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Recommended Non-Fiction titles for Yuletide 2022!

The best of 2022 - over a hundred of our top non-fiction recommendations!

Most books can be ordered within 7-10 days, subject to availability. If you need a book urgently, or by a specific date, you can always contact us before ordering to ask how long it will take
A Ukrainian Christmas - by Nadiyka Gerbish and Yaroslav Hrytsak - £16.99
‘History, stories, recipes and beautiful illustrations’ – OLINA HERCULES   ‘Christmas brings the indestructibility of hope in times of the greatest hopelessness. As long as we celebrate this holiday, we can neither be defeated nor destro ... more

Manifesto: On Never Giving Up - by Bernardine Evaristo - £9.99
The powerful, urgent manifesto on never giving up from Booker prize-winning trailblazer, Bernardine Evaristo.  In 2019, Bernardine Evaristo became the first black woman to win the Booker Prize since its inception fifty years earlier - a revolutio ... more

Bibliomaniac: An Obsessive's Tour of the Bookshops of Britain - by Robin Ince - £16.99
‘A unique, funny picture of Britain... A love letter to bookshops and the vagaries of public transport.’ Richard Osman  Why play to 12,000 people when you can play to 12? In Autumn 2021, Robin Ince’s stadium tour with Professor Brian Co ... more

Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionaries: How Women (Also) Built the World - by Kate Mosse - £20.00
'One brilliant woman writing about so many other brilliant women, this is a wonderful treasure chest of women’s lives, full of wit, verve and emotion... Epic, unputdownable, gripping. I loved it’ - Professor Kate Williams  “My hope is t ... more

Letters to Gil - by Malik Al Nasir - £9.99
"A searing, triumphant story. A testament to the tenacity of the human spirit as well as a beautiful ode to an iconic figure"(Irenosen Okojie) Letters to Gil is Malik Al Nasir's profound coming of age memoir - the story of surviving physical and ... more

Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas - by Adam Kay - £7.99
The number one Sunday Times bestseller in a new festive package, Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas is the perfect stocking filler from the author of multi-million-copy bestseller This is Going to Hurt – now a major BBC TV series.  Christmas ... more

Knead Peace: Bake for Ukraine - by Andrew Green - £25.00
‘Baking connects good people and lets them understand each other no matter what language they speak.’ – ANNA MAKIEVSKA   Inspired by the resilient spirit of Anna Makievska and The Bakehouse, Kyiv, who have continued to bake day and night ... more

The Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying Times - by Jane Goodall and Douglas Abrams with Gail Hudson - £10.99
A NEW SCIENTIST BOOK OF THE YEAR  'A true hero' Greta Thunberg  A legendary conservationist. A lifetime spent fighting for nature. An indispensable message of hope.  In a world that seems so troubled, how do we hold on to hope?  Loo ... more

Writing from Ukraine: Fiction, Poetry and Essays since 1965 - by Mark Andryczyk (Editor) - £10.99
A selection of fifteen of Ukraine's most important, dynamic and entertaining contemporary writers.  Under USSR rule, the subject matter and style of literary expression in Ukraine was strictly controlled and censored. But once Ukraine gained ... more

Wild Light: A Printmaker's Day and Night - by Angela Harding - £25.00
With over 70 original illustrations, printmaker Angela Harding invites you to look at how the light changes the world around us, and how that changes us in its turn.  “I, like many other people, find great inspiration in the way mornings, e ... more

Undoctored: The Story of a Medic Who Ran Out of Patients - by Adam Kay - £22.00
THE NO. 1 SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER This is Going to Hurt was the publishing phenomenon of the century, read by many millions, loved by at least fifty of them, and adapted into a major TV series. But it was only part of the story.  By turns hilari ... more

The Starmer Project: A Journey to the Right - by Oliver Eagleton - £12.99
A forensic political biography of the Labour Party leader.  Hailed as a human-rights champion and political outsider, what sort of politician is Keir Starmer really, and what mark is he making on the new politics of Labour?  In The Starme ... more

Big Panda and Tiny Dragon - by James Norbury - £14.99
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER  'James has a way to speak to your soul. This book is nothing short of comforting and heartwarming' VEX KING 'While the drawings have the charm of Winnie-the-Pooh, the captions have the depth of ancient proverbs' ... more

The Talk Of Liverpool: 33 Years of Conversations With My Heroes (and Some Villains!) - by Paddy Shennan - £16.99
The Talk of Liverpool is a unique record of life in one of the world’s most talked about cities across four headline-making decades.  Paddy Shennan covered the biggest subjects and talked to people who dominated Merseyside life between the ... more

The Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to 2023 - by Lia Leendertz - £12.99
*THE ORIGINAL & SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING ALMANAC*  Reconnect with the seasons in Britain and Ireland with this month-by-month guide to the world around us – including key dates, tide tables and garden tasks; constellations and moon phases; su ... more

We Are No Dirty Shirkers: Women Unionising, Marching, Protesting... and Singing - by Mary Quaile Club - £5.95
We Are No Dirty Shirkers is the fourth publication by the Mary Quaile Club. The common theme to the articles is women challenging power and authority.   Mary Quaile, Manchester Irish Trade Unionist, was one of the most well-known trade union ... more

