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Zapatista Spring: Anatomy of a Rebel Water Project & the Lessons of International Solidarity

by Ramor Ryan - £12.00  AK Press (2011)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781849350723 | ISBN 10: 1849350728

Eight volunteers converge to help campesinos build a water system in Chiapas — a strategy to bolster the Zapatista insurgency by helping locals to assert their autonomy. These outsiders come to question the movement they've traveled so far to support — and each other — when forced into a world so unlike the poetic communiqués of Subcomandante Marcos — a world of endemic rural poverty, parochialism, and shifting loyalties to the movement.
The quiet dignity of the local compañeros and echoes of B. Traven, Conrad, and Camus, round out this epic yarn.

"Zapatista Spring doesn't read like a history book, and Ryan stops short of producing a personal memoir. Instead, it feels like cracking open an undated personal diary, which, thanks to the author's revolutionary sensibilities, storytelling skills, and sense of humor, translates into a hard-to-put-down read."
(Dawn Paley, journalist and research associate with the North American Congress on Latin America)

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