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Great Answers to Difficult Questions About Divorce: What Children Need to Know

by Fanny Cohen Herlem - £9.99  Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781843106722 | ISBN 10: 1843106728

Is it my fault that my parents are getting divorced?
Do I have to choose between my mum and my dad?
Is it normal to feel angry with my parents?
When faced with their parents' divorce, children have many concerns and questions that are difficult for a parent to answer. This book explores children's thoughts and feelings and provides parents with guidance on how to respond to difficult questions.
The author covers all the common questions that children ask and provides sensitive, candid answers in a way that children will be able to understand and relate to. Each chapter is devoted to a particular issue, such as why parents separate, what will happen during and after the divorce, and who the child is going to live with. The book recognizes the emotions and reactions of everyone in the family and includes separate conclusions for parents and children.
This handy guide offers useful advice for parents and will also be of interest to counsellors and other professionals working with children.

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