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The Girl Who Could See Stories

by Gill Torres, illustrated by Ilan Sheady - £8.99  Real Magic Publishing (2014)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780993132001 | ISBN 10: 0993132006

Everything has a story. Every person, every object and even every smell has a past, a place where it began and a journey that led to where it is today. The girl called Sofiel could see them all.
...She found herself at the market, facing a bunch of ripe bananas. They had been grown in a beautiful country with the sun on their skin. Their story was of rich soil and a happy farmer who loved his job.

The Girl Who Could See Stories is a picture book that inspires children to love themselves and the planet by choosing a healthy, plant-based, lifestyle free of animal products.
Sofiel has a special gift. She can see the story of every being and every object she looks at.
If she looks at an old suitcase, she can see every item it ever carried. If someone cycles past her on a bike she can see every journey they ever took and if she met you, your life story would open up to her like the pages of a book. One day she looked down at the food she was eating and she saw its past. From that moment on, she chose to only feed her tummy with happy stories.

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