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The Headscarf Revolutionaries: Lillian Bilocca and the Hull Triple-Trawler Disaster

by Brian W. Lavery - £12.99  Barbican Press (2015)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781909954144 | ISBN 10: 1909954144

Brian W. Lavery‘s The Headscarf Revolutionaries takes readers back to the highly dramatic Winter of 1968. Three trawlers from Hull’s fleet sank in rapid succession. One fishwife, Lillian Bilocca, put down her filleting knife.
It sickened her that men died because the authorities failed to bring in the shipping laws that could save them. In a few weeks that startled the world, she roused her community and shook the government.
Her tale knocked Vietnam off the world’s headlines. Years pass. Brian lives among the community, and years of patience, research and enquiries have unlocked people’s full stories for the first time. ‘Brian’s story me feel as if I was back in the fight in 1968,’ says Lily’s fellow campaigner Mary Denness. ‘It was almost like he had been with us.’ This book not only takes readers out on the women’s campaign trail – it takes us out to the high seas too. The ships’ battles through the almighty waves of the North Sea are written with vivid detail, and we come to share the stark ordeals of the lone survivor.

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