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Bomb the Suburbs: Graffiti, Race, Freight-hopping and the Search for Hip Hop's Moral Center

by William Upski Wimsatt - £8.99  Soft Skull Press (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781933368559 | ISBN 10: 1933368551

A seminal foray into the world of hip-hop, rap, art, transience and the culture and politics that surround it.
A mix of storytelling, journalism, and original research on a broad range of topics like suburban sprawl, hip-hop culture, wiggers, youth activism, graffiti and Chicago, this book asks "Should graffiti writers organise to tear up the cities, or should they really be bombing the suburbs?". But to think that this book deals only with graffiti and hip-hop is selling it short. From the role of white kids, to gangsta rap, to journalism, to breakdancing, freight-hopping, black intellectuals and graffiti, through a kaleidoscopic approach of stories, cartoons, interviews, disses, parodies, and research, Wimsatt challenges the suburban mindset whereever it is found, in suburbs and corporate headquarters, but also in cities, housing projects, even within hip-hop itself.
This 15th anniversary edition also features Jeff Chang (author of Can't Stop, Won't Stop) interviewing Wimsatt on the experience of writing and publishing this book.

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