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New Books - Politics & Activism

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#NeverAgain: A New Generation Draws the Line by David Hogg and Lauren Hogg - £7.99
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER   From two survivors of the Parkland, Florida, shooting comes a declaration for our times, and an in-depth look at the making of the #NeverAgain movement.  On February 14, 2018, seventeen-year-old David Hogg and his ... more
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Talking Across the Divide by Justin Lee - £12.99
A guide to learning how to communicate with people who have diametrically opposed opinions from you, how to empathize with them, and how to (possibly) change their minds.   America is more polarized than ever. Whether the issue is Donald Trump ... more
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When The Clyde Ran Red: A Social History of Red Clydeside by Maggie Craig - £9.99
When the Clyde Ran Red paints a vivid picture of the heady days when revolution was in the air on Clydeside. Through the bitter strike at the huge Singer Sewing machine plant in Clydebank in 1911, Bloody Friday in Glasgow’s George Square in 1919, t ... more
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Leeds Postcards by Christine Hankinson & Craig Oldham - £12.00
For the past four decades, independent postcard press Leeds Postcards has been making oppositional, inspiring images; activism by design. The cards are not of Leeds; the name represents a defiant rejection of the hegemony of London. The images cover ... more
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The Lion and the Unicorn: Socialism and the English Genius by George Orwell - £6.99
George Orwell's moving reflections on the English character and his passionate belief in the need for political change.   The Lion and the Unicorn was written in London during the worst period of the blitz. It is vintage Orwell, a dynamic out ... more
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White Privilege: The Myth of a Post-Racial Society by Kalwant Bhopal - £12.99
Description Author Contents Reviews Why and how do those from black and minority ethnic communities continue to be marginalised? Despite claims that we now live in a post-racial society, race continues to disadvantage those from bla ... more
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William Morris's Socialist Diary by Florence Boos - £10.00
William Morris was the most prominent artist and writer to embrace the new socialist movement of the 1880s. As the leader of one of Britain’s two major socialist organisations from 1885 to 1890, his personal example and dedication inspired and enco ... more
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New Dark Age: Technology and the End of the Future by James Bridle - £16.99
As the world around us increases in technological complexity, our understanding of it diminishes. Underlying this trend is a single idea: the belief that our existence is understandable through computation, and more data is enough to help us build a ... more
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Feminist Freedom Warriors by Linda E. Carty and Chandra Talpade Mohanty (Editors) - £15.99
A collection of compelling narratives highlighting the struggles of feminist warriors whose voices are too often marginalized.   Feminist Freedom Warriors tells the stories of women of color from the Global South, weaving together cross-generation ... more
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The Beekeeper of Sinjar by Dunya Mikhail - £10.99
In The Beekeeper of Sinjar, the acclaimed poet and journalist Dunya Mikhail tells the harrowing stories of women from across Iraq who have managed to escape the clutches of ISIS. Since 2014, ISIS has been persecuting the Yazidi people, killing or ens ... more
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Give People Money: The Surprisingly Simple Idea to Solve Inequality and Revolutionise our Lives by Annie Lowrey - £12.99
Selected as an Editor's Pick in the New York Times bestseller list!   Surely just giving people money couldn't work. Or could it?   Imagine if every month the government deposited £1000 in your bank account, with no strings attached ... more
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I Was Told To Come Alone: My Journey Behind the Lines of Jihad by Souad Mekhennet - £9.99
Souad Mekhennet is a German-born Moroccan Muslim, a Washington Post correspondent, still based in Germany. This is her brave and powerful memoir. Her life and her quest are nothing less than THE modern story.   I was told to come alone. I was not ... more
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Old Gods, New Enigmas: Marx by Mike Davis - £17.99
Is revolution possible in the age of the Anthropocene?   Marx has returned, but which Marx? Recent biographies have proclaimed him to be an emphatically nineteenth-century figure, but in this book, Mike Davis’s first directly about Marx and Marx ... more
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Football Leaks: Uncovering the Dirty Deals Behind the Beautiful Game by Rafael Buschmann and Michael Wulzinger - £12.99
One anonymous football fan. 18.6 million confidential documents. This is the explosive story of the biggest leak in sporting history – and the shady underworld of modern football.   In 2016, a whistle-blower known only as ‘John’ st ... more
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Posh Boys: How the English Public Schools Ruin Britain by Robert Verkaik - £16.99
Imagine a world where leaders are able to pass power directly to their children. These children are plucked from their nurseries and sent to beautiful compounds far away from all the other children. They are provided with all the teachers they need, ... more
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We Shall Fight Until We Win: A Century of Pioneering Political Women, The Graphic Novel Anthology by Various authors - £9.99
We Shall Fight Until We Win celebrates the centenary of the first women gaining the right to vote in Great Britain. Charting ten decades of political activism, campaigning and moving forward, this graphic anthology offers an insight into the key mome ... more
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Can We Solve the Migration Crisis? by Jacqueline Bhabha - £9.99
Every minute 24 people are forced to leave their homes and over 65 million are currently displaced world-wide. Small wonder that tackling the refugee and migration crisis has become a global political priority.   But can this crisis be resol ... more
