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Drugs and Drug Abuse: Books for Young Adults -

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Books are listed in order of year of publication - newest titles are at the top. There are 3 books in this booklist

  • Cover image of book Nothing by Robin Friedman
    Nothing - by Robin Friedman

    £9.99   paperback   (2009) - ISBN 13: 9780738713045 | ISBN 10: 073871304x

    A 2009 Sydney Taylor Award Notable Books for Teens winner.   "Sometimes trees can look healthy on the outside, but actually be dying inside. These trees fall unexpectedly during a storm."  For high school senior Parker Rabinowitz, anyt ... more

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  • Cover image of book I
    I've Got This Friend Who... Advice for Teens & Their Friends on Alcohol, Drugs, Eating Disorders... - by America's Teens and the Experts at KidsPeace, edited by Anna Radev

    £14.50   paperback   (2007) - ISBN 13: 9781592854585 | ISBN 10: 1592854583

    Meet Karen, Jessica, Eric, Ashley, Emile, and Ryan = the voices of six teens of different ages from different backgrounds who are discussing some critical issues facing kids today.  Together they tackle the topics of alcohol, tobacco, and dru ... more

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  • Cover image of book Be Who You Want to Be: Dealing with Life
    Be Who You Want to Be: Dealing with Life's Ups and Downs - by Karen Casey

    £12.99   paperback   (2007) - ISBN 13: 9781573243087 | ISBN 10: 1573243086

    For a vast majority of girls in this country, there comes an age at which self-esteem, self-assurance, equilibrium, and confidence fly out the window. Maybe it's hormones, maybe it's culture, or maybe it's just called growing up.  Whatever the ca ... more

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