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"Oneworld Beginners Guides combine a truly engaging approach with clear and comprehensive expert analysis of the most challenging issues facing modern society. Innovative and affordable, Beginners Guides are perfect for anyone curious about the way the world works and the big ideas of our time."
(Oneworld Publications)

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Books are listed in order of year of publication - newest titles are at the top. There are 20 books in this booklist

  • Cover image of book British Politics: A Beginner
    British Politics: A Beginner's Guide - by Richard S. Grayson

    £9.99   paperback   (2016) - ISBN 13: 9781780748788 | ISBN 10: 1780748787

    No one saw it coming. No pundit, no pollster and no political leader predicted David Cameron's Conservative Party would win a majority of seats in Parliament and his three main opponents would resign as party leaders. The consequences of the coalitio ... more

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  • Cover image of book Anticapitalism: A Beginner
    Anticapitalism: A Beginner's Guide - by Simon Tormey

    £9.99   paperback   (2013) - ISBN 13: 9781780742502 | ISBN 10: 1780742509

    The financial crisis, bank bailouts, and the dash to austerity have breathed new life into protest movements across the globe, and brought anti-capitalist ideas to the mainstream. But what does it mean to be anti-capitalist? And where is anti-capital ... more

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  • Cover image of book The Northern Ireland Conflict: A Beginner
    The Northern Ireland Conflict: A Beginner's Guide - by Aaron Edwards & Cillian McGrattan

    £9.99   paperback   (2010) - ISBN 13: 9781851687299 | ISBN 10: 1851687297

    The Northern Ireland conflict is one of the most protracted, bitter, and complex campaigns of terrorism the Western world has ever seen. Since the watershed of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, the region has come a long way, finally achieving a har ... more

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  • Cover image of book Existentialism: A Beginner
    Existentialism: A Beginner's Guide - by Thomas Wartenberg

    £9.99   paperback   (2008) - ISBN 13: 9781851685936 | ISBN 10: 1851685936

    Existentialism pervades modern culture, yet if you ask most people what it means, they won’t be able to tell you.  In this lively and topical introduction, Wartenberg reveals a vibrant mode of philosophical inquiry that addresses concerns at the h ... more

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  • Cover image of book The Qur
    The Qur'an: A Beginner's Guide - by Farid Esack

    £9.99   paperback   (2009) - ISBN 13: 9781851686247 | ISBN 10: 185168624x

    The Qur’an has spoken to Muslims for over one thousand years; it is seen as law-maker, moral code, and the word of God. Drawing on both contemporary and ancient sources, Esack outlines the key themes and explains the historical and cultural context o ... more

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  • Cover image of book Islamic Philosophy: A Beginner
    Islamic Philosophy: A Beginner's Guide - by Majid Fakhry

    £9.99   paperback   (2009) - ISBN 13: 9781851686254 | ISBN 10: 1851686258

    From the introduction of Greek Philosophy into the Muslim world in the eighth century, right through to modern times, Majid Fakhry charts the evolution and interaction of philosophy, theology, and mysticism in the Islamic context. Highlighting key in ... more

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  • Cover image of book Censorship: A Beginner
    Censorship: A Beginner's Guide - by Julian Petley

    £9.99   paperback   (2009) - ISBN 13: 9781851686742 | ISBN 10: 1851686746

    When we think of the word "censorship", we imagine blacked out words and authoritarian political regimes of the past. However, censorship is alive and well today, and just as pervasive in capitalist democracies as repressive regimes.   Offeri ... more

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  • Cover image of book The Middle East: A Beginner
    The Middle East: A Beginner's Guide - by Philip Robins

    £9.99   paperback   (2009) - ISBN 13: 9781851686759 | ISBN 10: 1851686754

    The Middle East is notoriously complex and difficult. This compact book on the topic by the University of Oxford's leading expert does not shirk the challenge. Organised thematically, and dealing with all the pivotal issues in the region, from oil an ... more

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  • Cover image of book Anarchism: A Beginner
    Anarchism: A Beginner's Guide - by Ruth Kinna

    £9.99   paperback   (2009) - ISBN 13: 9781851687176 | ISBN 10: 1851687173

    In this clear and penetrating study, Ruth Kinna goes directly to the heart of this controversial ideology, explaining the influences that have shaped anarchism and the different tactics and strategies that have been used by anarchists throughout hist ... more

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  • Cover image of book Civil Liberties: A Beginners Guide by Tom Head
    Civil Liberties: A Beginners Guide - by Tom Head

