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NfN Recommends: For Children and Young Adults!

Our marvellous recommended reads list for children and young adults!

The Jolley-Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon by Jonny Duddle - £5.99
Ahoy me hearties! Jim Lad and the Pirates Next Door return in illustrated younger fiction stories.   Every full moon, a mysterious ship is seen off the coast of Dull-on-Sea. Then, the day after, gold and jewellery are missing from the homes, s ... more
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Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo, iIlustrated By K. G. Campbell - £6.99
Holy unanticipated occurrences! A cynic meets an unlikely superhero in a genre-breaking new novel by a master storyteller.  It begins, as the best superhero stories do, with a tragic accident that has unexpected consequences. The squirrel never ... more
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Girls, Goddesses and Giants: Tales of Heroines from Around the World by Lari Don - £6.99
A selection of brilliant folk tales about heroines from all around the world. In these stories it's the girls who save the day through their courage, cunning or kindness - whether they are facing up to wolves, demons, dragons, enemy tribes, or the su ... more
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The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo - £5.99
This is the story of a boy who discovers that some things can't stay locked up for ever.   It's six months since Rob's mum died and he moved to Florida. His dad won't talk about her at all. "Crying ain't going to bring her back," he says. So ... more
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An Island in the Sun by Stella Blackstone, illustrated by Nicoletta Ceccoli - £4.99
Come along on a high-seas I-spy adventure!  Young readers will delight in pointing out everything the boy sees through his telescope in Nicoletta Ceccoli's dreamy illustrations.  The rhyming, cumulative text, built on the familiar I-spy ref ... more
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She Wore Red Trainers: A Muslim Love Story by Na’ima B. Robert - £6.99
A unique romance, written by an award-winning author, that explores the possibilities and passions young Muslims face when falling in love.   When Ali first meets Amirah, he notices everything about her - her hijab, her long eyelashes and her ... more
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My Two Blankets by Irena Kobald and Freya Blackwood - £6.99
Cartwheel has arrived in a new country, and feels the loss of all she's ever known. She creates a safe place for herself under an ‘old blanket' made out of memories and thoughts of home.  As time goes on, Cartwheel begins to weave a new blanket, ... more
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Fortunately, the Milk... by Neil Griffiths, illustrated by Chris Riddell - £5.99
You know what it’s like when your mum goes away on a business trip and Dad’s in charge. She leaves a really, really long list of what he’s got to do. And the most important thing is DON’T FORGET TO GET THE MILK. Unfortunately, Dad forgets. So the nex ... more
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Shadow of the Wolf by Tim Hall - £10.99
A world of gods and monsters. An elemental power rising. This is Robin Hood, reborn, as he has never been seen before...   Robin Loxley is seven years old when his parents disappear without trace. Years later the great love of his life, Marian ... more
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No Matter What by Debi Gliori - £6.99
Small said, "I'm a grim and grumpy little Small and nobody loves me at all." "Oh Small," said Large. "Grumpy or not, I'll always love you no matter what."   When Small is in a big bad mood, it's up to Large to help. But what if Small were a g ... more
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The Strange Encounter of Sally Shakespeare and Toby Tinker by Adam Rawlins - £6.99
Sally Shakespeare is smart and popular whilst Toby Tinker is the class fool, yet it is Sally who foolishly believes that her stories come true. And perhaps they do. When Toby disappears, Sally blames herself and decides to take action, even if it mea ... more
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Football Star by Mina Javaherbin, illustrated by Renato Alarcao - £6.99
Just in time for the World Cup, an inspiring story of a Brazilian boy who dreams of being a football star – and the sister who steps in to help his team win a game.  When Paulo Marcelo Feliciano becomes a football star, crowds will cheer his fa ... more
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Splash, Anna Hibiscus! by Atinuke, illustrated by Lauren Tobia - £6.99
In the second Anna Hibiscus picture book from Atinuke and Lauren Tobia, Anna has left her mango tree... and she’s at the beach!   Phew, it is hot. But what better way to cool off than by playing in the jumpy, splashy waves? “Come and splash i ... more
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I am an Artist by Marta Altes - £6.99
Meet the boy who can’t stop creating art! He loves colours, shapes, textures and EVERYTHING inspires him: his socks, the contents of the fridge, even his cat gets a new coat (of paint!).  But there’s just one problem: his mum isn’t quite so enth ... more
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The Wild City Book: Fun Things to do Outdoors in Towns and Cities by Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks - £9.99
Do you live in a city? Then The Wild City Book is for you! It's all about having fun outdoors in the wild spaces near where you live - hunting for wildlife clues, watching wild creatures, making wild art, playing wild games, having exciting outdoor a ... more
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Blowin' in the Wind by Bob Dylan (lyrics), with illustrations by Jon J Muth - £6.99
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind.   With words by one of the most admired songwriters of all time and illustrations by a Caldecott Honor medalist, this powerful and timely picture book will be treasured by adults and children ali ... more
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Orion and the Dark by Emma Yarlett - £6.99
