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Nonviolent Social Movements: A Geographical Perspective

by Edited by Stephen Zunes, Lester R. Kurtz and Sarah Asher - £40.99  Blackwell Publishers (1999)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781577180760 | ISBN 10: 1577180763

Nonviolent Social Movements is the first book to offer a truly global overview of the dramatic growth of popular nonviolent struggles in recent years.
From the civil rights movement in the United States, and the 'People Power' movement in the Philippines, to the pro-democracy movements of Asia, Latin America, and Europe, nonviolent action has emerged as a key element of political change in recent decades. Despite its widespread diffusion as a conscious movement around the world, we still understand little about nonviolence as a technique for social change.
This volume seeks to provide an understanding of the extent to which organized nonviolent action can be used to replace violent struggle and the conditions under which it can succeed. Nonviolent Social Movements brings together case studies from around the world to demonstrate how nonviolent action works and what possibilities and limitations it holds for achieving social change and deterring aggressors.

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