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Gorgeous George: Maverick in the House

by David Morley and Clive Anderson - £19.99  Politico (2007)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9781842751855 | ISBN 10: 1842751859

The first biography of the most fascinating ego and least likely celebrity of recent times.

George Galloway has made a career of confrontation and has a life story that is stranger than fiction, with all the key ingredients of a soap opera - power, celebrity and, to a lesser extent, politics.

As a career controversialist, Galloway is uncompromising in his public demeanour - as those who have crossed or just disagreed with him have found to their cost - hence his failure to win the hearts of Big Brother viewers.

Espousing a brand of 'catch-me-if-you-can' politics, Galloway has consistently remained one step ahead of his detractors, even confounding the United States Senate in their attempts to tie him to allegations over illegal oil trading in Iraq.

This biography includes:

His time as MP for Dundee and the way in which he rose to the top;
. His love and successes, which have earned him the nickname 'Gorgeous George';
His leadership of War on Want and, later, the Mariam Appeal and the accusations made;
His label as 'The Member for Baghdad Central' as a result of driving a routemaster bus to Iraq and his friendship with Saddam Hussein.
His shock expulsion from the Labour Party and the sensational Respect victory in the bitter campaign for Bethnal Green.
Brilliantly deflating Senator Norm Coleman at the US Senate hearings into allegations of 'Oil for Food' irregularities.

Whatever his motives, whatever his actions, George Galloway is rarely less than sensational, newsworthy and controversial. Gorgeous George is the definitive biography of one of the most extraordinary political figures of our times.

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