Beeswing: Fairport, Folk Rock and Finding My Voice, 1967-75 - by Richard Thompson - £9.99
Beeswing is the autobiography from world-renowned artist Richard Thompson, co-founder of the legendary folk rock group Fairport Convention.   THE TOP FIVE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER A BOOK OF THE YEAR: ROUGH TRADE, THE TIMES, ROLLING STONE, CLASH ... more

The Unadulterated Cat: The Amazing Maurice Edition - by Terry Pratchett, illustrated by Gray Jolliffe - £14.99
From the worldwide phenomenon Sir Terry Pratchett, via the unquestionable wisdom of the Amazing Maurice, herein is contained everything you’ll ever need to know to identify the real, unadulterated cat.  The Unadulterated Cat is becoming an ... more

The Chagos Betrayal: How Britain Robbed an Island and Made Its People Disappear - by Florian Grosset - £16.99
During the cold war, the US government sought to establish an overseas military presence in the Indian Ocean. This graphic novel is a shocking account of British complicity in the forced exodus of the Chagos Islanders from their homeland to make that ... more

Nightwalking: Four Journeys into Britain After Dark - by John Lewis-Stempel - £9.99
'Britain's finest living nature writer' THE TIMES  'Lewis-Stempel's greatest gift remains his prose, with all its vividness and energy' THE DAILY MAIL  'The hottest nature writer around' THE SPECTATOR  At night, the normal rul ... more

Without Warning and Only Sometimes: Scenes from an Unpredictable Childhood - by Kit de Waal - £16.99
‘Vivid and compelling and so moving... Kit’s depiction of her parents’ dynamic is both painful and comforting to read’ Marian Keyes  AS BROADCAST ON BBC RADIO 4  From the award-winning author of My Name is Leon comes a childhood mem ... more

Private Eye Annual 2022 - by Ian Hislop (Editor) - £12.99
The 2022 Private Eye Annual presents the year's best cartoons, jokes, parodies and topical sketches from the UK's most successful, best-selling satirical news and current affairs magazine.  Edited by Ian Hislop and illustrated throughout with ca ... more

The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music - by Dave Grohl - £9.99
THE SUNDAY TIMES NO 1 BESTSELLER * ONE OF NME's BEST MUSIC BOOKS OF 2021 * ONE OF VARIETY'S BEST MUSIC BOOKS OF 2021 * INCLUDED IN AUDIBLE'S BEST OF THE YEAR LIST  So, I’ve written a book.  Having entertained the idea for yea ... more

Folk Music: A Bob Dylan Biography in Seven Songs - by Greil Marcus - £20.00
Acclaimed cultural critic Greil Marcus tells the story of Bob Dylan through the lens of seven penetrating songs.  “Marcus delivers yet another essential work of music journalism.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)  “Just as Dylan allo ... more

The Story of Work: A New History of Humankind - by Jan Lucassen - £12.99
The first truly global history of work, an upbeat assessment from the age of the hunter-gatherer to the present day.  “Beginning in the hunting-and-gathering past, this long view of work shows how little has changed over millennia. Progressing ... more

Victoria Wood: Unseen on TV - by Victoria Wood and Jasper Rees (Editor) - £9.99
‘There was none like her before and there’s been none like her since’ ~ Dawn French  In the five years since Victoria Wood’s death, one great sadness has been the realisation that we will never again be surprised by new material from he ... more

222 QI Answers to Your Quite Ingenious Questions - by QI Elves - £8.99
*The perfect gift for the incurably curious*  This edition includes all new, even more ingenious questions and answers! It was previously published in hardback as Funny You Should Ask... Again.   ‘The best trivia book of the season. ... more

The Secret Life of Fungi: Discoveries from a Hidden World - by Aliya Whiteley - £9.99
Fungi can appear anywhere, from desert dunes to frozen tundra. They can invade our bodies and thoughts; live between our toes or our floorboards; they are unwelcome intruders or vastly expensive treats; symbols of both death and eternal life. But des ... more

The Value of a Whale: On the Illusions of Green Capitalism - by Adrienne Buller - £12.99
Public understanding of, and outcry over, the dire state of the climate and environment is greater than ever before. Parties across the political spectrum claim to be climate leaders, and overt denial is on the way out. Yet when it comes to slowing t ... more

Revenge of the Librarians - by Tom Gauld - £16.99
A hilarious new comics collection from the New York Times bestselling cartoonist and illustrator – the perfect gift for all book lovers.  Confront the spectre of failure, the wraith of social media, and other supernatural enemies of the aut ... more

Tapestries of Life: Uncovering the Lifesaving Secrets of the Natural World - by Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson - £9.99
The second book by the bestselling author of Extraordinary Insects.   Trees clean air and water; hoverflies and bees pollinate our crops; the kingfisher inspired the construction of high-speed trains. In Tapestries of Life, bestselling author ... more

Crying in H Mart - by Michelle Zauner - £9.99
One of Barack Obama’s Favorite Books of 2021  Goodreads Choice Awards 2021: Winner, Memoir & Autobiography  The New York Times bestseller from the Grammy-nominated indie rockstar Japanese Breakfast, an unflinching, deeply moving memoir abou ... more

