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More Adoption Conversations

by Renee Wolfs - £12.95  BAAF (2010)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781905664962 | ISBN 10: 1905664966

Why do adopted teenagers feel the way they do? How much of this is due to their being adopted or to the changes that puberty brings? How can parents help their children to confront and deal with the turbulence of their teenage years, their identity crises and their adoption-related problems?
This in-depth practical guide, written by an adoptive parent for adoptive parents, explores the problems that adopted teenagers (up to 18 years old) are likely to confront and provides suggestions for helpful solutions and achievable communication methods.
Although the guide focuses primarily on children adopted from abroad, the practical advice offered can be helpful in relationships with any adopted young person.
More Adoption Conversations considers:
The complex feelings that adopted teenagers can have
•Adoption-related problems that surface during puberty
•Why adopted teenagers feel and behave the way they do
•Talking about painful events and acknowledging difference
•How to help an adopted young person deal with their grief and anger
•Establishing meaningful dialogues and using communication techniques effectively
This invaluable guide, brimming with advice and ideas, will help parents discuss the known – or unknown – aspects of their adopted teenager’s history and be well-equipped to communicate difficult issues. Examples of dialogue and suggested questions and answers about a range of subjects surrounding adoption add to the usefulness of More Adoption Conversations. Quotations from young people about their thoughts, feelings and frustrations help bring the text to life.

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