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The Vitamin Murders: Who Killed Healthy Eating in Britain?

by James Fergusson - £8.99  Portobello Books Ltd (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781846271465 | ISBN 10: 1846271460

Dashing out of the maternity hospital clutching his first-born tight, James Fergusson felt that universal urge to protect his child from the world. However, from all he'd found out in the preceding months, he also knew that the battle for his daughter's dietary health was already all but lost. He and his caterer-wife knew too much about the chemical contamination of our food supply to relax.
James discovers that back during WWII, against all the odds, the besieged Britons ate better, nutritionally, than ever they had before or since. And one man was responsible for keeping the country fit to fight the Nazis: Sir Jack Drummond, Churchill's Chief Food Scientist, a hero in his time, unjustly forgotten now.
Could the man who named Vitamin A and Vitamin B have saved the Englishman's food? Might James's daughter have had a less contaminated beginning in life? Curious as much about the career and legacy of the remarkable Drummond as about his own family's chemical cocktail, Fergusson sets off for la France profonde to find out what we have lost.

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