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New Skin for the Old Ceremony: A Kirtan

by Arun Sood - £9.99  404 Ink (2022)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781912489534 | ISBN 10: 1912489538

A tale on youth, mis-belonging, music, race, and motley motorcycle rides across Northern India and Skye as four unlikely friends try to reconnect after a decade apart.
Four estranged friends reunite for a motorcycle trip up the Isle of Skye, in the hope of coming to terms with how their lives have splintered since a transformative ride in Northern India fourteen years earlier.
In their fumbling attempts to spiritually reconnect, expectant father Raj, recently widowed Vidhushei, always youthful Liam and perpetually fragile Bobby test the limits of their friendship around campfires, on twisty roads, in unexpected Ayahuasca ceremonies, and against discussions of belonging, race, and identity.
A novel about youth, the spectres of friendship, and colonial legacies in a small but fiercely proud nation, New Skin for the Old Ceremony spans India and Skye, seeing past ghosts exorcised in order to face the present.

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