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Poets, writers, artists and musicians ...

The Diary of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell - £14.99
Shaun Bythell owns The Bookshop, Wigtown - Scotland's largest second-hand bookshop. It contains 100,000 books, spread over a mile of shelving, with twisting corridors and roaring fires, and all set in a beautiful, rural town by the edge of the sea. A ... more
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Protest Knits: Got Needles? Get Knitting! by Geraldine Warner - £9.99
Protest Knits is the book for you. From pussy hats to protest scarfs and political pin cushions to shy anarchist socks. Make your point with a crochet hook or pair of knitting needles. From the easy peasy to the more complex, here are more than 15 pr ... more
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British Wildlife Photography Awards: Collection 8 by Various photographers - £25.00
This dazzling collection showcases the very best of the British Wildlife Photography Awards, presenting over 150 of the winning, commended and shortlisted images from the 2017 competition. Featuring a range of photography from world-leading professio ... more
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The Forward Book of Poetry 2018 by Various poets - £9.99
The Forward Book of Poetry 2018 showcases a selection of the best contemporary poetry published in the British Isles over the last year, including the winners of 2017’s prestigious Forward Prizes for Poetry.  It is introduced by Andrew Marr, c ... more
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Bantam by Jackie Kay - £9.99
Jackie Kay’s first collection as Scottish Makar is a book about the fighting spirit – one, the poet argues, that we need now more than ever. Bantam brings three generations into sharp focus – Kay’s own, her father’s, and his own father’s ... more
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Broad Strokes: 15 Women Who Made Art and Made History (in That Order) by Bridget Quinn, illustrated by Lisa Congdon - £19.99
Historically, major women artists have been excluded from the mainstream art canon. Aligned with the resurgence of feminism in pop culture, Broad Strokes offers an entertaining corrective to that omission. Art historian Bridget Quinn delves into the ... more
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The White Book by Han Kang - £10.00
From the author of The Vegetarian and Human Acts comes a book like no other.  The White Book is a meditation on colour, beginning with a list of white things. It is a book about mourning, rebirth and the tenacity of the human spirit. It is a stu ... more
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The Grip of Film by Richard Ayoade - £14.99
Gordy LaSure’s passionate about film. He eats film, he drinks film, and sometimes he’ll even watch a film. But most of all he loves talking to people about film: whether a comely student with low confidence and a father complex, a Studio ‘devel ... more
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The Map and the Clock: A Laureate's Choice of the Poetry of Britain and Ireland by Carol Ann Duffy and Gillian Clarke (Editors) - £9.99
The Map and the Clock is a celebration of the most scintillating poems ever composed on our islands.   Curated by Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy, and by Gillian Clarke, National Poet of Wales, this anthology gathers fourteen centuries of extraordin ... more
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Sound System: The Political Power of Music by Dave Randall - £12.99
Musicians have often wanted to change the world. From underground innovators to pop icons many have believed in the political power of music. Rulers recognise it too. Music has been used to challenge the political and social order - and to prop up th ... more
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Listening to a Pogrom on the Radio by Michael Rosen - £8.99
'Poetry can stick up for the weak' according to Michael Rosen, or it can 'mock the mighty'; it can 'glorify our rulers or it can dissect them. You choose.'   In these powerful new poems Rosen is clear about his own choices. Listening to a Pog ... more
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A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women: Essays on Art, Sex, and the Mind by Siri Hustvedt - £9.99
A trailblazing and inspiring collection of essays on art, feminism, neuroscience, psychology by the internationally bestselling novelist Siri Hustvedt.  Internationally acclaimed as a novelist, Siri Hustvedt is also highly regarded as a write ... more
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Walls Come Tumbling Down: The Music and Politics of Rock Against Racism, 2 Tone and Red Wedge by Daniel Rachel - £12.99
Walls Come Tumbling Down charts the pivotal period between 1976 and 1992 that saw politics and pop music come together for the first time in Britain's musical history; musicians and their fans suddenly became instigators of social change, and 'the po ... more
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Resistance, Rebellion, Life: 50 Poems Now by Amit Majmudar (Editor) - £11.50
Poets on the march: 50 crucial poems written in response to the current political climate, selected and introduced by the Ohio Poet Laureate—and son of immigrants — Amit Majmudar.   In a political atmosphere where language and even meani ... more
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Light The Dark: Writers on Creativity, Inspiration, and the Artistic Process by Joe Fassler (Editor) - £12.99
A stunning masterclass on the creative process, the craft of writing, and the art of finding inspiration from Stephen King, Junot Díaz, Elizabeth Gilbert, Amy Tan, Khaled Hosseini, Roxane Gay, Neil Gaiman, and more of the most acclaimed writers at w ... more
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The Novel Cure: An A to Z of Literary Remedies by Ella Berthoud & Susan Elderkin - £16.99
“A good book, read at the right moment, should leave you uplifted, inspired, energized and eager for more. With so many books to choose from, what’s the point of reading even one more that leaves you cold?”   A quirky popular reference b ... more
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Barbara Hepworth: The Sculptor in the Studio by Sophie Bowness - £16.99
Barbara Hepworth: The Sculptor in the Studio explores the enormous impact that Trewyn Studio and garden had on Hepworth’s art and life.   A history and a portrait of a unique place, the book illuminates the ways in which the place and the wo ... more