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Life in the Debt Trap: Stories of Children and Families Struggling with Debt by Sorcha Mahony and Larissa Pople - £9.99
What is life like for families who are stuck in problem debt? Why do they fall into a spiral of debt in the first place, and why is it so hard to escape?  The first hand stories in this book offer a unique understanding of life for families a ... more
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Lampedusa: Gateway to Europe by Pietro Bartolo and Lidia Tilotta - £9.99
The moving and essential testimony of an Italian doctor who has worked for twenty-five years on the front line of perhaps the largest mass migration in human history.   It is common to think of the refugee crisis as a recent phenomenon, but Dr ... more
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A Modest Proposal To Solve the Palestine-Israel Conflict by Karl Sabbagh - £10.00
The title of this book is ironic. sets out a solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict which is about as immodest as you could get – it will require a huge amount of effort, collaboration, fund-raising and organisation to achieve it. But in Karl ... more
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Back to Black: Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century by Kehinde Andrews - £16.99
One of Britain’s most highly acclaimed Black educators presents the history of Black radicalism, reclaiming it for the twenty-first century.   Back to Black traces the long and eminent history of Black radical politics. Born out of resistanc ... more
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The Slow Burning Fuse: Secret History of the British Anarchists by John Quail - £13.00
In the account of the radical movements that have shaped our history, anarchism has had a raw deal. Its visions and aims have been distorted and misunderstood, its achievements forgotten.   The British anarchist movement, while borrowing from ... more
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Outside the Asylum: A Memoir of War, Disaster and Humanitarian Psychiatry by Lynne Jones - £9.99
Astonishing insight into the life of a humanitarian psychiatrist working in war and disaster zones around the world - from Bosnia and 'mission-accomplished' Iraq, to tsunami-affected Aceh, post-earthquake Haiti and 'the Jungle' in Calais.   Wh ... more
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No Shortcuts: Organizing for Power in the New Gilded Age by Jane F. McAlevey - £12.99
The crisis of the progressive movement is so evident that nothing less than a fundamental rethinking of its basic assumptions is required. Today's progressives now work for professional organizations more comfortable with the inside game in Washingto ... more
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Mandela: His Essential Life by Peter Hain - £9.99
Mandela: His Essential Life chronicles the life and legacy of one of the twentieth century's most influential and admired statesmen. Charting his development from remote rural roots to city lawyer, freedom fighter, and then political leader, Peter Ha ... more
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The Fall of the House of Fifa by David Conn - £9.99
The Fall of the House of Fifa is the definitive story of Fifa's rise - and the most spectacular fall sport has ever seen.   1904: 'No person should be allowed to arrange matches for personal profit' - Fifa congress   A century later: 'F ... more
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African Exodus: Mass Migration and the Future of Europe by Asfa-Wossen Asserate - £14.99
In 2015, ever more people from Africa and the Near East took flight and sought refuge in Europe. By the end of that year, some 1.8 million migrants had arrived in the EU, the vast majority across the Mediterranean. Since then, despite measures to hos ... more
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The Inner Level by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett - £20.00
Why is the incidence of mental illness in the UK twice that in Germany? Why are Americans three times more likely than the Dutch to develop gambling problems? Why is child well-being so much worse in New Zealand than Japan? As this groundbreaking stu ... more
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Killing African Americans: Police and Vigilante Violence as a Racial Control Mechanism by Noel A. Cazenave - £27.99
Killing African Americans examines the pervasive, disproportionate, and persistent police and vigilante killings of African Americans in the United States as a racial control mechanism that sustains the racial control system of systemic racism.   ... more
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Crashing the Party: From the Bernie Sanders Campaign to a Progressive Movement by Heather Gautney - £9.99
A leading activist-scholar on what’s next in the Sanders revolution.   Bernie Sanders shocked the political establishment by winning 13 million votes and a majority of young voters in the 2016 Democratic primary. Since that upset, repeated p ... more
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The Courage of Hopelessness: Chronicles of a Year of Acting Dangerously by Slavoj Žižek - £9.99
In these troubled times, even the most pessimistic diagnosis of our future ends with an uplifting hint that things might not be as bad as all that, that there is light at the end of the tunnel.   Yet, argues Slavoj Žižek, it is only when we have ... more
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The Production of Money: How to Break the Power of Bankers by Ann Pettifor - £8.99
What is money, where does it come from, and who controls it?  In this accessible, brilliantly argued book, leading political economist Ann Pettifor explains in straightforward terms history’s most misunderstood invention: the money system. Pettif ... more
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Culture as Weapon: The Art of Influence in Everyday Life by Nato Thompson - £14.99
"Culture As Weapon is a brilliant and scathing take no prisoners critique of contemporary culture. Spanning military occupation, capitalism masquerading as charity, and personal computing, Nato Thompson shows us the dark side of how culture is deploy ... more
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The Extreme Centre: A Second Warning by Tariq Ali - £8.99
Since 1989, politics has been a contest to see who can best serve the needs of the market. In this urgent and wideranging case for the prosecution, Tariq Ali looks at the people and events that have informed this development across the world. It is a ... more
