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Heart Specialist

by Claire Holden Rothman - £8.99  Oneworld Publications (2011)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781851687947 | ISBN 10: 1851687947

Agnes White has only ever wanted of one thing: to follow in her father’s great footsteps and become a doctor. But her remarkable intelligence is regarded as disruptive, and her awkward manner and careless appearance nothing but the mark of a spinster in the making. When her father disappears amid accusations of a horrific crime her ambition becomes an obsession to keep their relationship alive. And so, with the world preparing for war, Agnes finds herself entangled in the politics of change – and in the desires of the only heart she’s never truly understood.
Inspired by the life of Dr Maude Abbott, one of the world’s first female physicians, The Heart Specialist is a brilliantly imagined and graceful debut about the spirit, intelligence, and determination we summon when people stand in the way of our dreams.

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