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Open Minded Torah: Of Irony, Fundamentalism and Love

by William Kolbrener - £17.99  Continuum Publishing Corporation (2011)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781441118660 | ISBN 10: 1441118667

In essays as likely to turn to baseball, the NASDAQ and Denzel Washington as to Shakespeare, quantum physics and psychoanalysis, Kolbrener provides powerful – and often surprising – insights into how open mindedness allows for authentic Jewish engagement in an age otherwise defined by fundamentalism or unbelief.
Open Minded Torah presents – on topics ranging from parenting a son with Down syndrome to Biblical criticism to Talmudic interpretation of dreams – a perspective on Judaism which emphasizes skepticism, pluralism and the need to embrace difference. Through a personal synthesis of Western and Jewish learning, popular culture and philosophy, Kolbrener offers a compelling new vision where being open minded allows for a non-dogmatic and committed Judaism. Informed by Kolbrener’s considerable erudition, but always accessible, the essays of Open Minded Torah are critical for those wanting to pursue a non-coercive, tolerant and creative Jewish life.
For every person, it is said, there is a corresponding letter in the Torah: this innovative collection shows Kolbrener writing his letter, and providing the inspiration for others to write their own.

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