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What's Wrong with Rights? Social Movements, Law and Liberal Imaginations by Radha D'Souza - £19.99
Through mapping the rights discourse and the transformations in transnational finance capitalism since the world wars, and interrogating the connections between the two, Radha D'Souza examines contemporary rights in theory and practice through the le ... more
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Daring to Drive by Manal Al-Sharif - £9.99
The story of the woman who inspired change with her call for greater freedoms for women.  Manal al-Sharif was born in Mecca the year fundamentalism took hold in Saudi Arabia. As a young girl she would burn her brother's boy band CDs in the ov ... more
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Bordered Lives: How Europe Fails Refugees and Migrants by Hsiao-Hung Pai - £9.99
Bordered Lives is Hsiao-Hung Pai’s landmark book in the reporting of what we know as Europe’s “refugee crisis” or “migrant crisis” - and a cry from the heart about an asylum system that is simply not fit for purpose.   Pai travels ... more
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Riot Days by Maria Alyokhina - £8.99
From activist, Pussy Riot member and freedom fighter Maria Alyokhina, a raw, hallucinatory, passionate account of her arrest, trial and imprisonment in a penal colony in the Urals for standing up for what she believed in.  People who believe in f ... more
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Trump / Russia: A Definitive History by Seth Hettena - £17.99
An award-winning investigative reporter for the Associated Press untangles the gripping story of Donald Trump’s long involvement with Russia in damning detail — including new reporting never before published.  As Special Counsel Robert Mu ... more
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The EU: An Obituary by John R. Gillingham - £9.99
Is Brexit the beginning of the end for the EU?   Fully updated and revised, this new edition of John R. Gillingham’s swingeing study explains why the European Union is so profoundly unsuited to the modern political economy.  In a devast ... more
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To Provide All People: A Poem in the Voice of the NHS by Owen Sheers - £12.99
July 2018 marks the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service Act. Owen Sheers, the author of Pink Mist and the BAFTA nominated The Green Hollow, has created a virtuosic 'film-poem' to coincide with the Vox Pictures/BBC production broadcast to ... more
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Global Discontents: Conversations on the Rising Threats to Democracy by Noam Chomsky, with David Barsamian - £8.99
Global Discontents is an essential guide to geopolitics and how to fight back, from the world's leading public intellectual   What kind of world are we leaving to our grandchildren? How are the discontents kindled today likely to blaze and explode ... more
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Adults In The Room: My Battle With Europe's Deep Establishment by Yanis Varoufakis - £9.99
What happens when you take on the establishment? In this blistering, personal account, world-famous economist Yanis Varoufakis blows the lid on Europe's hidden agenda and exposes what actually goes on in its corridors of power.  Varoufakis sp ... more
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Yugoslavia: Peace, War, and Dissolution by Noam Chomsky - £18.99
The Balkans, in particular the turbulent ex-Yugoslav territory, have been among the most important world regions in Noam Chomsky’s political reflections and activism for decades. His articles, public talks, and correspondence have provided a critic ... more
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The Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics for an Age of Crisis by George Monbiot - £9.99
Today, our lives are dominated by an ideology of extreme competition and individualism. It misrepresents human nature, destroying hope and common purpose. But we cannot replace it without a positive vision, one that reengages people in politics and l ... more
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Know Your Place: Essays on the Working Class by the Working Class by Nathan Connolly (Editor) - £9.99
"In July 2016, a little over a month after the Brexit vote, Nikesh Shukla, the man behind The Good Immigrant, tweeted:   Someone should do a Good Immigrant-style state of the nation book of essays by writers from working class backgrounds.  Ou ... more
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The New Working Class: How to win hearts, minds and votes by Claire Ainsley - £12.99
Recent events such as the Brexit vote and the 2017 general election result highlight the erosion of traditional class identities and the decoupling of class from political identity. The majority of people in the UK still identify as working class, ye ... more
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Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Crisis in Our Justice System by Jon Robins - £12.99
Whenever a miscarriage of justice hits the headlines, it is tempting to dismiss it as an anomaly – a minor hiccup in an otherwise healthy judicial system. Yet the cases of injustice that feature in this book reveal that they are not just minor hicc ... more
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Why Bad Governments Happen To Good People by Danny Katch - £12.99
A sharp-witted indictment of our broken political system and a vision for a socialist alternative that is truly by and for the people.   The election of Donald Trump has sent the United States and the world into uncharted waters, with a bigote ... more
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Bitch Doctrine: Essays for Dissenting Adults by Laurie Penny - £9.99
"I can't really think of another writer who so consistently and bravely keeps thinking and talking and learning and trying to make the world better"(Caitlin Moran) Smart and provocative, witty and uncompromising, this collection of Laurie Penn ... more
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Rise Like Lions: Poetry for the Many by Compiled by Ben Okri - £18.99
An anthology of inspiring political poetry compiled by award-winning poet and novelist Ben Okri.   In Rise Like Lions, Booker Prize winning writer Ben Okri has compiled a collection of poems that celebrate the many voices of politics, from pol ... more
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