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New Books - Politics & Activism

Radical reads! (browse related categories Politics & Philosophy Changing the World Peace & Human Rights Anti-Capitalism & Global Inequality )

Supercrash: How to Hijack the Global Economy by Darryl Cunningham - £14.99
Darryl Cunningham’s latest investigation takes us to the heart of free-world politics and the financial crisis, as he traces the roots of bankrupt countries to the domination of right-wing policies and the people who created them.   Cunningham ... more
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Marx by Anne Simon and Corinne Maier - £13.99
My name is Karl Marx. I was once nicknamed the Devil for decrying Capitalism. But, before you judge, let me tell you my story...   Karl Marx dreamt of a world free from exploitation, inequality and unemployment. Growing up in an ever transform ... more
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Comradely Greetings: The Prison Letters of Nadya and Slavoj by Nadya Tolokonnikova and Slavoj Žižek - £5.99
A fascinating exchange between the punk-philosopher and the philosopher-punk.   ”We are the rebels asking for the storm, and believing that truth is only to be found in an endless search ... Two years of prison for Pussy Riot is our tribute to ... more
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Story of a Death Foretold: The Coup Against Salvador Allende, 11 September 1973 by Oscar Guardiola-Rivera - £12.99
On 11 September 1973, President Salvador Allende of Chile, Latin America's first democratically elected Marxist president, was deposed in a violent coup d'etat. Early that morning the phone lines to Allende's office were cut, army officers loyal to t ... more
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The End of Equality by Beatrix Campbell - £6.50
Among liberal thinkers, there is an optimistic belief that men and women are on a cultural journey toward equality - in the workplace, on the street, and in the home. But observation and evidence both tell us that in many ways this progress has stopp ... more
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Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield by Jeremy Scahill - £9.99
A shocking expose of America's hidden dirty wars - now an Oscar nominated documentary.   In this story from the frontlines of the undeclared battlefields of the War on Terror, Jeremy Scahill exposes America's new approach to war: fought far fr ... more
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On Liberty by Shami Chakrabarti - £17.99
On 11 September 2001, our world changed. The West's response to 9/11 has morphed into a period of exception. Governments have decided that the rule of law and human rights are often too costly.  In On Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti - who joined Libe ... more
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The Democracy Project: A History, A Crisis, A Movement by David Graeber - £9.99
From their earliest meetings, activist David Graeber knew that the Occupy Wall Street movement was something different. From small beginnings its demonstrations spread across the world to cities like Cairo, Athens, Barcelona and London and gave a gli ... more
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The Bedside Guardian 2014 by Becky Gardiner - £14.99
2014 was a memorable year for the Guardian. In the space of a few weeks it won the Newspaper of the Year award, the European Press Prize for journalism, and - the ultimate honour - the Pulitzer Prize for its groundbreaking articles on NSA surveillanc ... more
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The Best of Benn by Tony Benn, compiled by Ruth Winstone - £20.00
Tony Benn was one of the twentieth century's most charismatic politicians. The Best of Benn showcases his powers of original thinking and communication over seven decades.  From 'the baby of the house' to a retired widower, he was a consistentl ... more
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The Little Red Schoolbook (3rd Original and Uncensored Edition) by Soren Hansen and Jensen Jesper - £5.00
When it first appeared in the 1970s, The Little Red Schoolbook was banned by the UK authorities, which confiscated copies and prosecuted the publisher under the Obscene Publications Act. Why? Because this little book aimed to educate teenagers about ... more
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Nye: The Political Life of Aneurin Bevan by Nicklaus Thomas-Symonds - £25.00
Aneurin - Nye - Bevan was one of the pivotal Labour figures of the post-war era. As Minister for Health in Attlee's government, his role in the foundation of the NHS, the world's largest publically-funded health service and the centre-piece of the Op ... more
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Revolution by Russell Brand - £14.99
Russell Brand wants YOU to join the revolution.   We all know the system isn't working. Our governments are corrupt and the opposing parties pointlessly similar. Our culture is filled with vacuity and pap, and we are told there's nothing we ca ... more
