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Most books can be ordered within 7-10 days, subject to availability. If you need a book urgently, or by a specific date, you can always contact us before ordering to ask how long it would take
Playing Indian - by Philip J. Deloria - £12.99
“[A] brilliant book. . . . This book reminds us that at least one question about America has been settled. Contrary to the conventional wisdom that prevailed throughout most of our history, the Indians will remain.”—Peter Iverson, American Hist ... more

Against Borders: The Case for Abolition - by Gracie Mae Bradley and Luke de Noronha - £9.99
Why we need to get rid of borders.  Borders harm all of us: they must be abolished.  Borders divide workers and families, fuel racial division, and reinforce global disparities. They encourage the expansion of technologies of surveillance and ... more

This Has Always Been A War: The Radicalization of a Working Class Queer - by Lori Fox - £14.99
A powerful, personal critique of capitalist patriarchy as seen through the eyes of a queer radical.   Capitalism has infiltrated every aspect of our personal, social, economic, and sexual lives. By examining the politics of gender, environment ... more

The Value of a Whale: On the Illusions of Green Capitalism - by Adrienne Buller - £12.99
Public understanding of, and outcry over, the dire state of the climate and environment is greater than ever before. Parties across the political spectrum claim to be climate leaders, and overt denial is on the way out. Yet when it comes to slowing t ... more

Do Right and Fear No One - by Leslie Thomas QC - £20.00
'If deaths are not investigated, then the authorities cannot be held to account and democracy is threatened. And if deaths are not investigated, we are not a society that values human life.'  Inspired from a young age to help the marginalised ... more

Charged: How the Police Try to Suppress Protest - by Matt Foot and Morag Livingstone - £18.99
An urgent investigation into modern British policing.  The UK government’s efforts to suppress dissent in the pursuit of greater power have given a green light to police to apply more aggressive tactics in managing crowds and protests. The ... more

Motherhood In and After Prison: The Impact of Maternal Incarceration - by Lucy Baldwin - £25.00
Motherhood In and After Prison focuses on how imprisonment impacts incarcerated mothers’ maternal identity, emotions and role. It explores both the short and longer-term consequences of sending mothers to prison. It reveals the devastating and ofte ... more

In the Wars: From Afghanistan to the UK and Beyond, A Refugee's Story of Survival and Saving Lives - by Dr Waheed Arian - £10.99
'A riveting story of loss, exile, and rebirth.' KHALED HOSSEINI, author of The Kite Runner  'One of the most incredible life stories you will ever hear.' JAMES O'BRIEN  'A remarkable story. I thought this book was brilliant.' NAGA MUNCHET ... more

I Heard What You Said - by Jeffrey Boakye - £16.99
Thought-provoking, witty and completely unafraid, I Heard What You Said is a timely exploration of how we can dismantle racism in the classroom and do better by all our students.  'Essential reading' Guardian 'Sharp and witty with moments of ... more

The Life of an MP: Everything You Really Need to Know About Politics - by Jess Phillips - £9.99
‘Honest, funny and very revealing. Her conclusion in particular, “Why we need politics” is essential' - Adam Kay  'Funny and really readable' - Jeremy Vine (BBC Radio Two)   ‘This book is here to take you inside the daily rea ... more

Black Wind, White Snow: Russia's New Nationalism - by Charles Clover - £12.99
A fascinating study of the root motivations behind the political activities and philosophies of Putin’s government in Russia “Part intellectual history, part portrait gallery... Black Wind, White Snow traces the background to Putin’s ideas w ... more

Beyond Money: A Postcapitalist Strategy - by Anitra Nelson - £19.99
'A fascinating portal into arguments about why we need to get beyond money' - Harry Cleaver  What would a world without money look like? This book is a lively thought experiment that deepens our understanding of how money is the driver of pol ... more

Yoga as Resistance: Equity and Inclusion On and Off the Mat - by Dr Stacie CC Graham - £15.99
This book's mission is to empower yoga practitioners and professionals to align their practice on the mat with their lives off the mat. Yoga as Resistance outlines a dynamic programme of social justice reform within the yoga industry.   The m ... more

