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A Sparrow Stirs Its Wings

by Rachel Finch - £12.00  Sudden Denouement Publishing (2018)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780999079645 | ISBN 10: 0999079646

Sudden Denouement Publishing is honored to publish Rachel Finch’s book of poetry A Sparrow Stirs Its Wings. Finch is the powerhouse behind the Bruised But Not Broken community on Facebook, which provides support and healing for trauma survivors. She is a symbol of hope and light throughout the world.

"Every now and then, when the world seems to be rocked in chaos and people are screaming without listening - vile words and cries for help climbing on top of and over each other - a single voice stands out, and that voice is pure in its truth and stunning in its wisdom.
Rachel Finch, and her debut book, A Sparrow Stirs Its Wings, is that voice right now. Turning her heartbreaking abuse into heart wrenching prose, Finch writes her truth and gives her strength to every unnamed victim turned survivor."
(Nicole Lyons, I Am a World Of Uncertainties Disguised As a Girl)

(Price & availability last checked: August 2018)

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