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The Managed Heart: Commercialization of Human Feeling (Twentieth Anniversary Edition)

by Arlie Hochschild - £24.00  University of California Press (2003)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780520239333 | ISBN 10: 0520239334

In private life we try to induce or suppress love, envy, and anger through deep acting or "emotional work," just as we manage our outer expressions through surface acting. But what happens when this system of adjusting emotions is adapted to commercial purposes? Hochschild examines the cost of this kind of "emotional labor." She vividly describes from a humanist and feminist perspective the process of estrangement from personal feelings and its role as an "occupational hazard" for one-third of America's workforce.

"Perceptive study of 'emotional labor'ójobs like those of [flight attendants], in which workers are trained to use emotion as actors do, but who often end up unsure of what they really feel."
(New York Times Books of the Year, 1983 )
"A worthy study of the high, and often hidden, personal costs that people in certain occupations pay for agreeing to treat their feelings as merchandise"
(San Jose Mercury News )

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