St Pancreas Defendat Me: The Boris Letters by Michael Rosen - by Michael Rosen - £8.99
This book is a collection of the tweets that Michael Rosen created to amuse his many Twitter followers through the years 2019 to 2022 when Boris Johnson was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdon. They are unashamedly vulgar in places with frequent ... more

Nine Paths: A Year in the Life of an Indian Village - by Lexi Stadlen - £14.99
On an island at the eastern edge of India, rural, remote and dense with jungle, is a Muslim village. In an ever-shifting landscape of mangroves and rivers, the women here dwell among contradictions, constrictions and change in a place where one's nei ... more

The End of Nature - by Bill McKibben - £10.99
One of the earliest warnings about climate change and one of environmentalism's lodestars.  'Nature, we believe, takes forever. It moves with infinite slowness,' begins the first book to bring climate change to public attention.   Inte ... more

The Premonitions Bureau - by Sam Knight - £14.99
**A SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER**  ‘A stunning piece of work’ Patrick Radden Keefe ‘Beautifully ordered, humane, capacious’ Hilary Mantel ‘An eerie and amazing account of coincidence and fate’ Emma Cline ‘Completely compelling an ... more

The Importance of Being Interested: Adventures in Scientific Curiosity - by Robin Ince - £9.99
‘A delightful and scintillating hymn to science.’ Carlo Rovelli   Comedian Robin Ince quickly abandoned science at school, bored by a fog of dull lessons and intimidated by the barrage of equations. But, twenty years later, he fell in love ... more

The New Nomads: How the Migration Revolution is Making the World a Better Place - by Felix Marquardt - £9.99
We have lost the plot when it comes to migration. In our collective consciousness, the term 'migration' conjures up images of hordes of refugees fleeing 'their' country, escaping on rafts and coming to invade 'ours'. When we think of migration, we th ... more

We See the Sights - by Miriam Elia - £9.99
We see the sights follows Mummy, Susan and John on a jolly sightseeing trip of post covid London.  As our family re-emerge from two years of lockdown into the heart of their city, things have subtly changed. St Paul's cathedral is now St Primark ... more

Diary of an Apprentice Astronaut - by Samantha Cristoforetti - £12.99
The inspiring memoir of the superstar astronaut and internet sensation - now on her biggest space mission yet.  'Today I woke up on Earth. And I will fall asleep in space'  In space the sun rises and sets 16 times a day. You fly over ... more

The Heartbeat of Trees - by Peter Wohlleben - £9.99
"A simultaneously stimulating and soothing blend of nature writing and science... Strongly encourages tree hugging for our own, human sake"(Guardian Summer Reads 2021) A powerful return to the forest, where trees have heartbeats and roots are li ... more

A Short History of Queer Women - by Kirsty Loehr - £8.99
No, they weren’t ‘just friends’!  Queer women have been written out of history since, well, forever. ‘But historians famously care about women!’, said no one. From Anne Bonny and Mary Read who sailed the seas together disguised as p ... more

The Care We Dream Of: Liberatory & Transformative Approaches to LGBTQ+ Health - by Zena Sharman - £18.99
What if you could trust in getting the health care you need in ways that felt good and helped you thrive? What if the health system honoured and valued queer and trans people's lives, bodies, and expertise? What if LGBTQ+ communities led and organize ... more

Deep Deception: The Story of the Spycop Network, By the Women Who Uncovered the Shocking Truth - by Alison, Belinda, Helen Steel, Lisa and Naomi - £20.00
Groomed. Gaslighted. Ghosted.  They thought they'd found their soulmate. They had no idea he was spying on them.  These five motivated, independent women each thought they'd met their perfect partner - someone who shared their values, ... more

Game On: The Unstoppable Rise of Women's Sport - by Sue Anstiss - £12.99
Shortlisted for the Sunday Times Sports Book Awards 2022 Longlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year 2021   In recent years, the landscape for women's sport has finally begun to shift. We've seen significant increases in investm ... more

Finding the Mother Tree: Uncovering the Wisdom and Intelligence of the Forest - by Suzanne Simard - £10.99
THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER  'A scientific memoir as gripping as any HBO drama series' Kate Kellaway, Observer  A dazzling scientific detective story from the ecologist who first discovered the hidden language of trees.  No one has done ... more

Banned Books - by Dorling Kindersley Ltd - £12.99
Immerse yourself in the stories behind the most shocking and infamous books ever published!  Censorship of one form or another has existed almost as long as the written word, while definitions of what is deemed "acceptable" in published works ... more

And Away... - by Bob Mortimer - £9.99
The number one bestselling autobiography by national treasure Bob Mortimer.   Bob Mortimer's life was trundling along happily until suddenly in 2015 he was diagnosed with a heart condition that required immediate surgery and forced him to cancel ... more

The Archaeology of Merseyside in 20 Digs - by Liz Stewart and Vanessa Oakden - £15.99
Published in association with the Museum of Liverpool, this book explores 20 significant archaeological digs on Merseyside and what they uncovered.   The archaeology of Merseyside is extremely rich and varied. Humans have been modifying th ... more

