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Why Can't I Be Good?

by Hedi Argent, illustrated by Rachel Fuller - £6.95  CoramBAAF (2014)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781910039076 | ISBN 10: 1910039071

Hanna really wanted to be good. Every morning she promised herself that she would be good all day. But somehow it never worked out that way. By the time she is seven Hanna is very badly behaved, but she wants to change. She is fed up with people telling her off and she wants to show her parents that she is glad they have adopted her. So Hanna makes a plan; she will try very hard to be good one day at a time in one way at a time.
This story about emotional and behavioural difficulties will be helpful for any child aged seven to 11 whose behaviour frequently gets them into trouble, or who knows someone who can’t be good. The book includes a question and answer section which covers a wide range of queries and concerns about emotional and behavioural difficulties, and provides practical information and advice in a straightforward and child-friendly style.
Why Can't I Be Good? is one of a new series of books for children exploring health conditions that are common to many looked after children. Other titles in the series focus on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and dyslexia. The books in the series will be invaluable for social workers, foster carers, adopters, residential workers, health care practitioners and teachers to use with children who have these health issues or who know an affected child.

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