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Parenting a Child Affected by Parental Substance Misuse

by Donald Forrester - £7.95  CoramBAAF (2012)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781907585470 | ISBN 10: 1907585478

Prospective adopters and carers are often faced with the prospect of having to decide whether they can care for a child with a health need or condition they know little about and have no direct experience of. It can be difficult to know where to turn for reliable information. What lies behind the diagnoses and "labels" that many looked after children bring with them? And what will it be like to live with them? How will they benefit from family life?
The Parenting Matters series addresses those concerns. Each title provides expert knowledge about a particular condition, coupled with facts, figures and guidance presented in a straightforward and accessible style. Adopters and foster carers also describe what it is like to parent an affected child, "telling it like it is", sharing their parenting experiences and offering useful advice.
This combination of expert information and first-hand experiences will help readers to gain knowledge, achieve understanding, and to make informed decisions.
Parenting a Child affceted by Parental Substance Misuse explores general issues around substance misuse and children entering care as well as the impact on children of exposure to substances during pregnancy, including both specific effects (such as Foetal Alcohol Syndrome) and wider issues (such as genetic susceptibilities).

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