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A Blaze of Autumn Sunshine: The Last Diaries by Tony Benn - £8.99
In this final volume of diaries, Tony Benn reflects on the compensations and the disadvantages of old age.   With the support of a small circle of friends and his extended family, he continues his activities on behalf of social justice, peace and ... more
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I Think You'll Find it's a Bit More Complicated Than That by Ben Goldacre - £14.99
In Bad Science, Ben Goldacre hilariously exposed the tricks that quacks and journalists use to distort science. In Bad Pharma, he put the $600 billion global pharmaceutical industry under the microscope.  Now the pick of the journalism by one of ... more
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The Bloomsbury Companion to Anarchism by Ruth Kinna - £28.99
The Bloomsbury Companion to Anarchism is a comprehensive reference work to support research in anarchism.   The book considers the different approaches to anarchism as an ideology and explains the development of anarchist studies from the ear ... more
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Global Muckraking: 100 Years of Investigative Journalism from Around the World by Anya Schiffrin (Editor) - £19.95
Selected by today’s leading journalists, the gems of muckraking journalism from Britain to Burma.  “The foreign correspondent is frequently the only means of getting an important story told, or of drawing the world’s attention to disasters in ... more
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A Passion for Freedom: My Life by Mamphela Ramphele - £12.99
Mamphela Ramphele is a figurehead of modern South Africa. The partner of Steve Biko, until his death in 1977, she has demonstrated extraordinary political leadership and statesmanship, most recently as the leader of the Agang SA party.   In t ... more
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Shattered Hopes: Obama's Failure to Broker Israeli-Palestinian Peace by Josh Ruebner - £12.99
Hard-hitting critique of Obama administration’s failure to broker Israeli–Palestinian peace, by a leading DC-based advocate.  President Barack Obama’s first trip abroad in his second term took him to Israel and the Palestinian West Bank, where ... more
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Anders Breivik and the Rise of Islamophobia by Sindre Bangstad - £16.99
In late July 2011, Norway was struck by the worst terror attacks in its history. In a fertilizer-bomb attack on Government Headquarters in Oslo and a one-hour-long shooting spree at the Labour Party Youth Camp at Utřya, seventy-seven people, mostly t ... more
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Harry's Last Stand: How the World My Generation Built is Falling Down, and What We Can Do to Save It by Harry Leslie Smith - £8.99
‘As one of the last remaining survivors of the Great Depression and the Second World War, I will not go gently into that good night. I want to tell you what the world looks like through my eyes, so that you can help change it...’  In November 2013 ... more
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Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Wanted Man by Luke Harding - £9.99
Edward Snowden, a young computer genius working for America's National Security Agency, blew the whistle on the way this frighteningly powerful organisation uses new technology to spy on the entire planet. The consequences have shaken the leaders of ... more
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Mandela: My Prisoner, My Friend by Christo Brand with Barbara Jones - £8.99
Christo Brand was a South African farm boy, born into the Afrikaans culture which had created apartheid to persecute black people and claim superiority for whites.   Nelson Mandela, also raised in a rural village, was the black son of a triba ... more
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America's Deadliest Export: Democracy - The Truth About US Foreign Policy and Everything Else by William Blum - £8.99
For over sixty-five years, the United States war machine has been on automatic pilot. Since World War II we have been conditioned to believe that America's motives in 'exporting' democracy are honorable, even noble.  In this startling and provocative ... more
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Best of Enemies: A History of US and Middle East Relations: 1953-1984 by Jean-Pierre Filiu, illustrated by David B. - £14.99
The second volume of the history of US-Middle East relations takes us from Eisenhower's presidency of the 50s to the Lebanese War of 1982, covering such world-changing events as the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. & ... more
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Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower by William Blum - £9.99
