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Spark Learns To Fly

by Judith Foxon (illustrated by Rachel Fuller) - £9.95  BAAF (2007)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781905664184 | ISBN 10: 1905664184

Abuse in any form has a fundamental impact on the way a child views him- or herself and the adults around them. The consequences of abuse are long-lasting and far-reaching, and the damage to a child’s sense of self-worth may not always be obvious. Spark Learns To Fly is an engaging picture book, designed for use with young children, which explores the difficult issue of domestic violence and the often underestimated impact it has on the lives of the children involved.
Spark the little dragon lives happily with his parents and baby sister, Flame, until his mum and dad start fighting. When the children get injured, they have to go and live with a foster carer, who helps them understand their situation and come to terms with their problems and painful emotions. How did Spark and Flame feel when they had to leave their family home? What memories do they have of what happened and how do they deal with them? Can they ever live with their mum and dad again?
The simple story and colourful illustrations make this book an excellent resource to use with children aged four to seven years who have been affected by domestic violence.
Spark Learns To Fly is accompanied by comprehensive practice guidelines for social workers, foster carers or adoptive parents. They explain the many forms of domestic violence and how common it is, and describe in detail how domestic violence can affect children emotionally, cognitively, morally, biologically and socially. Advice is offered on how to help children who have suffered from domestic violence which includes:
Keeping your child’s environment safe and predictable;
Meeting your child’s physical needs;
Sharing your child’s past;
Nurturing your child;
Challenging your child;
Dealing with anger.

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