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In Search of Albion: From Cornwall to Cumbria - A Ride Through England's Hidden Soul

by Colin Irwin - £7.99  Carlton Books (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780233001654 | ISBN 10: 0233001654

Offering a warm, amusing and insightful commentary on modern England, Colin Irwin seeks out the traditional events, festivals and gigs that are becoming increasingly sidelined in our rapidly changing era of instant communication, multi-culturalism and 'The X-Factor.' During his travels, Irwin drinks with eccentrics, sings with strangers an visits a succession of seriously bizarre events and rituals, such as a concert in Dartmoor Prison, sedan-chair racing in Lancaster, people flying in Bognor, and swimming in the Serpentine on Christmas Day.
Irwin discovers that as the world shrinks, there's an increasing tendency for communities to look inwards at their own heritage. He finds that while the old ways may be in hiding they still thrive and, chatting along the way to iconic characters, that even English folk music is enjoying a resurgence.

"Irwin loves his roots, both geographical and musical, and it shows. Meet many familiar folk in this hilarious and insightful romp round England's customs and eccentricities. A must-read."
(BBC online)

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