"This is not a book for anyone who wishes to maintain any cosy illusions about their own liberty - let alone the liberty of anyone in any country to whose domestic policy the United States government takes exception ... We find in these pages, meticu ... more
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Hand to Mouth: The Truth About Being Poor in a Wealthy World by Linda Tirado - £14.99
An urgent, uncompromising and heartfelt insider's account of what it is to be poor and working-class in the modern West.  Linda Tirado knows from experience what it is to be poor, to struggle to make ends meet. She has worked all hours as a foo ... more
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Economics: The User's Guide by Ha-Joon Chang - £7.99
What is economics? How does the global economy work? What do different economic theories tell us about the world?   In Economics: The User's Guide, bestselling author Ha-Joon Chang explains how the global economy works, and why anyone ... more
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Sailing Close to the Wind: Reminiscences by Dennis Skinner - £20.00
Dennis Skinner, the famed Beast of Bolsover, is adored by legions of supporters and respected as well as feared by admiring enemies. Fiery and forthright, with a prodigious recall, Skinner is one of the best-known politicians in Britain. He remains a ... more
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The City is Ours: Squatting and Autonomous Movements in Europe from the 1970s to the Present by Various authors - £15.99
Squatters and autonomous movements have been in the forefront of radical politics in Europe for nearly a half-century — from struggles against urban renewal and gentrification, to large-scale peace and environmental campaigns, to spearheading the ant ... more
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The 43 Group: Battling with Mosley's Blackshirts by Morris Beckman - £9.99
Oswald Mosley decided he could carry on where Hitler and Mussolini had left off. On street corners his fascist speakers would proclaim ‘not enough Jews were burned at Belsen’. Enter the 43 Group. In a ferocious, bloody and brilliantly covert five-yea ... more
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This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate by Naomi Klein - £20.00
Forget everything you think you know about global warming. It's not about carbon - it's about capitalism. The good news is that we can seize this existential crisis to transform our failed economic system and build something radically better.  ... more
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Blood on Steel: Chicago Steelworkers and the Strike of 1937 by Michael Dennis - £13.00
On Memorial Day 1937, thousands of steelworkers, middle-class supporters, and working-class activists gathered at Sam's Place on the Southeast Side of Chicago to protest Republic Steel’s virulent opposition to union recognition and collective bargain ... more
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Inequality and the 1% by Danny Dorling - £12.99
Can we afford the rich? Why the growth of the wealthy is making the UK a more dangerous place to live.  Since the great recession hit in 2008, the 1% has only grown richer while the rest find life increasingly tough. The gap between the haves a ... more
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Rainbow Warriors by Maite Mompo - £14.99
Following the lives of the three ships with the name Rainbow Warrior, this book, written by a long-serving Greenpeace activist, tells the inside stories of life on board and recounts some of the ships’ most exciting adventures and actions.   I ... more
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A Colossal Wreck: A Road Trip Through Political Scandal, Corruption, and American Culture by Alexander Cockburn - £12.99
A roller coaster ride through the ruins of modern America from the most influential journalist of his Generation.  Whether ruthlessly exposing Beltway hypocrisy, pricking the pomposity of those in power, or tirelessly defending the rights of ... more
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How Numbers Rule the World: The Use and Abuse of Statistics in Global Politics by Lorenzo Fioramonti - £12.99
Numbers dominate global politics and, as a result, our everyday lives. Credit ratings steer financial markets and can make or break the future of entire nations. GDP drives our economies. Stock market indices flood our media and national debates. Sta ... more
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Brazil's Dance with the Devil: The World Cup, the Olympics, and the Struggle for Democracy by Dave Zirin - £11.99
As the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games approach, ordinary Brazilians are holding the country's biggest protest marches in decades. Sports journalist Dave Zirin traveled to Brazil to find out why.  In a rollicking read that travels from ... more
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Women's Oppression Today: The Marxist/ Feminist Encounter by Michčle Barrett - £15.00