Orion is scared of A LOT of things. But, most of all, he's scared of the dark. So, one night, Dark comes to show Orion how the world looks from his point of view.   Featuring quirky die-cuts that allow you to take Dark's hand too! ... more
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Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak - £6.99
One night Max puts on his wolf suit and makes mischief of one kind and another, so his mother calls him 'Wild Thing' and sends him to bed without his supper.  That night a forest begins to grow in Max's room and an ocean rushes by with a boat to ... more
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Alex As Well by Alyssa Brugman - £6.99
Five days ago I stopped taking my medication. I think it might be one of those decisions. How do you know? Maybe if I just start taking them again everything will go back to the way it was?   I don't think so.   Alex As Well exp ... more
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Mysterious Traveller by Mal Peet and Elspeth Graham, illustrated By P. J. Lynch - £7.99
A moving and beautifully researched story about camels, lost princesses and the strength of wisdom and knowledge, stunningly illustrated by P.J. Lynch.  This is the second tale in a trilogy from acclaimed storytellers Mal Peet and Elspeth Gra ... more
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Under My Hat: Tales from the Cauldron by Jonathan Straham (Editor) - £7.99
A stellar cast of acclaimed fantasy writers weave spellbinding tales that bring the world of witches to life. Boasting over 70 awards between them, including a Newbery Medal, five Hugo Awards and a Carnegie Medal, the authors delve into the realms of ... more
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Summer's Dream by Cathy Cassidy - £6.99
The next scrumptious story in Cathy Cassidy's Chocolate Box Girls series, following Cherry Crush and Marshmallow Skye. Perfect for fans of Jacqueline Wilson.   Summer has always dreamed of dancing, and when a place at ballet school comes up, ... more
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Riot by Sarah Mussi - £6.99
Revolution starts with disillusion.   A terrifying, topical novel that's essential reading for teens everywhere.   England is struggling under a recession that has shown no sign of abating. Years of cuts has devastated Britain: banks ar ... more
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Goldilocks on CCTV by John Agard, illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura - £8.99
Poor Goldilocks, caught on camera breaking into a house of suburban grizzlies...   There she was on the news, Miss Goody Two-Shoes, Caught on CCTV.   Don't look so shocked! Of course you know who - Who else but Goldilocks?   Here are 30 a ... more
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Hate by Alan Gibbons - £9.99
In 2007 Goth Sophie Lancaster was murdered just for looking different - inspired by her story, Hate is a hard-hitting real-life thriller about friendship, courage, loss, forgiveness and about our society and communities.  Eve's older sister, Ro ... more
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Song of the Golden Hare by Jackie Morris - £12.99
He had been waiting all his life, hoping to hear the hare’s song...  The boy and his family are special. While others hunt the hares, his family search for leverets orphaned by the hunt and keep them safe. But this isn’t why they are special. I ... more
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The Ice Bear by Jackie Morris - £6.99
Long, long ago, in the icy lands of the far north, Raven the mischief-maker takes a bear-child from his mother. A hunter and his wife find the child and, wrapping him in sealskin, they sing him songs of the ice, the wind and the great white bears. Bu ... more
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The Boy Who Climbed into the Moon by David Almond, illustrated by Polly Dunbar - £8.99
A magnificent tale of crackpot notions and sky-high courage – from David Almond, the master of magical realism, with illustrations by major new talent, Polly Dunbar.   Paul believes that the moon is not the moon, but is a great hole in the sky. It’s ... more
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The KnowHow Book of Spycraft by Falcon Travis - £5.99
This book is all about keeping secrets. It shows you how to set up secret meeting places and a secret post office and how to disguise your messages and maps. It shows you lots of secret codes and signals. On the first page you will meet the Black Hat ... more
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Coco Caramel by Cathy Cassidy - £6.99
Another delicious book in the Chocolate Box Girls series, a sequel to Cherry Crush, Marshmallow Skye and Summer's Dream, from bestselling girls' favourite, Cathy Cassidy.   Coco is the youngest of the Tanberry sisters but she's as headstrong a ... more
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Cosmic Disco by Grace Nichols, illustrated by Alice Wright - £6.99
A sparkling galaxy of new poems by one of the UK’s most exciting contemporary poets.   From Aurora Borealis, Sun – You’re a Star and A Matter of Holes, to Lady Winter’s Rap, the Earthworm Sonnet and You – a Universe Yourself, this is brilliant po ... more
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The Trouble with Dragons by Debi Gliori - £5.99
The world is populated by some beastly dragons who care nothing for how much they pollute the oceans, chop down the trees, gobble up all the food and use everything up without stopping to think.   Those dragons need to wake up to what they a ... more
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Into That Forest by Louis Nowra - £6.99
This is the story of two girls lost in the Tasmanian bush, saved and raised by two Tasmanian tigers.   We were lost, and the only thing that could help us were the tiger. The more I looked at its black eyes, the more I seen kindness, and I knew it ... more
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A Boy Called Hope by Lara Williamson - £6.99
I'm Dan Hope and deep inside my head I keep a list of things I want to come true.   For example, I want my sister, Ninja Grace, to go to university at the North Pole and only come back once a year.  I want to help Sherlock Holmes solve ... more
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The Anti-Boredom Activity Book by Sophie Schrey - £5.00