The Carbon Almanac - by The Carbon Almanac Network - £14.99
When it comes to the climate, we don't need more marketing or anxiety. We need established facts and a plan for collective action.  The climate is the fundamental issue of our time, yet it seems we can barely agree on what is really going on, ... more

Have I Got News For You: The Quiz of 2022 - by Have I Got News For You - £14.99
Whatever word you’d care to apply to 2022, no one can deny it’s been eventful. Russia invaded Ukraine, Boris Johnson resigned, the Queen passed the baton to Charles after a 70-year reign, heat records were broken, food and energy bills went throu ... more

Love the Dark Days - by Ira Mathur - £12.99
This frank, fearless and multi-layered debut centres on a privileged but dysfunctional Indian family, with themes of empire, migration, race, and gender.   Set in India, England, Trinidad and St Lucia, Love the Dark Days follows the story of ... more

Biracial Britain: A Different Way of Looking at Race - by Remi Adekoya - £10.99
Mixed-race is the fastest-growing minority group in Britain. By the end of the century roughly one in three of the population will be mixed-race, with this figure rising to 75 per cent by 2150. Mixed-race is, quite literally, the future.  Paradox ... more

William Blake vs the World - by John Higgs - £10.99
Poet, artist, visionary and author of the unofficial English national anthem ‘Jerusalem’, William Blake is an archetypal misunderstood genius. His life passed without recognition and he worked without reward, mocked, dismissed and misinterpreted. ... more

In the Camps: Life in China's High-Tech Penal Colony - by Darren Byler - £12.99
A revelatory account of what is really happening to China’s Uyghurs.   In China’s vast northwestern region, more than a million and a half Muslims have vanished into internment camps and associated factories. Based on hours of intervie ... more

This Is Vegan Propaganda (And Other Lies the Meat Industry Tells You) - by Ed Winters - £14.99
Every time we eat, we have the power to radically transform the world we live in.  Our choices can help alleviate the most pressing issues we face today: the climate crisis, infectious and chronic diseases, human exploitation and, of course, ... more

Britain's Best Political Cartoons 2022 - by Tim Benson - £14.99
In Britain's Best Political Cartoons 2022 the nation's finest satirists turn their eyes and their pens to the biggest, funniest and most poignant news stories of the year so far.  Bringing much needed humour to a tumultuous year in politics, this c ... more

The Right to Sex - by Amia Srinivasan - £9.99
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER  Essential lessons on the world we live in, from one of our greatest young thinkers – a guide to what everybody is talking about today.  How should we talk about sex? It is a thing we have and also a thing we do; ... more

This Arab Is Queer: An Anthology by LGBTQ+ Arab Writers - by Elias Jahshan (Editor) - £12.99
This ground-breaking anthology features the compelling and courageous memoirs of eighteen queer Arab writers – some internationally bestselling, others using pseudonyms. Here, we find heart-warming connections and moments of celebration alongside ... more

Dancing in the Mosque: An Afghan Mother's Letter to Her Son - by Homeira Qaderi - £9.99
An exquisite and inspiring memoir about one mother’s unimaginable choice in the face of oppression and abuse in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.   How far would you go to protect yourself? Your dignity? Your family?   In the days befor ... more

Night Sky Almanac: A Stargazer's Guide to 2023 - by Storm Dunlop and Wil Tirion - £9.99
A beautiful gift for anyone interested in the night sky.  Follow the progress of constellations throughout the seasons with this beautiful companion to the night sky from Astronomy experts Collins.   With the aid of easy-to-understand ... more

Tomorrow Sex Will Be Good Again: Women and Desire in the Age of Consent - by Katherine Angel - £8.99
A provocative, elegantly written analysis of female desire, consent, and sexuality in the age of MeToo.  Women are in a bind. In the name of consent and empowerment, they must proclaim their desires clearly and confidently. Yet sex researchers su ... more

Mixed/Other: Explorations of Multiraciality in Modern Britain - by Natalie Morris - £9.99
How does it feel when your heritage isn't listed as an option on an identification form? What is it like to grow up as the only person in your family who looks like you? Where do you belong if you are simultaneously seen as being 'too much' of one ... more

The Sex Lives of African Women - by Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah - £9.99
The Sex Lives of African Women uniquely amplifies individual women from across the African continent and its global diaspora, as they speak of their diverse experiences of sex, sexualities and relationships.   Many of the women who tell their sto ... more

Recovery: The Lost Art of Convalescence - by Gavin Francis - £5.99
When it comes to illness, sometimes the end is just the beginning. Recovery and convalescence are words that exist at the periphery of our lives - until we are forced to contend with what they really mean.   Here, GP and writer Gavin Francis explo ... more

Welsh (Plural): Essays on the Future of Wales - by Darren Chetty, Hanan Issa, Grug Muse & Iestyn Tyne (Editors) - £12.99
In Welsh (Plural), some of the foremost Welsh writers consider the future of Wales and their place in it.  For many people, Wales brings to mind the same old collection of images – rugby, sheep and leeks, and the 3 Cs: castles, coal, and choirs ... more

The Joy of Small Things - by Hannah Jane Parkinson - £8.99
Drawn from the successful Guardian column, these everyday exultations and inspirations will get you through dismal days.  Hannah Jane Parkinson is a specialist in savouring the small pleasures of life. She revels in her fluffy dressing gown ('lik ... more

