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Talking About Adoption to Your Adopted Child: A Guide for Parents

by Marjorie Morrison - £9.50  CoramBAAF (2012)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781907585364 | ISBN 10: 1907585362

Now in its fifth edition, Talking About Adoption reflects current advice and good practice and is the only guide of its kind in the UK.
Based on the experience and knowledge of many people who have been adopted, as well as adoptive parents, this book offers guidance on:
* Why telling your child is so important;
* What to tell your child and when;
* The responsibilities you face if your child is of a different ethnicity or from a different country;
* How adopted children and their birth parents feel;
* How to trace birth parents;
* Where you can get more help.
This new edition also includes more information on contact, including social networking websites, adoption support and foster carers and adoption. A comprehensive list of useful organisations and resources is also included.
Talking About Adoption is packed with practical ideas suitable for children of all ages. The wealth of information and advice is brought to life with case studies detailing the experiences of adoptive parents and adopted children, ensuring that this book will enable adoptive parents to help their adopted children understand about adoption.

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