    £9.99   paperback   (2009) - ISBN 13: 9781851686445 | ISBN 10: 1851686444

    Does free speech have limits? Can torture be justified? Who is really in charge of your rights? Every day we are confronted with news of foreign governments who refuse to acknowledge liberties that we in the Western world take for granted, comfortabl ... more

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  • Cover image of book The Beat Generation: A Beginner
    The Beat Generation: A Beginner's Guide - by Christopher Gair

    £9.99   paperback   (2008) - ISBN 13: 9781851685424 | ISBN 10: 1851685421

    The Beat Generation were a revolutionary group of American writers in the late 50s and early 60s who fused an open approach to literature with a bohemian lifestyle. Immortalized through Kerouac’s On the Road and Ginsberg’s Howl, their relaxed, gritty ... more

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  • Cover image of book The Palestine-Israeli Conflict: A  Beginner
    The Palestine-Israeli Conflict: A Beginner's Guide - by Dan Cohn-Sherbok and Dawoud El-Alami

    £9.99   paperback   (2008) - ISBN 13: 9781851686117 | ISBN 10: 1851686118

    With coverage of all the recent events, the new edition of this best-selling book gives a thorough and accessible account of the history behind the Palestine-Israeli conflict, its roots, and the possibilities for the future.   The book is div ... more

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  • Cover image of book Daoism: A Beginner
    Daoism: A Beginner's Guide - by James Miller

    £9.99   paperback   (2008) - ISBN 13: 9781851685660 | ISBN 10: 1851685669

    Spanning the centuries and crossing the globe, this engaging introduction covers everything Daoist, from the religion of the ancients to 21st century T’ai Chi and meditation.   Complete with a timeline of Daoist history and a full glossary, D ... more

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  • Cover image of book Psychology: A Beginner
    Psychology: A Beginner's Guide - by G. Neil Martin

    £9.99   paperback   (2008) - ISBN 13: 9781851686025 | ISBN 10: 1851686029

    Can personality and intelligence be measured? Is being physically attractive an advantage? Is it really better to forgive and forget? How do babies learn to perceive and think? Can listening to Mozart improve IQ? What happens when we slee ... more

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  • Cover image of book Racism: A Beginner
    Racism: A Beginner's Guide - by Alana Lentin

    £9.99   paperback   (2008) - ISBN 13: 9781851685431 | ISBN 10: 185168543x

    Despite the long struggle to eliminate racism, it is still very much with us. In fact, since 9/11, racism appears to be on the rise, making it more important than ever before to understand the meaning of race and the effect it has on society.   ... more

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  • Cover image of book Global Terrorism: A Beginner
    Global Terrorism: A Beginner's Guide - by Leonard Weinberg

    £9.99   paperback   (2008) - ISBN 13: 9781851686087 | ISBN 10: 1851686088

    What drives someone to become a suicide bomber? Who are al Qaeda and what do they want? What happens when the media becomes part of the story?  Author and UN Security advisor Leonard Weinberg answers these and other questions in an exploratio ... more

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  • Cover image of book Hinduism: A Beginner
    Hinduism: A Beginner's Guide - by Klaus K. Klostermaier

    £9.99   paperback   (2007) - ISBN 13: 9781851685387 | ISBN 10: 1851685383

    In this clear and accessible introduction to Hinduism, Klaus K. Klostermaier offers a unique overview of a tradition that spans thousands of years. Explaining the origins, beliefs, scriptures and philosophies of this ancient religion, Klostermaier su ... more

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  • Cover image of book Life in the Universe: A Beginner
    Life in the Universe: A Beginner's Guide - by Lewis Dartnell

    £9.99   paperback   (2007) - ISBN 13: 9781851685059 | ISBN 10: 1851685057

    The study of life and its existence in the universe, known as Astrobiology, is now one of the hottest areas of both popular science and serious academic research, fusing biology, chemistry, astrophysics, and geology. In this masterful introduction, L ... more

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  • Cover image of book Sufism: A Beginner
    Sufism: A Beginner's Guide - by William C. Chittick

    £9.99   paperback   (2007) - ISBN 13: 9781851685479 | ISBN 10: 1851685472

    William C. Chittick, the leading scholar in the field, offers a compelling insight into the origins, context, and key themes of this fascinating movement. After a general overview of the tradition, he draws upon the words of some of the greatest Sufi ... more

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  • Cover image of book Biodiversity: A Beginner
    Biodiversity: A Beginner's Guide - by John Spicer

    £9.99   paperback   (2006) - ISBN 13: 9781851684717 | ISBN 10: 1851684719

    Biologist John Spicer shows how closely our future is linked with that of biodiversity while navigating readers through some key problems facing our planet, including mass extinctions, population explosions, habitat destruction, and pollution. Along ... more

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