Free: Coming of Age at the End of History - by Lea Ypi - £9.99
WINNER OF THE ONDAATJE PRIZE  THE SUNDAY TIMES MEMOIR OF THE YEAR  'Wonderfully funny and poignant...a tale of family secrets and political awakening amid a crumbling regime. One of the nonfiction titles of the year' Luke Harding, Observer  ... more

The Disenchanted Earth: Reflections on Ecosocialism and Barbarism - by Richard Seymour - £9.99
From Richard Seymour, one of the UK’s leading public intellectuals, comes a characteristic blend of forensic insight and analysis, personal journey, and a vivid respect for the natural world.  A planetary fever-dream. An environmental awake ... more

Drama Queen: One Autistic Woman and a Life of Unhelpful Labels - by Sara Gibbs - £10.99
'It has taken me several years of exploration, but I am at a place now where I see autism as neither an affliction nor a superpower. It's just the blueprint for who I am. There is no cure, but that's absolutely fine by me. To cure me of my autism ... more

Ten Years Hard Labour - by Chris Williamson - £19.00
THE INSIDE STORY OF THE MILIBAND AND CORBYN YEARS, AND HOW THEY LED TO THE LABOUR LEFT’S DEMISE   For 42 years, Chris Williamson was a Labour Party member. In 2010, he was elected to Parliament to represent his home town. However, in 2019, ... more

On Connection - by Kae Tempest - £7.99
Beneath the surface we are all connected...   Drawing on twenty years' experience as a writer and performer, award-winning poet, rapper and storyteller Kae Tempest explores how and why creativity - however we choose to practise it - can cultivate ... more

Blooming Flowers: A Seasonal History of Plants and People - by Kasia Boddy - £9.99
An evocative and richly illustrated exploration of flowers and how, over the centuries, they have given us so much sustenance, meaning, and pleasure.   The bright yellow of a marigold and the cheerful red of a geranium, the evocative fragrance of ... more

The Two Spoons Cookbook: More Than 100 French-Inspired Vegan Recipes - by Hannah Sunderani - £18.99
French-inspired vegan recipes worth sharing—and best served with two spoons!  While living in France, Hannah pursued her passion for vegan cooking. Inspired by the food, culture, and burgeoning plant-based scene, her blog, Two Spoons, was born. ... more

Freedom is A Constant Struggle - by Angela Y. Davis - £9.99
From the Author of Women, Race and Class, this is a timely provocation that examines the concept of attaining freedom in light of our current world conflicts.  In these newly collected essays, interviews and speeches, world-renowned activist an ... more

Liverpool Dockers: History of Rebellion and Betrayal - by Mike Carden - £20.00
In an inspirational struggle that began in September 1995 and lasted for two years and four months, 500 Liverpool dockers fought for their jobs after being sacked for refusing to cross a picket line. Liverpool Dockers: History of Rebellion and Betray ... more

The Book Lover's Joke Book - by Alex Johnson - £9.99
I slipped over in the library this morning. It was the non-friction section.  The Book Lover’s Joke Book is the funniest book about books you’ll ever read. You’ll find jokes about writers, agents, publishers, librarians, grammar, poet ... more

A Little History of Art - by Charlotte Mullins - £16.99
Charlotte Mullins brings art to life through the stories of those who created it and, importantly, reframes who is included in the narrative to create a more diverse and exciting landscape of art. She shows how art can help us see the world different ... more

House Arrest: Pandemic Diaries - by Alan Bennett - £6.99
Reflections on Covid and confinement from the unparalleled pen of Alan Bennett.  4 March. HMQ pictured in the paper at an investiture wearing gloves, presumably as a precaution against Coronavirus. But not just gloves; these are almost gauntl ... more

Why Patti Smith Matters - by Caryn Rose - £9.99
A radical exploration of the artistry and influence of Patti Smith: the Poet Laureate of Punk whose uninhibited creativity inspired an entire generation and triggered a cultural revolution.   Patti Smith arrived in New York City at the e ... more

Between Two Hells: The Irish Civil War - by Diarmaid Ferriter - £9.99
The history and legacy of the war that shaped the Irish political landscape for decades, by Ireland's most prominent historian.  THE IRISH BESTSELLER  'Ferriter has richly earned his reputation as one of Ireland's leading historians' ... more

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Vol. 4 - by Paul Joynson-Hicks & Tom Sullam - £9.99
When the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards announced a contest for the funniest animal photo, they received entries from all over the world, and they showcased the best of the best in their original book.  Now it's time to dust off your camera ... more

The Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice - by Shon Faye - £10.99
THE INSTANT SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER  'Few books are as urgent as Shon Faye's debut ... Faye has hope for the future - and maybe so should we' Independent  'Unsparing, important and weighty ... a vitally needed antidote' Observer &nbs ... more

United Ireland: Why Unification is Inevitable and How it Will Come About - by Kevin Meagher - £9.99
For over two centuries, the ‘Irish Question’ has dogged British politics in one form or another – Northern Ireland’s ‘Troubles’ being perhaps the bloodiest manifestation. And although the past twenty years have seen intensive efforts to s ... more