Race to the Bottom: Reclaiming Antiracism - by Azfar Shafi and Ilyas Nagdee - £9.99
Antiracist movements are more mainstream than ever before. Liberal democracies boast of their policies designed to stamp out racism in all walks of life. Why then is racism still ever-present in our society?   This is not an accident, but by d ... more

Failures of State: The Inside Story of Britain's Battle with Coronavirus - by Jonathan Calvert and George Arbuthnott - £10.99
The inside story of the UK's response to the pandemic from the Insight investigations unit at The Sunday Times.  Failures of State: The Inside Story of Britain's Battle with Coronavirus recounts the extraordinary political decisions taken at the ... more

Free: Coming of Age at the End of History - by Lea Ypi - £9.99
WINNER OF THE ONDAATJE PRIZE  THE SUNDAY TIMES MEMOIR OF THE YEAR  'Wonderfully funny and poignant...a tale of family secrets and political awakening amid a crumbling regime. One of the nonfiction titles of the year' Luke Harding, Observer  ... more

Sad Little Men: Private Schools and the Ruin of England - by Richard Beard - £9.99
In 1975, as a child, Richard Beard was sent away from his home to sleep in a dormitory. So were Boris Johnson and David Cameron.  In those days a private boys' boarding school education was largely the same experience as it had been for generations: ... more

When the Music's Over: Intervention, Aid and Somalia - by Gareth Owen - £16.99
In 1993, Gareth Owen volunteered to go to Somalia with an Irish aid agency. Located in a remote desert outpost, he encountered the brutality of conflict and famine and experienced the hardships and struggles of an extraordinary race of desert warrior ... more

How To Raise an Antiracist - by Ibram X. Kendi - £16.99
A New York Times Top 10 Bestseller  The author of the bestselling international phenomenon How to Raise an Antiracist offers a deeply considered and ground-breaking argument about children, racism and how to build the antiracist society of th ... more

Borderland: Identity and Belonging at the Edge of England - by Phil Hubbard - £15.99
Over recent years, the issues of Brexit, COVID and the 'migrant crisis' put Kent in the headlines like never before. Images of asylum seekers on Kent beaches, lorries queued on motorways and the crumbling white cliffs of Dover all spoke to national a ... more

Critical Revolutionaries: Five Critics Who Changed the Way We Read - by Terry Eagleton - £20.00
Terry Eagleton looks back across sixty years to an extraordinary critical milieu that transformed the study of literature.  Before the First World War, traditional literary scholarship was isolated from society at large. In the years followin ... more

Mountain Tales: Love and Loss in the Municipality of Castaway Belongings - by Saumya Roy - £9.99
A city struggling with the cost of its appetites. A rubbish mountain eighteen stories high. And the people who call it home.  'If you read one book about India, read this one.' Geeta Anand, Pulitzer Prize-winner and author of The Cure  ... more

Ukraine: A Nation on the Borderland - by Karl Schloegel - £12.95
In Ukraine: A Nation on the Borderland, Karl Schloegel presents a picture of a country which lies on Europe's borderland and in Russia's shadow. In recent years, Ukraine has been faced, along with Western Europe, with the political conundrum resultin ... more

Orwell's Roses - by Rebecca Solnit - £9.99
‘Outside my work the thing I care most about is gardening’ wrote George Orwell in 1940.  Inspired by her encounter with the surviving roses that Orwell planted in his cottage in Hertfordshire, Rebecca Solnit explores how his involvement with pla ... more

Jane Against the World: Roe v. Wade and the Fight for Reproductive Rights - by Karen Blumenthal - £9.99
A riveting look at the extraordinary and tumultuous history of abortion rights in the United States from the 19th century to the landmark case of Roe v. Wade, by award-winning author and journalist Karen Blumenthal.   Tracing the path to the p ... more

