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The Secret History of Lucifer

by Lynn Picknett - £8.99  Constable & Robinson (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781845292638 | ISBN 10: 1845292634

Many on this earth follow Lucifer in search of wealth and power, but true Luciferans seek instead the broadening and deepening of the limits of human knowledge. This is the radically different view that Lynn Picknett reveals in her new history of Lucifer. Such Luciferan principles have secretly survived the many centuries of Christian repression and those who have held to them are exemplified by the genius Leonardo da Vinci, whose little-known heresies are startlingly displayed in the encrypted symbols of his work - as Pinknett points out, the true da Vinci code.
So who was Lucifer? The orthodox Christian view claims that he was an archangel who proudly challenged God, fell from Heaven, tempted Eve and created death and suffering. He became Satan, horned king of Hell, whose hatred for God's creation motivated his mission to drag the rest of us down with him.
Yet as Lynn Picknett explains, the horned Devil was only a new incarnation of the old woodland deity Pan, while Lucifer was originally a personification of the Morning Star, the planet Venus and its goddess. 'He' had been 'she', a divinity of love and beauty. Many ancient godesses were known as Lucifera, 'Light-bringer' - an honour extended to Mary Magdalene in her true role as goddess-worshipping priestess and Christ's successor.
Internationally acclaimed for her revisionary views of culture and religion, Picknett draws together ancient heretical Christian and Egyptological texts, the implications of psychology and the 'extreme possibilities' of certain barely-understood human attributes, and her compelling new exposition of the old conflict breaks many boundaries.

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