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How to Go Carbon Neutral: A Practical Guide to Treading More Lightly Upon the Earth

by Mark Brassington - £8.99  How To Books (2007)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781845282509 | ISBN 10: 1845282507

This book gives you the nuts and bolts instructions for changing your lifestyle towards becoming more carbon neutral. It includes everything from the back yard compost bin to the electric car. From the humble low-energy bulb to a 50KW wind turbine, the principle remains the same - you are one step closer to being carbon neutral, and one step further away from your bills.

(Price & availability last checked: August 2018)

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In booklists: Carbon Emissions and Footprints, Green Houses and Homes, Beginner's Guides to Eco-Friendly Living, Energy and Renewables,
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