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You Can Save The Earth: 7 Reasons Why & 7 Simple Ways. A Book to Benefit the Planet

by Written by Sean K. Smith, Edited by June Eding and Anna Krusinski - £10.99  Hatherleigh Press (2017)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9781578266708 | ISBN 10: 157826670x

Finally a hopeful book which empowers us to make the choices we need to make...not out of fear but out of love for ourselves, our Earth, and each other.
Includes inspirational quotes from influential environmentalists and thought leaders including Al Gore, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoreau, Howard Zinn, E.F. Schumacher, William Shakespeare, Ayn Rand, and Mahatma Gandhi.
You Can Save the Earth: 7 Reasons Why & 7 Simple Ways is the perfect book to pick up for your friends, your office, your home, and yourself. While many books on sustainability and climate change focus only on disasters and what has gone wrong–what we have lost–this one takes a new tack. You Can Save the Earth focuses on real-life, simple solutions to many of our global problems, and emphasizes steps that can be taken on an individual basis or on a local level to promote environmental awareness and conservation.
Because it promotes reflection rather than guilt, You Can Save the Earth offers a new approach to discussing the environment, climate change, and how man influences his surroundings. After examining the impact that man has on his environment, You Can Save the Earth provides seven simple things you can do or a "roadmap" for readers to follow in their daily lives, from the office, to the home, the store, and everywhere in between. By creating good habits and incorporating them into our lifestyles, man can live in closer harmony with his environment.
You Can Save the Earth Offers Seven Important Reasons Why Environmental Awareness and Conservation are so Important:
All Life is Interconnected: It is impossible for people to separate themselves from each other, the Earth, or the many living things on the Earth. When we lack respect for the environment and the Earth, we are inevitably damaging ourselves as well.
The Health of the Earth Defines Our Well-being: The damage we do to the Earth is often returned upon man, with the advent of global warming there has been an increase in disease and chronic environmentally caused conditions such as Asthma.
Water is the Essence of All Life: Our disastrous policies and ongoing pollution have the potential to do devastating damage to our water supply.
The Air We Breathe: Air is essential to human life, yet man has shown a remarkable disrespect for air since the industrial revolution. We spew pollution, including carbon dioxide, sulfur, and other harmful chemicals, into the atmosphere at startling rates. It is vital to the ongoing health of mankind that we begin to show more respect for the atmosphere and what we put into it.
The Limits of Fossil Fuels: Oil has been an abundant resource for hundreds of years, but supplies are becoming scarcer. Indeed the scarcity of oil has led to an increase in oil prices, making it important and economical for consumers to focus on efficiency of usage. Efficiency in the home, car, and in life can not only save money, it can help the environment.
The Food That Nourishes: Many of the foods we eat on a year round basis are in fact seasonal in different areas of the world. This means that to get these foods during seasons they do not grow, they are shipped from elsewhere in the world. While this allows us to have tomatoes in the winter, it is important to note that these tomatoes are not as fresh or flavorful as those grown locally. In addition, the constant transport of food over vast distances contributes heavily to global pollution, as the amount of energy consumed and waste created to transport fresh food is extremely large.
The Fragile Balance: The Earth is hospitable to mankind because of the balance maintained in the environment. With our constant pollution and energy use, we are threatening that balance, and so harming ourselves and our future. If this balance is disturbed in any major way, the planet could become uninhabitable to future generations.
You Can Save the Earth Offers Seven Simple Ways that YOU can Contribute to a Positive Future:
Love the Earth: A deeper understanding of your relationship with the Earth, and the joy and health it brings you, is important to changing your behavior to accommodate the Earth's needs.
Make Wiser Choices: In this day and age, there are a plethora of products that offer energy-saving, environmentally friendly options for the home and business.
Choose to Reduce: Reducing energy usage and consumption are great ways to help the environment and save money.
Embrace Green Technology: Compact Fluorescent Lights offer a more energy efficient alternative to incandescent lights. Adding insulation to your home can help you reduce your energy consumption and save you money.
Recycle, Reuse, and Repair: The rampant consumerism and short-lived product life spans we see today are relatively recent developments. During more challenging economic times people often made do with what they had. This meant repairing things in unique and inventive ways. Next time you are considering throwing something away in favor of buying a new copy, think of ways you could continue to use or it or repair it.
Think Local: Ride your bicycle to work, take public transportation, eat locally grown foods purchased at farmer's markets; these are all ways that you can contribute to your local community, save energy, and live a healthier life.
Cherish the Earth's Precious Gifts: We have been blessed with a beautiful home, a beautiful environment, and an often picturesque habitat in which we can grow and thrive. It is important to appreciate the beauty and opportunity that the Earth offers us, and in turn work to respect the Earth and conserve its natural wonder and beauty.
A portion of the proceeds from your purchase goes to good, designated for non-profit organizations specifically active in addressing the issues that face the survival of the Earth, including:
Wildlife Conservation Society
National Audubon Society
Save the Whales
Sierra Club
Waterkeeper Alliance
charity: water
The Nature Conservancy
Cousteau Society
The We Campaign
Community Food Security Coalition
Slow Food USA
Appalachian Mountain Club
WWF, the global conservation organization
Community Trees
Earth Corps
Go Green Initiative
The Kids Ecology Corps
National Resources Defense Council
People and Planet
Trees Forever
Outward Bound
Millennium Villages
Shoe 4 Africa
The Mountain Institute
The Rainforest Foundation-US
FINCA International

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