Humanitarian Borders: Unequal Mobility and Saving Lives - by Polly Pallister-Wilkins - £16.99
The seamy underside of humanitarianism.  What does it mean when humanitarianism is the response to death, injury and suffering at the border? This book interrogates the politics of humanitarian responses to border violence and unequal mobilit ... more

A Spectre, Haunting: On the Communist Manifesto - by China Mieville - £18.99
China Miéville's brilliant reading of the modern world's most controversial and enduring political document: The Communist Manifesto.  'Read this and be dazzled by its contemporaneity' Mike Davis 'A rich, luminous reflection of and on a light t ... more

Rentier Capitalism: Who Owns the Economy, and Who Pays for It? - by Brett Christophers - £12.99
How did Britain’s economy become a bastion of inequality?   In this landmark book, the author of The New Enclosure, winner of the Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Memorial Prize, provides a forensic examination of twenty-first-century capitalism. Bret ... more

The Knowledge Economy - by Roberto Mangabeira Unger - £14.99
Revolutionary account of transformative potential in the knowledge economy.   Adam Smith and Karl Marx recognized that the best way to understand the economy is to study the most advanced practice of production. Today that practice is no longe ... more

The Future is Degrowth: A Guide to a World Beyond Capitalism - by Matthias Schmelzer, Aaron Vansintjan, and Andrea Vetter - £18.99
We need to break free from the capitalist economy. Degrowth gives us the tools to bend its bars.  Economic growth isn’t working, and it cannot be made to work. Offering a counter-history of how economic growth emerged in the context of colo ... more

Internet for the People: The Fight for Our Digital Future - by Ben Tarnoff - £14.99
Why is the internet so broken, and what could ever possibly fix it?   In Internet for the People, leading tech writer Ben Tarnoff offers an answer. The internet is broken, he argues, because it is owned by private firms and run for profit. Goo ... more

The Right to Sex - by Amia Srinivasan - £8.99
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER  Essential lessons on the world we live in, from one of our greatest young thinkers – a guide to what everybody is talking about today.  How should we talk about sex? It is a thing we have and also a thing we do; ... more

The Social Distance Between Us: How Remote Politics Wrecked Britain - by Darren McGarvey - £20.00
*A RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEK*  If all the best people are in all the top jobs, then why is Britain such a fucking bin fire?  Britain is in a long-distance relationship with reality. A ravine cuts through it, partitioning the powerful f ... more

Brigadistes: Lives for Liberty - by Jordi Marti-Rueda - £12.99
Sixty illustrated profiles of those who fought in the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War.  'A real treasure that we can't stop exploring' – La Republica  Felicia Browne decided it was time to put down her paintbrushes a ... more

Why We Kneel, How We Rise - by Michael Holding - £9.99
WINNER OF THE WILLIAM HILL SPORTS BOOK OF THE YEAR PRIZE 2021 THE HIGHLY ACCLAIMED SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER   Through the prism of sport and conversations with its legends, including Usain Bolt, Adam Goodes, Thierry Henry, Michael Johnson, Ibtih ... more

We're All In It Together: Poems For A DisUnited Kingdom - by Michael Stewart - £12.99
We're All In It Together is an anthology of new poetry that explores the state of the nation. What does it mean, post-empire, post-Brexit, to be British? How is national identity complicated by notions of class, race, gender and individualism?  I ... more

Tenants: The People on the Frontline of Britain's Housing Emergency - by Vicky Spratt - £20.00
The urgent story of this country’s biggest crisis, told through the lives of those it most affects.  Tony is facing eviction instead of enjoying retirement; Limarra isn’t ‘homeless enough’ to get help from the council; and for Kelly a ... more

Welcome to Britain: Fixing Our Broken Immigration System - by Colin Yeo - £10.99
How would we treat Paddington Bear if he came to the UK today? Perhaps he would be a casualty of extortionate visa application fees; perhaps he would experience a cruel term of imprisonment in a detention centre; or perhaps his entire identity would ... more

A New World In Our Hearts: In Conversation with Michael Albert - by Noam Chomsky and Michael Albert - £14.99
An interview with Noam Chomsky is a bit like throwing batting practice to Babe Ruth. What you lob in, he will hammer out.  These conversational interviews by Michael Albert, who has been close to Chomsky for roughly half a century and talked ... more