Women’s Oppression Today is a classic text in the debate about Marxism and feminism, exploring how gender, sexuality and the 'family-household system' operate in relation to contemporary capitalism.  In this updated edition, Michčle Barrett ... more
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Capitalism's Last Stand? Deglobalization in the Age of Austerity by Walden Bello - £12.99
In this eye-opening and often scathing book, Walden Bello provides a forensic dissection of contemporary capitalism's multiple crises. Trenchant but constructive, Bello's analysis of the collapse of the global real economy, covering such issues as th ... more
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Two Cheers for Anarchism: Six Easy Pieces on Autonomy, Dignity, and Meaningful Work and Play by James C. Scott - £12.50
James Scott taught us what's wrong with seeing like a state. Now, in his most accessible and personal book to date, the acclaimed social scientist makes the case for seeing like an anarchist. Inspired by the core anarchist faith in the possibilities ... more
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Manifesto of the Poor: Solutions Come from Below by Francisco Van der Hoff Boersma - £5.95
Written by the co-founder of Fairtrade movement, Francisco Van der Hoff Boersma, this book uses models of Fairtrade and small-scale organic farming to explain why Fairtrade farmers don't need all the money and luxury that is deemed so important in th ... more
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The Establishment: And How They Get Away with it by Owen Jones - £16.99
In The Establishment Owen Jones, author of the international bestseller Chavs, offers a biting critique of the British Establishment and a passionate plea for democracy. Behind our democracy lurks a powerful but unaccountable network of people who wi ... more
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Black Star: Britain's Asian Youth Movements by Anandi Ramamurthy - £19.99
Black Star documents the vibrant Asian Youth Movements in 1970s and 80s Britain who struggled against the racism of the street and the state. Anandi Ramamurthy shows how they drew inspiration from Black Power movements as well as anti-imperialist and ... more
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Letters to a Young Generation by Amanda Wilson (Editor) - £6.99
Letters to a Young Generation is a collection of 13 letters from men who understand what it’s like to be a black male growing up in the United Kingdom; from actors to MPs, fashion designers to athletes.   Inspiring, humorous and most importantly ho ... more
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Hack Attack: How the Truth Caught Up with Rupert Murdoch by Nick Davies - £20.00
The stand-out, definitive book about phone-hacking, the biggest scandal of our age, told by the man who broke the story.  At first, it seemed like a small story. The royal editor of the News of the World was caught listening to the voicemail me ... more
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A Quiet Word: Lobbying, Crony Capitalism and Broken Politics in Britain by Tamasin Cave and Andy Rowell - £20.00
Q. What’s worth Ł2,000,000,000, answers to no-one and operates out of public sight? A. Britain’s influence industry   The corporate takeover of democracy is no conspiracy theory – it’s happening, and it affects every aspect of our lives: the foo ... more
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Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism by David Harvey - £14.99
Following on from The Enigma of Capital, the world's leading Marxist thinker explores the hidden workings of capital and reveals the forces that will lead inexorably to the demise of our system.   You thought capitalism was permanent? Think ag ... more
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The Body Economic: Eight Experiments in Economic Recovery, from Iceland to Greece by David Stuckler and Sanjay Basu - £9.99
The Body Economic puts forward a radical proposition. Austerity, it argues, is seriously bad for your health. We can prevent financial crises from becoming epidemics, but to do so, we must acknowledge what the hard data tells us: that, throughout his ... more
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The Great Tax Robbery: How Britain Became a Tax Haven for Fat Cats and Big Business by Richard Brooks - £9.99
In the first book to uncover the British government’s complicity in tax avoidance, investigative journalist and former tax-inspector Richard Brooks charts how the UK has become a global tax haven that serves the super wealthy, while everyone else pic ... more
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Private Island: Why Britain Now Belongs to Someone Else by James Meek - £12.99
How the British government packaged and sold its people to the world.   In a little over a generation the bones and sinews of the British economy – rail, energy, water, postal services, municipal housing – have been sold to remote, unaccountable pr ... more
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