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Patti Smith: American Artist by Frank Stefanko - £14.99
"There I was sitting in a booth at the co-op of Glassboro State College, a bucolic school in the farmlands of South Jersey... Suddenly, the double doors of the co-op swung open and standing there in the vacuum created was an incredible apparition, a ... more
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Censored: A Literary History of Subversion & Control by Matthew Fellion, and Katherine Inglis - £25.00
The list of books suppressed in the English language features the sacred and profane, poetic and pornographic, famous and infamous. A history of literary censorship is therefore a history not only of texts but of the authorities that have attempted t ... more
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Why Are We 'Artists'? 100 World Art Manifestos by Jessica Lack (Editor) - £10.99
'Art is not a luxury. Art is a basic social need to which everyone has a right'.  This extraordinary collection of 100 artists' manifestos from across the globe over the last 100 years brings together activists, post-colonialists, surrealists, so ... more
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Devotion: Why I Write by Patti Smith - £12.99
From the renowned artist and author Patti Smith, an inspired exploration of the nature of creative invention.   A work of creative brilliance may seem like magic — its source a mystery, its impact unexpectedly stirring. How does an artist ac ... more
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Daemon Voices: Essays on Storytelling by Philip Pullman - £20.00
In over thirty essays, written over twenty years, one of the world’s great storytellers meditates on storytelling. Warm, funny, generous, entertaining and, above all, deeply considered, they offer thoughts on a wide variety of topics, including the ... more
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Christmas Poems by Wendy Cope - £7.99
For more than thirty years Wendy Cope has been one of the nation’s most popular and respected poets.  Christmas Poems collects together her best festive poems, including anthology favourites such as 'The Christmas Life', together with new and ... more
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Grand Hotel Abyss: The Lives of the Frankfurt School by Stuart Jeffries - £10.99
Who were the Frankfurt School — Benjamin, Adorno, Marcuse, Horkheimer—and why do they matter today?   In 1923, a group of young radical German thinkers and intellectuals came together to at Victoria Alle 7, Frankfurt, determined to explain ... more
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Ten: Poets of the New Generation by Karen McCarthy Woolf (Editor) - £9.95
Ten: Poets of the New Generation presents the work of ten exciting British poets from diverse backgrounds. It is the third anthology from The Complete Works poetry mentoring scheme, a national programme supporting exceptional black and Asian poets fo ... more
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Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen - £9.99
"Writing about yourself is a funny business…But in a project like this, the writer has made one promise, to show the reader his mind. In these pages, I’ve tried to do this."(Bruce Springsteen) In 2009, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band p ... more
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Theatre & Protest by Lara Shalson - £6.99
How does protest engage with theatre? What does theatre have to gain from protest?  Theatre and protest are often closely interlinked in the contemporary cultural and political landscape, and the line between protest and performance can be diffi ... more
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Orwell's Nose: A Pathological Biography by John Sutherland - £9.99
In 2012 John Sutherland permanently lost his sense of smell. At about the same time he embarked on a re-reading of George Orwell’s works, and his lack of olfactory sense cast an entirely new light on the re-evaluation. What he now noticed was just ... more
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Punk is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night by Richard Cabut and Andrew Gallix - £17.99
An anthology featuring the most astute commentators and participants of the underground rise of punk, in this nuanced portrait of the era.   This original collection of insight, analysis and conversation charts the course of punk from its unde ... more
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Folk Song in England by Steve Roud - £25.00
In Victorian times, England was famously dubbed the land without music - but one of the great musical discoveries of the early twentieth century was that England had a vital heritage of folk song and music which was easily good enough to stand compar ... more
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Ten Poems About Grandparents by Various poets, Selected & Introduced by Liz Soar and Pupils of Headington School - £4.95
The latest title from Candlestick Press is something of a departure: all the poems have been chosen by pupils at Headington School and the selection includes contributions written by the students themselves and by their English teacher, Liz Soar.&nbs ... more
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Ten Poems of Kindness by Various poets, Selected and Introduced by Jackie Kay - £4.95
Kindness can be an underestimated virtue in our increasingly hectic and impersonal world. It is a word that we use most often in our conversations with young children when we tell them to be kind to a fellow creature or a new friend. These generous p ... more
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Ten Poems from Ireland by Various poets, Selected and Introduced by Paula Meehan - £4.95
Ten poems chosen by Paula Meehan, one of Ireland’s major living poets... Our latest publication is a spellbinding selection of modern poems that encompass Ireland’s folklore and recent history, alongside enduring themes of ageing, love and childh ... more
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Draw Your Own Fonts: 30 alphabets to scribble, sketch, and make your own! by Tony Seddon - £9.99
Learn how to turn a doodle into a terrific, fully functional font with this easy-to-follow guide to hand lettering and how to do it. With 30 complete alphabets drawn in a variety of styles by a team of designers and illustrators, you too can learn ho ... more
