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UK: Human Rights Abuses -

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  • Cover image of book Ghost Plane; The Untold Story of the CIA
    Ghost Plane; The Untold Story of the CIA's Secret Rendition Programme - by Stphen Grey

    £25.00   hardback   (2006) - ISBN 13: 9781850658504 | ISBN 10: 1850658501

    In December 2005, Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, assured the world that the flights of CIA private jets that have criss-crossed Europe since 9/11 had no role in the sending of prisoners to be tortured. 'The United States has not transpo ... more

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  • Cover image of book Unpeople: Britain by Mark Curtis
    Unpeople: Britain - by Mark Curtis

    £10.99   paperback   (2004) - ISBN 13: 9780099469728 | ISBN 10: 0099469723

    Britain is complicit in the deaths of ten million people. These are Unpeople - those whose lives are seen as expendable in the pursuit of Britain's economic and political goals. Mark Curtis shows how the Blair government is deepening its support fo ... more

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