The Philosophy of Curry - by Sejal Sukhadwala - £10.00
There are curries on almost every continent, with a stunning diversity of flavours and textures across India alone, and many more interpretations the world over, including in Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Trinidad and the curry capital of the UK, Bradf ... more

Gay Bar: Why We Went Out - by Jeremy Atherton Lin - £9.99
From leather parties in the Castro to Gay Liberation Front touch-ins; from disco at Studio One to dark rooms in Vauxhall railway arches, the gay bar has long been a place of joy, solidarity and sexual expression. But around the world, gay bars are cl ... more

Imagine A Country: Ideas for a Better Future - by Val McDermid and Jo Sharp (editors) - £10.99
The first step on the road to change is to imagine possibility.  Imagine A Country offers visions of a new future from an astonishing array of Scottish voices, from comedians to economists, writers to musicians.  Edited, curated and introduced b ... more

Maybe I Don't Belong Here : A Memoir of Race, Identity, Breakdown and Recovery - by David Harewood - £9.99
'As a Black British man I believe it is vital that I tell this story. It may be just one account from the perspective of a person of colour who has experienced this system, but it may be enough to potentially change an opinion or, more importantly, s ... more

Black Hole Survival Guide - by Janna Levin - £9.99
What would happen if you fell into a black hole?  Black holes are the most extraordinary phenomenon in the universe, but they are a riddle that confounds our intuitions.  Anything that enters them can never escape, and yet they contai ... more

Strong Female Lead: Rethinking Leadership in a World Gone Wrong - by Arwa Mahdawi - £10.99
‘Fascinating...the most incredible argument for why a female model of leadership might actually be the more powerful and sustainable one’ Scarlett Curtis  ‘A bold, rigorous and lyrical work which feels both timely and essential’ Musa ... more

Citizens: Why the Key to Fixing Everything Is All of Us - by Jon Alexander - £20.00
What are we doing to ourselves when we tell ourselves we're Consumers 3000 times a day?  What would it look like to put the same creativity and energy into involving people as Citizens?  What would you do in this time, if you truly believed i ... more

The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity - by David Graeber and David Wengrow - £12.99
For generations, our remote ancestors have been cast as primitive and childlike - either free and equal, or thuggish and warlike. Civilization, we are told, could be achieved only by sacrificing those original freedoms or, alternatively, by taming ... more

Positive Vibrations: Politics, Politricks and the Story of Reggae - by Stuart Borthwick - £20.00
Positive Vibrations tells of how reggae was shaped by, and in turn helped to shape, the politics of Jamaica and beyond, from the rudies of Kingston to the sexual politics and narcotic allegiances of the dancehall. Insightful and full of incident, it ... more

Bunnyman: A Memoir - by Will Sergeant - £9.99
Growing up in Liverpool in the 1960s and '70s, when skinheads, football violence and fear of just about everything was the natural order of things, a young Will Sergeant found the emerging punk scene provided a shimmer of hope amongst a crumbling cit ... more

The Way Back Almanac 2023: A Contemporary Seasonal Guide Back to Nature - by Melinda Salisbury - £12.99
The Way Back Almanac, the first almanac designed for modern city-dwellers, returns in 2023!   Beautifully illustrated throughout, each month includes sections on stargazing, gardening tips, seasonal vegan recipes, home organization or crafting ide ... more

Is Socialism Possible in Britain? Reflections on the Corbyn Years - by Andrew Murray - £14.99
The lessons of the Corbyn years for the future of left politics.   Is Socialism Possible in Britain? analyses Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure as Labour leader and the prospects for parliamentary socialism in a post-Corbyn Britain. Lively and insightful, ... more

How To Raise an Antiracist - by Ibram X. Kendi - £16.99
A New York Times Top 10 Bestseller  The author of the bestselling international phenomenon How to Raise an Antiracist offers a deeply considered and ground-breaking argument about children, racism and how to build the antiracist society of th ... more

Jews Don't Count - by David Baddiel - £7.99
How identity politics failed one particular identity.   Jews Don't Count is a book for people who consider themselves on the right side of history. People fighting the good fight against homophobia, disablism, transphobia and, particularly, racis ... more

The Healing Power of Nature - by Vincent van Gogh - £11.99
With quotations from his letters paired with lesser-known images, The Healing Power of Nature is testament to the immense influence the natural world had on Vincent van Gogh.   ‘What I find beautiful is everywhere here. That’s to say, there ... more

This Much is True - by Miriam Margolyes - £9.99
BAFTA-winning actor, voice of everything from Monkey to the Cadbury's Caramel Rabbit, creator of a myriad of unforgettable characters from Lady Whiteadder to Professor Sprout, Miriam Margolyes, OBE, is the nation's favourite (and naughtiest) treasure ... more

Out of The Sun: Essays at the Crossroads of Race - by Esi Edugyan - £16.99
Two-time Booker Shortlistee and internationally bestselling author Esi Edugyan delivers a searing analysis of the relationship between race and art.   History is a construction. What happens when we bring stories consigned to the margins up to t ... more

Why Solange Matters - by Stephanie Phillips - £9.99
The dramatic story of a musician and artist whose unconventional journey to international success was far more important than her family name.   A ROUGH TRADE, THE TIMES, CLASH BOOK OF THE YEAR  The dramatic story of Solange: a musician and a ... more