Children can blast off to Planet Anti-Boredom in this quirky new neon activity book.  It's packed with weird, wild and wacky activities that are sure to beat boredom and keep children busy for hours on end. Create animals mashups, complete serio ... more
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Christopher's Bicycle by Charlotte Middleton - £6.99
Christopher Nibble loves his recycled bicycle! Mr Nibble has repaired and repainted it all so beautifully and Mrs Nibble has turned one of her old dresses into some very useful saddlebags. It really looks a treat. Now Christopher is the greenest guin ... more
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Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse by Chris Riddell - £9.99
A deliciously dark new offering from the award-winning author-illustrator of the Ottoline books.  Ada Goth is the only child of Lord Goth. The two live together in the enormous Ghastly-Gorm Hall. Lord Goth believes that children should be heard ... more
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Fizzlebert Stump: The Boy Who Cried Fish by A.F. Harrold - £5.99
Fizzlebert Stump lives in a circus. His mum's a clown, his best friend is a bearded boy, and he sticks his head in a lion's mouth every night. Other than that, he's pretty normal.   When Fish the sea lion goes missing Fizzlebert tracks down t ... more
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Chu's Day by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Adam Rex - £6.99
Meet Chu. Chu is a small panda with a very big sneeze. When Chu sneezes, you REALLY don't want to get in the way. But a whole day of adventure will test Chu's sneeze-resisting powers to the limit - there's the library (dusty books!), the diner (peppe ... more
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Why We Took the Car by Wolfgang Herrndorf - £6.99
Mike doesn't get why people think he's boring. Sure, he doesn't have many friends. (Okay, zero friends.) And everyone laughs at him when he reads his essays out loud in class. And he's never invited to parties.   But one day Tschick, the odd n ... more
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Ten Little Pirates by Mike Brownlow, illustrated by Simon Rickerty - £6.99
A traditional counting rhyme with boat - load of pirate fun!  Ten little pirates sailing out to sea, Looking for adventure, happy as can be. Are they hunting treasure? Are they going far? Ten little pirates all say, 'Arrrrrr!'  Ten littl ... more
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A Little Guide to Trees by Charlotte Voake - £7.99
What sort of tree did Robin Hood's bow come from? What pine tree drops its needles in the winter and how did the monkey puzzle get its name? These are just some of the wonderful facts that you'll discover inside this book.   Trees give us shad ... more
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A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, from an original idea by Siobhan Dowd - illustrated by Jim Kay - £8.99
An extraordinarily moving novel about coming to terms with loss.  The monster showed up just after midnight. As they do. But it isn’t the monster Conor's been expecting. He's been expecting the one from his nightmare, the one he's had nearly ... more
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Just Joking 4: 300 Hilarious Jokes About Everything, Including Tongue Twisters, Riddles and More! by National Geographic Kids - £4.99
The fourth book in this successful series delivers 300 new laugh-out-loud knock-knocks, question-and-answer jokes, tongue twisters, and more!   Just Joking 4 is packed with 300 more of the silly jokes that kids love, paired with photos of lau ... more
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How to Lose a Lemur by Frann Preston-Gannon - £5.99
Everyone knows that once a lemur takes a fancy to you there is not much that can be done about it.  While being followed by lemurs one day, a shy little boy tries hiding up a tree (without luck), disguising himself (without success) and even tries to ... more
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Unnatural Creatures by Neil Gaiman (Editor) - £8.99
The griffin, the sunbird, manticores, unicorns – all manner of glorious creatures never captured in zoos, museums or photographs are packed vividly into this collection of stories. Neil Gaiman has included some of his own childhood favourites alongsi ... more
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Beautiful Oops! by Barney Saltzberg - £8.99
A life lesson that all parents want their children to learn: It’s OK to make a mistake. In fact, hooray for mistakes! A mistake is an adventure in creativity, a portal of discovery. A spill doesn’t ruin a drawing — not when it becomes the shape of a ... more
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Emerald Star by Jacqueline Wilson, illustrated by Nick Sharratt - £6.99
A fantastic new adventure for brave, feisty Hetty Feather - one of Jacqueline Wilson's most well-loved characters.   Since leaving the Foundling Hospital, Hetty has seen her fair share of drama, excitement, tragedy and loss. After the death of ... more
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Even My Ears are Smiling by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Babette Cole - £8.99
Following the publication of bestselling Mustard, Custard, Grumble Belly and Gravy, Michael Rosen has followed up with a brilliant new book of poems that are funny, thought-provoking and always with Michael's immediately accessible and child-centred ... more
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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 2: The Race Against Time by Joe Berger - £6.99
The super second sequel to Ian Fleming's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, written by one of the country’s favourite authors.   Uh-oh! Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is stuck in reverse. And Little Harry’s pressed a button that means she’s reversing through ... more
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Liar and Spy by Rebecca Stead - £6.99
When Georges moves into a new apartment block he meets Safer, a twelve-year-old self-appointed spy. Soon Georges has become his spy recruit. His first assignment? To track the mysterious Mr X, who lives in the flat upstairs.  But as Safer become ... more
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