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Romaphobia: The Last Acceptable Form of Racism

by Aidan McGarry - £17.99  Zed Books Ltd (2017)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781783603992 | ISBN 10: 1783603992

Identifies the origins of Romaphobia, and points to meaningful ways to promote the inclusion of Roma in society.
Demonised by the media and persecuted for hundreds of years Roma communities are among the most persecuted groups in Europe. Based on real accounts of the struggles faced by Roma communities this well researched and informative book argues that little has been done to identify the root causes of anti-Roma discrimination.
McGarry shows that the origins of this discrimination are to be found in the early history of the European nation state, and the ways in which the Roma, as landless 'nomads', have been excluded from national communities founded upon a notion of 'belonging' to a particular territory.
McGarry argues that understanding Romaphobia as a prejudice rooted in European notions of 'territoriality' allows us to unpick the relationship between identity and belonging, and shows the way towards the inclusion of Roma in society, providing vital insights for other marginalised communities across the world.

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