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Racist Incidents and Bullying in Schools

by Robin Richardson and Berenice Miles - £19.99  Trentham Books Ltd (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781858564289 | ISBN 10: 185856428x

All schools have an ethical and legal responsibility to prevent bullying around racism, culture and religion, and to deal robustly and sensitively with incidents that do occur. But there are complex practical and theoretical questions:
how do we ensure all children and young people are safe, happy and successful?
What are the differences between racist bullying and other forms of bullying?
How do we educate children and young people to see that racism and cultural prejudices are damaging even when no offence is intended or taken?
How do we ensure that the recording and reporting of racist incidents is of positive value, not just a bureaucratic chore?
How do we ensure that our efforts are not counter-productive?
What are the implications for the curriculum and for school organisation and ethos?
This book handles such questions by describing a range of recent projects and initiatives at national, local and institutional levels and quotes extensively from the voice, experiences and stories of young people. It will be invaluable to policy makers, managers and teachers in primary and secondary schools, and to officers and school improvement partners in local authorities and to inspectors and teacher trainers.

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