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by Wu Ming, translated by Shaun Whiteside - £28.99  Verso Books (2010)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781844676248 | ISBN 10: 1844676242

From the authors of Q and '54, a genre-breaking reimagining of the American Revolutionary War.
1775. The conflict between the British Empire and the American colonies erupts in all-out war. Rebels and loyalists to the British Crown compete for the alliance of the powerful Indian confederation, the Six Nations of the Iroquois. Meanwhile, in the secluded Mohawk Valley, a utopian community thrives: white Irish, Scots and Native Americans live harmoniously together in “Iroquireland.”
But as the thunder of war approaches and the Union struggles violently into existence, loyalties are split, old bonds are broken, and this edenic land becomes a scene of hate and resentment. To save his threatened world, the Mohawk war chief Joseph Brant makes a painful decision. Setting off with a group of warriors, he goes beyond the world he has always known in a restless journey that will take him from New York to Canada, to the salons of Georgian London and the heart of the British Empire.

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