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A Little, Aloud with Love: Prose and poetry for reading aloud to someone you love by Angela Macmillan (Editor) - £12.99
"O tell me the truth about love."(W.H. Auden) Many of the most popular works in the English language celebrate love in all its forms: that heady first flush, the agony of heartbreak, joyful reunions, the love of a parent for a child... And wha ... more
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Just Kids by Patti Smith - £8.99
'It was the summer that Coltrane died. The summer Jimi Hendrix set his guitar in flames and China exploded the H-bomb. There were riots in Newark and marches against the war in Vietnam. The world was on the brink of change. It was the summer of love. ... more
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Pedal Zombies: Thirteen Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories by E. Blue, A. Greenhall, J. Kwak, G. Lair, M. Spencer and E. J. Street - £7.99
In the not-so-distant future, when gasoline is no longer available, humans turn to two-wheeled vehicles to transport goods, seek glory, and defend their remaining communities. In another version of the future, those with the zombie virus are able to ... more
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A Wild Swan And Other Tales by Michael Cunningham, illustrated by Yuko Shimizu - £14.99
Here are the moments that our fairy tales forgot or deliberately concealed, reimagined by one of the most gifted storytellers of his generation, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Hours, and exquisitely illustrated by Yuko Shimizu. Rarely have ... more
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Sea Lovers by Valerie Martin - £8.99
Wondrous beings and everyday monsters walk the pages of Orange Prize winner Valerie Martin's kaleidoscopic collection of stories.   Each of these twelve stories is a complete world, where ordinary lives are transformed, myths bloom into realit ... more
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A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled by Ruby Wax - £14.99
500 years ago no-one died of stress: we invented this concept and now we let it rule us. We might have evolved to be able to miraculously balance on seven-inch heels, but as far as our emotional development is concerned we're still swimming with the ... more
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Public Library and Other Stories by Ali Smith - £16.99
A richly inventive new collection of stories from Ali Smith, author of How to be both, winner of the Baileys Women's Prize and the Costa Novel Award and shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize.   Why are books so very powerful?   What do the books w ... more
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Cat Walk by Jackie Morris - £9.99
Author, illustrator and photographer Jackie Morris explores her native Pembrokeshire in the company of her feline friends. Or rather, they explore the countryside while she tags along taking pictures.   Over 100 images with accompanying text t ... more
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The Corbyn Colouring Book by James Nunn - £8.99
Comrades! Citizens!   Ready the pencil cases, arm yourselves with crayons, and prepare for revolution. The Corbyn Colouring Book has arrived.   Page after page of glorious line-drawings depicts The Leader in a variety of settings instr ... more
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H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald - £8.99
‘In real life, goshawks resemble sparrowhawks the way leopards resemble housecats. Bigger, yes. But bulkier, bloodier, deadlier, scarier, and much, much harder to see. Birds of deep woodland, not gardens, they’re the birdwatchers’ dark grail.’  As ... more
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The Gap of Time: The Winter's Tale Retold by Jeanette Winterson - £16.99
"All of us have talismanic texts that we have carried around and that carry us around. I have worked with The Winter’s Tale in many disguises for many years... And I love cover versions’ "(Jeanette Winterson) The Winter’s Tale is one of Shakespear ... more
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The Visitors by Simon Sylvester - £8.99
A tale of blossoming love, myth and dark mystery on a remote Scottish island for fans of Matt Haig's The Humans.  The island has always seemed such a safe place, such a friendly community. Now the possibility of a killer on Bancree is dangero ... more
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The Book of Tokyo: A City in Short Fiction by Jim Hinks, Masashi Matsuie & Michael Emmerich (Editors) - £9.99
Featuring Banana Yoshimoto, Osamu Hashimoto, Toshiyuki Horie, Shūichi Yoshida, Hiromi Kawakami, Nao-Cola Yamazaki, Hitomi Kanehara, Hideo Furukawa, Kaori Ekuni & Mitsuyo Kakuta   A shape-shifter arrives at Tokyo harbour in human form, set to e ... more
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The Courage to Be Me: A Story of Courage, Hope and Self-Compassion After Rape or Sexual Abuse by Nina Burrowes - £12.00
The Courage to Be Me is an illustrated story about courage, self-compassion and hope after rape or sexual abuse.   Join a group of women as they share their stories, learn about recovery, and find the courage to be themselves. The book combine ... more
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The Writing on the Wall: A Visual History of Northern Ireland's Troubles by Stuart Borthwick - £19.99
The Writing on the Wall is a stunning chronological history of Northern Ireland as told through its wall murals, the iconic images depicting the Troubles, conflicts and struggles of its people across religious and political divides. Beginning with re ... more
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Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances by Neil Gaiman - £7.99
A collection of short stories from Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman. Global phenomenon and Sunday Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman returns to dazzle, captivate, haunt, and entertain with this third collection of sho ... more
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The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales by Kirsty Logan - £9.99
Winner of the Scott Prize Winner for the 2015 Polari First Book Prize Winner of the Saboteur Award for Best Short Story Collection The Herald: Book of the Year 2014 Shortlisted for the 2014 Green Carnation Prize   Twenty tales of l ... more
