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The Most Familiar Face In the World

by George Skelly - £10.99  Maple Publishers (2021)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781914366949 | ISBN 10: 1914366948

Young Sheridan is an exceptional kid. Astute beyond his tender years, but trapped in a hard-knock childhood, amidst the squalor and grit of post-war Liverpool - where the grown-ups make no sense. Brutal yet kind, tragic yet funny, happy yet sad. He feels for them. He feels for everything!
How the hell is he supposed to get through it? Sure, being the Cock of the Class helps. As does escaping to the Technicolor haven of the “Hopey”. But does the real answer lie in that mystical reflection behind the looking glass...?
The Most Familiar Face In the World serves up an uncompromisingly authentic slice of post-war Liverpool - as a coruscating backdrop to Sheridan’s journey.
Hilarious and heart-wrenching, but above all, a timeless tale about self and the universal human need of having something to look forward to.

(Price & availability last checked: January 2022)

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