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"For the Sake of the Women Who Are To Come After": Manchester

by Michael Herbert - £5.95  Mary Quaile Club (2019)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780993224720 | ISBN 10: 0993224725

This book tells the dramatic stories of Manchester women who campaigned for social change and progress in the years between 1914 and 1945.
It includes women who: campaigned during the First World War for a just and lasting peace that would prevent another war; supported miners and their families during the General Strike and the Miners' Lockout in 1926; marched from the North to London on Hunger Marches in the 1930s; went to Spain to serve as nurses during the Spanish Civil War; fought against the British Union of Fascists; discussed the role of women workers during the Second World War in the Lancashire Women's Parliament.
Michael Herbert is a socialist historian.
The book is A4 format 65pp, with many illustrations and original photographs.

(Price & availability last checked: April 2019)

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