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Counselling Women in Violent Relationships

by Paul Lockley - £18.95  Free Association Books (1999)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781853434525 | ISBN 10: 1853434523

Violence against women is continuing social problem affecting, according to some estimates, one third of women in relationships. Paradoxically, it is a problem which is still under-resourced, and little understood. In this exceptional book, Paul Lockley guides the reader through the reality of such violence and differing perceptions of it. This leads to an examination of how the distorting lens of theory can rationalise such abusive behaviour, with the result that helpers can not only put women at risk, but also fail to be of assistance.
The author combines a practical approach with the sensible application of recent and established theory. The outcome is not just a call for counsellors to grasp the practical needs, awareness of risk and an empathy and non-judgmental view of clients, it calls also for radical review of person-centred counselling wherein the skills, values, and understanding are all shaped to take account of the power imbalance in violent relationships.
This is a comprehensive and practical handbook. Themes include, the reactions of helping agencies including the police and the law, the effect of the violence upon children, the role of alcohol, counselling women who still love their partners and do not want to leave them, the carry-over of difficulties from a past violent relationship into a new one, and violent men and helping programmes for them. The emphasis is on the practicalities in counselling in what can be potentially difficult and dangerous circumstances, using a wealth of ideas and illustrations. Help is seen as covering not just crisis situations, but the longer term help and support that so many abused women need, so that they can move from being victim to survivor, being themselves and happy to be so.
This book will prove invaluable for counsellors, social workers, support workers or befrienders, involved in or likely to be involved in counselling women in violent relationships.

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