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The Time Traveller: One Man's Mission to Make Time Travel a Reality

by Ronald Mallet with Bruce Henderson - £8.99  Transworld Publishing (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780552155755 | ISBN 10: 0552155756

Ron Mallett was just 10 when his father died suddenly.
Devastated, he found solace in the science fiction of H.G. Wells, believing that if he could just build a time machine, he could go back into the past, warn his father and perhaps save his life.
Ronald Mallett is now a professor of theoretical physics. Remarkably, this working-class African American boy from the Bronx stuck with his vision, overcoming poverty and prejudice in the pursuit of his obsession.
This is the story of Mallett's extraordinary journey of scientific and self-discovery. With simple language and elegant metaphor he lays out his theories and presents the reader with what is an actual blueprint for a time machine. A dramatic and compelling memoir, it is also a brilliant introduction to a riveting but generally baffling subject, and a truly inspirational account of astonishing achievement.

"This distinguished physicist claims to have made a truly incredible breakthrough. If he is right, he will end up being the most famous inventor in history."
(Michael Hanlon, Daily Mail)
"The stuff of Hollywood...this book makes for absorbing reading."
(Alesander Waugh, Daily Telegraph)

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