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Food Worth Fighting For: From Food Riots to Food Banks

by Josh Sutton - £12.00  Prospect Books (2016)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781909248489 | ISBN 10: 1909248487

• March on the markets: The West Country Food Riots of 1766
• Against the grain: The Ely and Littleport ‘Bread and Beer’ Riots of 1816
• The development of the modern food system and the growing battle for ‘Food Security’
This book takes a look at some of the food riots of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and other food related social conflict in the UK and tells the story of those involved. Using words and verse from contemporary broadside ballads and folk song, which emerged in the years that followed on from events, the author looks closely at the evolution of the modern food system.
Drawing on some of the actions of food rioters of earlier centuries, the author suggests that the spirit of the food riot is still very much alive today, and is apparent in the practise of some of those engaged in providing food charity in modern Britain.
As the issue of food poverty rears its hungry head once more, from the fair price forced sales in the market squares of old England, to the pay as you feel cafes of inner cites today, it appears little has changed when it comes to Food Worth Fighting For.

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