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Dockers: The '95 to '98 Liverpool Lock-Out by Dave Sinclair, with a Foreword by Ken Loach - £17.99
On 29 September 1995, the Liverpool dockers, the backbone of Liverpool’s revered maritime industry, refused to cross a picket line and were immediately dismissed by the Mersey Docks & Harbour Co. Men from one of the most respected workforces in the B ... more
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The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help by Amanda Palmer - £13.99
"When we really see each other, we want to help each other"~ Amanda Palmer Imagine standing on a box in the middle of a busy city, dressed as a white-faced bride, and silently using your eyes to ask people for money. Or touring Europe in a punk ca ... more
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The Road to Little Dribbling: More Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson - £20.00
Twenty years ago, Bill Bryson went on a trip around Britain to celebrate the green and kindly island that had become his adopted country. The hilarious book that resulted, Notes from a Small Island, was taken to the nation’s heart and became the best ... more
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M Train by Patti Smith - £18.99
M Train begins in the tiny Greenwich Village café where Smith goes every morning for black coffee, ruminates on the world as it is and the world as it was, and writes in her notebook. Through prose that shifts fluidly between dreams and reality, past ... more
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Mental Health and Me: 2015 by Various authors - £2.99
A collection of writing, including letters, journalism, short stories, diary entries, blog posts, poems, tweets and spoken word - all winners of a competition run by Liverpool Mental Health Consortium and Writing on the Wall, to celebrate World Menta ... more
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Drawn from the Archive: Hidden Histories of Illustration by Sarah Lawrence - £9.99
Discover the creative process of some of our most celebrated illustrators in this stunning new collection from Seven Stories.  “A beautiful book to treasure” ~ Jacqueline Wilson   Seven Stories, The National Centre for Children’s Books ... more
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The Prison Book Club by Ann Walmsley - £12.99
After Ann Walmsley was mugged near her house in Hampstead, she found she was unable to walk alone down the street and it shook her belief in the fundamental goodness of people. In Canada a few years later, when her friend Carol asked her to participa ... more
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The Wes Anderson Collection by Matt Zoller Seitz, illustrated by Max Dalton - £21.99
This New York Times bestselling overview of Wes Anderson's filmography features previously unpublished behind-the-scenes photos, artwork, and ephemera, with an introduction by Michael Chabon.   Writer/director Wes Anderson guides movie/television c ... more
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To Reach the Clouds (The Walk) by Philippe Petit - £8.99
One night in 1974, a young Frenchman secretly - and illegally - rigged a tightrope between the twin towers of the World Trade Center. At daybreak, he gave the high-wire performance of all time, making eight crossings over the course of an hour, 110 f ... more
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Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine - £9.99
WINNER OF THE LOS ANGELES TIMES BOOK PRIZE FOR POETRY   WINNER OF THE NATIONAL BOOK CRITICS CIRCLE AWARD FOR POETRY   'Everywhere were flashes, a siren sounding and a stretched-out roar. Get on the ground. Get on the ground now. Then I ... more
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What's Your Granby Story? by Various authors - £2.99
"These memories of Granby Street chronicle the passion and importance of Liverpool's diverse cultural heritage. From stories of poverty, hardship, displacement and isolation, to those of entrepreneurialism, settlement and community, the overall tone ... more
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Honourable Friends? Parliament and the Fight for Change by Caroline Lucas - £9.99
Caroline Lucas is an outsider, inside, fighting for parliamentary reform and for the interests of her constituents. She is a politician with a radical mission and a clear vision of how change can be achieved.  From the NHS to corporate tax evasion, f ... more
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The Republic of Imagination by Azar Nafisi - £8.99
From the author of the bestselling memoir Reading Lolita in Tehran comes a powerful and passionate case for the vital role of fiction today.   Ten years ago, Azar Nafisi electrified readers with her million-copy bestseller, Reading Lolita in Tehran ... more
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Human: A Portrait of Our World by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, with text by Ron Suskind - £19.95
Yann Arthus-Bertrand set out to have a conversation with the world   Together with the GoodPlanet Foundation, he conducted more than 2,000 interviews in seventy countries with people of every stripe, and took hundreds of portraits and aerial p ... more
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Stranger Than We Can Imagine: Making Sense of the Twentieth Century by John Higgs - £20.00
The twentieth century should make sense. It's the period of history that we know the most about, an epic geo-political narrative that runs through World War One, the great depression, World War Two, the American century and the fall of the Berlin Wal ... more
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A Little Book of Craftivism by Sarah Corbett - £5.99
Craftivism is a term coined by Betsy Greer, referring to the raising of social consciousness through the medium of craft. The Craftivist Collective, run by Sarah Corbett, is at the forefront of this movement. Their mini cross-stitched banners and tin ... more
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Good Ideas: How to be Your Child's (and Your Own) Best Teacher by Michael Rosen - £9.99
We live in a world surrounded by all the stuff that education is supposed to be about: machines, bodies, languages, cities, votes, mountains, energy, movement, plays, food, liquids, collisions, protests, stones, windows. But the way we've been taught ... more
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Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke - £9.99