The Ukrainians: Unexpected Nation - by Andrew Wilson - £14.99
As in many postcommunist states, politics in Ukraine revolves around the issue of national identity. Ukrainian nationalists see themselves as one of the world’s oldest and most civilized peoples, as “older brothers” to the younger Russian cultu ... more

The Life of an MP: Everything You Really Need to Know About Politics - by Jess Phillips - £9.99
‘Honest, funny and very revealing. Her conclusion in particular, “Why we need politics” is essential' - Adam Kay  'Funny and really readable' - Jeremy Vine (BBC Radio Two)   ‘This book is here to take you inside the daily rea ... more

Will She Do? Act One of a Life on Stage - by Eileen Atkins - £9.99
‘She is the cur’s cods, the terrier’s testicles, the business. I will go farther and declare that Atkins is the finest actor appearing in the world right now’ – A. A. Gill  ‘Yes, she will: this vivid, honest memoir by a great actress ... more

The Comfort Book - by Matt Haig - £9.99
Reflections on hope, survival and the messy miracle of being alive from the bestselling author of The Midnight Library.   It is a strange paradox, that many of the clearest, most comforting life lessons are learned while we are at our lowest. Bu ... more

Earth Color: An Eight Week Course for Nature-Connection - by Emma Burleigh - £12.99
Have you ever wanted to dip your paintbrush into the fiery hues of a perfect sunset? Do faces leap out of tree trunks as you pass them by? The world around us is alive in so many ways — you just need to know where to look.  Earth Color unve ... more

Witchful Thinking: The Wise Woman's Handbook for Creating a Charmed Life - by Zoe Howe - £16.99
Join the Rock 'n' Roll Witch on a Magical Tour of Wit, Wisdom & Joy.   From stirring your tea to smashing the patriarchy, Witchful Thinking helps you create a charmed life full of magic and inspiration. Featuring spiritual advice and fun, creative ... more

From Our Own Correspondent: A Decade of Dispatches from Across the World - by Polly Hope (Editor) - £10.99
For more than sixty years on the air, From Our Own Correspondent has been one of BBC Radio’s flagship programmes. It takes listeners to parts of the world they’ve never been, and perhaps never would go in their lives: war zones, refugee camps, el ... more

I Heard What You Said - by Jeffrey Boakye - £16.99
Thought-provoking, witty and completely unafraid, I Heard What You Said is a timely exploration of how we can dismantle racism in the classroom and do better by all our students.  'Essential reading' Guardian 'Sharp and witty with moments of ... more

The Women Who Saved the English Countryside - by Matthew Kelly - £20.00
A vibrant history of English landscape preservation over the last 150 years, told through the lives of four remarkable women.   In Britain today, a mosaic of regulations protects the natural environment and guarantees public access to green s ... more

Consumed: In Search of My Sister - by Arifa Akbar - £10.99
* SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2021 COSTA BOOK AWARDS: BIOGRAPHY *  ‘If her moving, engrossing, elegantly written memoir does not win prizes, there really is no justice in the literary world.’ Lucy Atkins, Sunday Times  All happy families are alik ... more

Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic - by Alison Bechdel - £9.99
Fun Home is a fresh and brilliantly told memoir marked by gothic twists, a family funeral home, sexual angst and great books. Like Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis it's a story exhilaratingly suited to graphic memoir form. Meet Alison's father, obsessiv ... more

Half-Earth Socialism: A Plan to Save the Future from Extinction, Climate Change and Pandemics - by Troy Vettese and Drew Pendergrass - £14.99
A plan to save the earth and bring the good life to all.  Over the next generation, humanity will confront a dystopian future of climate disaster and mass extinction. Yet the only ‘solutions’ on offer are toothless cap-and-trade programme ... more

Outrageous! The Story of Section 28 and Britain's Battle for LGBT Education - by Paul Baker - £15.99
On 23 May 1988, Paul Baker sat down with his family to eat cake on his sixteenth birthday while The Six O’Clock News played in the background. But something was not quite right. There was muffled shouting – ‘Stop Section 28!’ – and a scuffl ... more

The Story of Art Without Men - by Katy Hessel - £30.00
'Katy Hessel is a brilliant chronicler of the overlooked. I am so thrilled this book exists as an empowering, enlightening guide to the unforgettable vision of these brilliant artists. Essential reading.' ELIZABETH DAY  'Will change the history o ... more

Black Teacher - by Beryl Gilroy - £10.99
The rediscovered classic: a trailblazing Guyanese woman's memoir of post-war London, introduced by Bernardine Evaristo ('full of wit, perceptiveness, humour and compassion')  Denied teaching jobs due to the colour bar. Working in an office amidst ... more

The Little Book of Goddesses - by Astrid Carvel - £6.99
Embrace the power of the divine in this beginner’s guide to some of mythology’s fiercest females and most legendary ladies.  Across thousands of years and countless civilizations, goddesses have been a powerful presence. Whether as leader ... more

Beak, Tooth and Claw: Why We Must Live with Predators - by Mary Colwell - £9.99
Foxes, buzzards, crows, badgers, weasels, seals, kites – Britain and Ireland’s predators are impressive and diverse and they capture our collective imagination. But many consider them to our competition, even our enemies.  The problem is ... more