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Frida Kahlo: The Story of Her Life by Vanna Vinci - £19.99
The perfect subject for a graphic novel, Frida Kahlo’s brief life was dramatic and romantic, tragic and painful.   In this illustrated “biography”, Vanna Vinci captures the spirit of Kahlo’s world in boldly colored, minutely detailed ... more
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Firecrackers: Female Photographers Now by Fiona Rogers and Max Houghton - £29.95
The photographic industry - its exhibitions, galleries, publications and auctions - employs thousands of women, but champions mostly men. To begin to redress the balance, here is a timely presentation of the work of over 30 female photographers worki ... more
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She Grrrowls: The Anthology by Various poets - £9.99
‘But there’s just not many women doing poetry...’ – some men have said.   Back in 2013, when London was in need, poet and feminist Carmina Masoliver founded a monthly event that catered for self-identifying women and non binary folks, brin ... more
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How to be a Craftivist: The Art of Gentle Protest by Sarah Corbett - £12.99
How to Be a Craftivist is a manifesto for quiet activism: how to tackle issues not with shouting and aggression but with gentle protest, using the process of ‘making’ to engage thoughtfully in the issues we are about, to influence and effect chan ... more
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David Bowie Made Me Gay: 100 Years of LGBT music by Darryl W. Bullock - £18.99
From the birth of jazz in the red-light district of New Orleans, through the rock 'n' roll years, Swinging Sixties and all-singing and all-dancing disco days of the '70s, to modern pop, electronica and reggae – the LGBT community has played a cruci ... more
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The Corbyn Comic Book by Various artists - £4.99
“Jeremy Corbyn: Comic Book Hero”  Pollsters called it a foregone conclusion. Columnists said Theresa May’s snap general election wouldn’t just return her a thumping majority in the House of Commons – it would plunge the Opposition i ... more
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The Pocket Rumi by Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, edited by Kabir Helminski - £8.99
The renowned Persian Sufi mystic Mevlâna Jalâluddin Rumi (1207–1273) is one of the most widely read poets in the world today. His compassionate insight into the nature of human existence, joyful humor, deep wisdom, and ecstatic songs of divine un ... more
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Nick Cave: Mercy on Me by Reinhard Kleist - £14.99
“An electrifying graphic biography of Nick Cave”   Musician, novelist, poet, actor: Nick Cave is a Renaissance man. His wide-ranging artistic output always uncompromising, hypnotic and intense is defined by an extraordinary gift for storyt ... more
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Ukulele for Beginners: How To Play Ukulele in Easy-to-Follow Steps by Will Grove-White - £12.99
Interested in the ukulele and want to learn how to play it? This is the book for you.   Originally published as Get Plucky, this all-encompassing guide to the ukulele is written by Will Grove-White, one of the world-renowned Ukulele Orchestra of G ... more
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Homintern: How Gay Culture Liberated the Modern World by Gregory Woods - £12.99
In a hugely ambitious study which crosses continents, languages, and almost a century, Gregory Woods identifies the ways in which homosexuality has helped shape Western culture. Extending from the trials of Oscar Wilde to the gay liberation era, this ... more
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The Promised Land: Poems from Itinerant Life by André Naffis-Sahely - £7.99
While half the world swept west, we trickled eastward, one by one, single-file, like fugitives. Next stop: Abu Dhabi, where my father had a job,   and money, for the first time in years...   Flitting from the mud-soaked floors of Venice ... more
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White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960s by Joe Boyd - £8.99
How was one man present at so many pivotal points of the birth of modern rock? Joe Boyd's classic memoir of the 60s music scene reissued as a Serpent's Tail Classic, with a new foreword by Hanif Kureishi.   When Muddy Waters came to London a ... more
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The Secret Teacher: Dispatches from the Classroom by Anon - £12.99
I will teach them literature, poetry, culture. I will teach them The Waste Land! I will be the Best Teacher Who Has Ever Lived! Or so The Secret Teacher thinks. On his first day at an inner-city state school he gets nuked.  The class he is ma ... more
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Eight Fold Year by Jamie Reid - £12.50
Eight Fold Year is a celebration of the Druidic calendar and the eight festivals that mark the changing seasons.   Alongside being a radical designer/provocateur, (first with the Suburban Press and then more famously for the Sex Pistols), Jami ... more
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Draw Your Weapons by Sarah Sentilles - £12.99
‘How to live in the face of so much suffering? What difference can one person make in this beautiful, imperfect, and imperilled world?’   In Draw Your Weapons, Sarah Sentilles offers an impassioned defence of life lived by peace and princi ... more
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Aurelia: Art and Literature Through the Mouth of the Fairy Tale by Carol Mavor - £25.00
In the eighteenth century the members of London’s Society of Aurelians were butterfly collectors. The term ‘Aurelian’ relates to the chrysalis, and the golden colour it can display before the butterfly emerges. As a twenty-first-century Aurelia ... more
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Gold from the Stone: New and Selected Poems by Lemn Sissay - £9.99
Lemn Sissay's first poetry collection was written aged eighteen and hand-sold to miners on the picket lines of Warrington. Since then his poems have been sculpted in iron and built from concrete, declaimed in over twenty countries. He has performed t ... more
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