythology associated with each tree, as well as recipes, remedies and craft uses.
I included traditional songs, customs and weather lore - anything relevant which interested me, and gradually built up a picture of the character of the trees I was studying. This in turn gave me a level of mystical understanding of the trees as archetypes, which may be used as a basis for a form of divination.
The Ogham Sketch Book is the record of the years work.
Come with me on a journey through the woods and meet the trees I have come to know and love. If you have enjoyed my artwork, you will love The Ogham Sketch Book - a perfect present you'll want to keep for yourself!"
(Karen Cater.)

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