All The Things She Said: Everything I Know About Modern Lesbian and Bi Culture - by Daisy Jones - £9.99
A modern, personal guide to the culture of queer women and everyone in between.  All The Things She Said explores the nature of 21st century queerness. Lesbian and bi culture is ever-changing and here, journalist Daisy Jones unpicks outdated ster ... more

Jane Against the World: Roe v. Wade and the Fight for Reproductive Rights - by Karen Blumenthal - £9.99
A riveting look at the extraordinary and tumultuous history of abortion rights in the United States from the 19th century to the landmark case of Roe v. Wade, by award-winning author and journalist Karen Blumenthal.   Tracing the path to the p ... more

Nina Simone's Gum: A Memoir of Things Lost and Found - by Warren Ellis - £10.99
From award-winning musician and composer Warren Ellis comes the unexpected and inspiring story of a piece of chewing gum. Featuring an introduction from Nick Cave. "Warren has turned this memento, snatched from his idol’s piano in a moment of ... more

NHS Under Siege: The Fight to Save it in the Age of Covid - by John Lister & Jacky Davis plus expert contributors - £9.99
The NHS is in crisis. The past 12 years of Tory real-terms cuts in funding have been disastrous.  John Lister and Jacky Davis look at the threat to the NHS posed by the combination of two years of a global pandemic and the relentless policies ... more

Sista Sister - by Candice Brathwaite - £9.99
Candice Brathwaite’s much-anticipated second book about all the things she wishes she’d been told when she was young and needed guidance.   I Am Not Your Baby Mother was a landmark publication in 2020. A thought-provoking, urgent and inspi ... more

The Shortest History of the Soviet Union - by Sheila Fitzpatrick - £12.99
The story of the rise and fall of the U.S.S.R. by one of the world’s leading Soviet historians.  The U.S.S.R. A nation that arrived in the world accidentally, and departed unexpectedly. Over a century after the Russian Revolution, the tumul ... more

Unwell Women: A Journey Through Medicine And Myth in a Man-Made World - by Elinor Cleghorn - £9.99
'We are taught that medicine is the art of solving our body's mysteries. And as a science, we expect medicine to uphold the principles of evidence and impartiality. We want our doctors to listen to us and care for us as people, but we also need their ... more

Sad Little Men: Private Schools and the Ruin of England - by Richard Beard - £9.99
In 1975, as a child, Richard Beard was sent away from his home to sleep in a dormitory. So were Boris Johnson and David Cameron.  In those days a private boys' boarding school education was largely the same experience as it had been for generations: ... more

A Very British Conspiracy: The Shrewsbury 24 and the Campaign for Justice - by Eileen Turnbull - £16.99
The story of the campaign for justice for the 24 building workers wrongly prosecuted by the state in the 1970s.  In 1973 a group of North Wales building workers were arrested for picketing-related offences during the first and only national b ... more

We Can Do Better Than This: 35 Voices on the Future of LGBTQ+ Rights - by Amelia Abraham (Editor) - £9.99
How can we create a better world for LGBTQ+ people? 35 extraordinary voices share their stories and visions for the future.   We talk about achieving 'LGBTQ+ equality', but around the world, LGBTQ+ people are still suffering discrimination and ex ... more

The Tribe: Portraits of Cuba - by Carlos Manuel Alvarez - £12.99
Teeming with life and compulsively readable, the pieces gathered together in The Tribe aggregate into an extraordinary mosaic of Cuba today. Carlos Manuel Álvarez, one of the most exciting young writers in Latin America, employs the crónica form ... more

Windswept & Interesting: My Autobiography - by Billy Connolly - £9.99
In his first full-length autobiography, comedy legend and national treasure Billy Connolly reveals the truth behind his windswept and interesting life.  Born in a tenement flat in Glasgow in 1942, orphaned by the age of 4, and a survivor of appa ... more

Burning My Roti: Breaking Barriers as a Queer Indian Woman - by Sharan Dhaliwal - £14.99
Part memoir, part guide, Burning My Roti is essential reading for a new generation of South Asian women.  With chapters covering sexual and cultural identity, body hair, colourism and mental health, and a particular focus on the suffocating b ... more

What Remains? Life, Death and the Human Art of Undertaking - by Rupert Callender - £20.00
Blessed with a mordant wit and a treasure trove of memorable anecdotes, the memoir of Britain's first 'punk undertaker' combines perceptive reflections on mortality with passages on rave culture and ritual magick.  Death is not my friend, neither ... more

The Instant - by Amy Liptrot - £14.99
The new book from the bestselling and multi-award-winning author of The Outrun – on the ecology of love and heartbreak, the urban environment and the digital age.  Wishing to leave behind the quiet isolation of her Orkney island life, Amy L ... more

Class: A Graphic Guide - by Laura Harvey and Sarah Leaney, illustrated by Danny Noble - £14.99
What do we mean by social class in the 21st century?   University of Brighton sociologists Laura Harvey and Sarah Leaney and award-winning comics creator Danny Noble present an utterly unique, illustrated journey through the history, sociology ... more

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