We Can Do Better Than This: 35 Voices on the Future of LGBTQ+ Rights - by Amelia Abraham (Editor) - £9.99
How can we create a better world for LGBTQ+ people? 35 extraordinary voices share their stories and visions for the future.   We talk about achieving 'LGBTQ+ equality', but around the world, LGBTQ+ people are still suffering discrimination and ex ... more

His Name Is George Floyd: One Man's Life and the Struggle for Racial Justice - by Robert Samuels and Toluse Olorunnipa - £20.00
'His Name Is George Floyd is essential for our times.' Ibram X. Kendi, author of How to Be an Antiracist  'An intimate, unvarnished and scrupulous account of his life...brilliantly revealing.' NEW YORK TIMES  You know how he died. This is how ... more

Dreaming the Impossible: The Battle to Create a Non-Racial Sports World - by Mihir Bose - £17.99
The British, who are rightly proud of their sporting traditions, are now having to come to terms with the dark, unacknowledged, past of racism in sport – until now the truth that dare not speak its name.   Conscious and unconscious racism ha ... more

NHS Under Siege: The Fight to Save it in the Age of Covid - by John Lister & Jacky Davis plus expert contributors - £9.99
The NHS is in crisis. The past 12 years of Tory real-terms cuts in funding have been disastrous.  John Lister and Jacky Davis look at the threat to the NHS posed by the combination of two years of a global pandemic and the relentless policies ... more

Chums: How a Tiny Caste of Oxford Tories Took Over the UK - by Simon Kuper - £16.99
Power. Privilege. Parties. It's a very small world at the top.   'A searing onslaught on the smirking Oxford insinuation that politics is all just a game. It isn't. It matters' Matthew Parris   Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, David Cameron, Georg ... more

We Own This City: A True Story of Crime, Cops and Corruption in an American City - by Justin Fenton - £9.99
The astonishing true story of ‘one of the most startling police corruption scandals in a generation’ (New York Times)  Baltimore, 2015. Riots were erupting across the city. Drug and violent crime were surging, with homicides reaching thei ... more

Battles of Conscience: British Pacifists and the Second World War - by Tobias Kelly - £22.00
A ground-breaking new study brings us a very different picture of the Second World War, asking fundamental questions about ethical commitments.  Accounts of the Second World War usually involve tales of bravery in battle, or stoicism on the h ... more

Liverpool Dockers: History of Rebellion and Betrayal - by Mike Carden - £20.00
In an inspirational struggle that began in September 1995 and lasted for two years and four months, 500 Liverpool dockers fought for their jobs after being sacked for refusing to cross a picket line. Liverpool Dockers: History of Rebellion and Betray ... more

This is Why I Resist : Don't Define My Black Identity - by Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu - £10.99
The essential anti-racist book from one of the world’s leading voices for change.   ‘With This Is Why I Resist, Dr Shola is shaking a nation out of its slumber.’ Annie Lennox OBE  ‘Smart and courageous, this book should be on everyone ... more

How to Be a Woman Online: Surviving Abuse and Harassment, and How to Fight Back - by Nina Jankowicz - £10.99
When Nina Jankowicz's first book on online disinformation was profiled in The New Yorker, she expected attention but not an avalanche of abuse and harassment, predominantly from men, online.  All women in politics, journalism and academia now fac ... more

Foot Work: What Your Shoes Tell You About Globalisation - by Tansy E. Hoskins - £9.99
Do you know where your shoes come from? Do you know where they go when you're done with them?   In 2019, 66.6 million pairs of shoes were manufactured across the world every single day. They have never been cheaper to buy, and we have neve ... more

Automation and the Future of Work - by Aaron Benanav - £9.99
A consensus-shattering account of automation technologies and their effect on workplaces and the labor market.  In this consensus-shattering account of automation technologies, Aaron Benanav investigates the economic trends that will shape our ... more

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