Two magicians shall appear in England. The first shall fear me; the second shall long to behold me ...   The year is 1806. England is beleaguered by the long war with Napoleon, and centuries have passed since practical magicians faded into the nati ... more
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Not Funny Ha-Ha by Leah Hayes - £12.99
Not Funny Ha-Ha is a bold, slightly wry graphic novel from Leah Hayes, illustrating the lives of two young women from different cultural, family, and financial backgrounds who go through two different abortions (medical and surgical). It does not add ... more
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Soldiers and Suffragettes: The Photography of Christina Broom by Anna Sparham, Margaret Denny and Diane Atkinson, edited by Hilary Roberts - £20.00
In 1903 a self-taught novice photographer, Christina Broom, turned to photography as a business venture to support her family; from this modest beginning she was to emerge as Britain's acknowledged pioneer woman press photographer. Unconventionally f ... more
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Poems for Palestine by Maher J. Massis (Editor) - £9.99
I looked at his thin, aged face / Each line represented a massacre / Each wrinkle, a dead son / Each groove, a year of occupation.   Poems for Palestine was launched as a project aiming to collect together verse written by the people of Palestine, ... more
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Reading "Lolita" in Tehran: A Memoir in Books by Azar Nafisi - £9.99
'That room for all of us, became a place of transgression. What a wonderland it was! Sitting around the large coffee table covered with bouquets of flowers … We were, to borrow from Nabokov, to experience how the ordinary pebble of ordinary life coul ... more
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Crazy Contraptions Colouring Book: A Wonderful Selection of Ingenious Images by W. Heath Robinson - £6.99
Extraordinary complicated machines designed to perform the simplest and silliest of functions are the hallmark of the brilliant British cartoonist William Heath Robinson.   This intriguing collection of drawings for you to colour in and customise ... more
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100 Acts of Minor Dissent by Mark Thomas - £9.99
Comedian Mark Thomas has been campaigning for over nearly three decades. He has remained uniquely relevant and agitated where others have mellowed and capitulated.  One Hundred Acts of Minor Dissent is the brilliantly funny account of a year spe ... more
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Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee - £18.99
Go Set a Watchman is set during the mid-1950s and features many of the characters from To Kill a Mockingbird some twenty years later.  Scout (Jean Louise Finch) has returned to Maycomb from New York to visit her father Atticus. She is forced to ... more
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The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage: The (Mostly) True Story of the First Computer by Sydney Padua - £16.99
In The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage Sydney Padua transforms one of the most compelling scientific collaborations into a hilarious set of adventures.  Meet two of Victorian London's greatest geniuses... Ada Lovelace, daughter o ... more
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A Book for Her by Bridget Christie - £14.99
Bridget Christie is a stand-up comedian, idiot and feminist. On the 30th of April 2012, a man farted in the Women’s Studies Section of a bookshop and it changed her life forever.   A Book For Her details Christie’s twelve years of anonymous t ... more
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The Global Minotaur: America, Europe and the Future of the Global Economy by Yanis Varoufakis - £8.99
In this remarkable and provocative book, Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis explodes the myth that financialisation, ineffectual regulation of banks, greed and globalisation were the root causes of both the Eurozone crisis and the global economi ... more
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Scout, Atticus & Boo: A Celebration of to Kill a Mockingbird by Mary McDonagh Murphy (Editor) - £7.99
"You come away from Murphy’s book with a renewed amazement at what Lee was able to achieve with a single perfect novel"(Entertainment Weekly) First published in 1960, To Kill a Mockingbird is not only a beloved classic, but also a touchstone in li ... more
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The 13th Labour of Hercules: Inside the Greek Crisis by Yannis Palaiologos - £9.99
Since the revelation of its massive hidden deficit in late 2009, Greece has been at the centre of the world's attention. Observers around the globe have watched with morbid fascination as the country has repeatedly flirted with political and financia ... more
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The Mindfulness Colouring Book: Anti-Stress Art Therapy for Busy People by Emma Farrarons - £7.99
A pocket-sized anti-stress colouring book  Working with your hands is one of the best ways to soothe anxiety and eliminate stress. This stunning, pocket-sized colouring book offers a practical exercise in mindfulness that draws on your creativi ... more
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The Bees by Laline Paull - £8.99
Born into the lowest class of her society, Flora 717 is a sanitation bee, only fit to clean her orchard hive. Living to accept, obey and serve, she is prepared to sacrifice everything for her beloved holy mother, the Queen.   But Flora is not ... more
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The World is Waiting for You: Graduation Speeches to Live by from Activists, Writers, & Visionaries by Tara Grove and Isabel Ostrer (Editors) - £12.99
Rousing and indispensable commencement speeches from celebrated thinkers and change-makers — sure to inspire graduates everywhere. "Bit by bit, step by step, you can change things — the things that need changing."(Toni Morrison, Rutgers University ... more
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The Mockingbird Next Door: Life with Harper Lee by Marja Mills - £12.99
To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the best loved novels of the twentieth century. Yet for the last fifty years, the novel’s celebrated author, Harper Lee, known to her friends as Nelle, has said almost nothing on the record.   But in 2001, Nell ... more
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