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New Books - Mind, Body & Spirit

Self-help, spirituality, inspirational, alternative health (browse related categories Health & Wellbeing Spirituality )

Love: The Song of the Universe by Jason Martineau - £5.99
Jason Martineau takes us on a journey through the landscape of love, combining themes from traditional psychology and the modern sciences to explore life's most prominent and provocative theme. ... more
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Calm (Mini Edition): Secrets to Serenity from the Cultures of the World by Lonely Planet - £4.99
All around the world people find ways to contend with the stresses of daily life. Here are fifty of these calming cultural secrets as well as methods for applying them at home.  When you need to keep your cool...  Learn to laugh down your ... more
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Happy (Mini Edition): Secrets to Happiness from the Cultures of the World by Lonely Planet - £4.99
HAPPINESS. One word, nine letters, roughly seven billion definitions, one for each person on the planet.  Share in the planet's lessons on youth, old age, love, death, work and family. This Lonely Planet title features fascinating insights into ... more
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Yogasana: The Encyclopedia of Yoga Poses by Yogrishi Vishvketu - £19.99
Packed with over 800 unique poses performed by renowned practitioner Yogrishi Vishvketu, Yogasana is the most comprehensive yoga asana guide to date. The poses range from beginner to advanced levels, which makes this the perfect book for both the yog ... more
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Think Like a Baby by Amber Ankowski and Andy Ankowski - £14.50
Raising a baby is joyful, amazing . . . and ridiculously difficult. But with some insight into what's actually going on inside your little one's head, your job as a parent can become a little bit easier — and a lot more fun.  In Think Like a ... more
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Mindfulness & Compassion: Embracing Life with Loving-Kindness by The Happy Buddha - £8.99
Compassion is a quality we all possess, and one that we can nurture in daily life. Through reflections and practical teachings Mindfulness & Compassion reveals compassion as the key to true wellbeing for ourselves and each other. ... more
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Zen & the Path of Mindful Parenting: Meditations on Raising Children by Clea Danaan - £8.99
An enlightening guide to how families can develop awareness in everyday life. Clea Danaan reveals how sharing meditative practices and activities with children promotes calm, and the balance to thrive in a frantic modern world. ... more
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A Year of Living Mindfully: The Sky is Always Blue by Anna Black - £12.99
Anna Black believes we can see our essential nature as the blue sky and our experience, good and bad, simply as impersonal weather that obscures it from time to time.   We can’t stop the difficult times occurring but we can help ourselves mov ... more
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The Little Book of Calm Colouring: Portable Relaxation by David Sinden and Victoria Kay - £5.99
A beautifully illustrated pocket-sized colouring book for calm and relaxation, complete with inspirational quotes.  The international and Sunday Times Bestseller  Alleviate anxiety and soothe all stress with The Little Book of Calm Colo ... more
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Breastfeeding Made Easy: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Miskin Method by Geraldine Miskin - £14.99
Everything is easy when you know how to do it.   Breastfeeding Made Easy makes breastfeeding as easy and simple as it is naturally meant to be regardless of whether you are a perky A cup or luscious L cup!   Packed with step-by-step c ... more
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The Mindfulness Bible: The Complete Guide to Living in the Moment by Dr Patrizia Collard - £14.99
Live in the moment and find the key to happiness with The Mindfulness Bible, part of the bestselling Godsfield Bibles series.  The Mindfulness Bible teaches you how to switch off the stress button and live without unnecessary fear or anxiety. I ... more
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Nothing About Us, Without Us! 20 Years of Dementia Advocacy by Christine Bryden - £15.99
Insightful and inspiring presentations by the foremost dementia advocate, compiled here for the first time, provide new ways of understanding dementia and better ways to ensure that the voices of people with dementia are heard.   Advocating fo ... more
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Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and How to Think Smarter About People Who Think Differently by Steve Silberman - £16.99
A groundbreaking book that upends conventional thinking about autism and suggests a broader model for acceptance, understanding, and full participation in society for people who think differently.  Longlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize for ... more
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Philosophy in the Islamic World: A Very Short Introduction by Peter Adamson - £7.99
In the history of philosophy, few topics are so relevant to today's cultural and political landscape as philosophy in the Islamic world. Yet, this remains one of the lesser-known philosophical traditions.   In this Very Short Introduction, Pe ... more
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D.I.Y Magic: A Strange and Whimsical Guide to Creativity by Anthony Alvarado - £10.00
“This is NOT a book merely to be read; it is a book to be lived!”   D.I.Y Magic offers a set of mind hacks that will help any creative artist to find new sources of inspiration, encompassing self-help, psychology and philosophy. It will change ... more
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Spiritual Activism: Leadership as Service by Alastair McIntosh and Matt Carmichael - £19.99
Over the past half century the issues facing activists have changed, as has our understanding and awareness of spirituality. For activists, spiritual philosophy is rising up the agenda because it offers distinct, tried and tested approaches to deep q ... more
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The Way Out Is In: The Zen Calligraphy of Thich Nhat Hanh by Thich Nhat Hanh - £9.95
Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh is best known as a prolific author, poet, teacher, scholar and peace activist. Yet he is also a master calligrapher, distilling ancient Buddhist teachings into simple phrases that resonate with our modern times, capturing a ... more
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More Mindfulness Colouring: More Anti-Stress Art Therapy for Busy People by Emma Farrarons - £7.99
The second pocket-sized anti-stress colouring book from Emma Farrarons.  Working with your hands is one of the best ways to soothe anxiety and eliminate stress. This second pocket-sized colouring book from Emma Farrarons offers a practical ex ... more
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Waking Up: Searching for Spirituality Without Religion by Sam Harris - £9.99
For the millions of people who want spirituality without religion, Sam Harris’s new book is a guide to meditation as a rational spiritual practice informed by neuroscience and psychology.   From bestselling author, neuroscientist, and “new ath ... more
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Nurturing Healing Love: A Mother's Journey of Hope and Forgiveness by Scarlett Lewis - £12.99
Scarlett Lewis's son Jesse was one of the 26 people who lost their lives in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Nurturing Healing Love is the incredible true story of her son's powerful message of love and hope before his tragic death.   ... more
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The Artful Mandala Coloring Book: Creative Designs for Fun and Meditation by Cher Kaufmann - £8.99
Colouring brings the artist out in everyone - it's so easy and welcoming. It's also very good for the mind. Meditation drawing teacher Cher Kaufmann has seen the effects of colouring at work in her classes. She provides students with patterns of mand ... more
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Revolutionaries of the Soul: Reflections on Magicians, Philosophers, and Occultists by Gary Lachman - £15.99
Explorers of occult mysteries and the edges of consciousness change the way we view not only the nature of reality, but also our deepest sense of self. Insightful author Gary Lachman presents punchy, enlightening, and intriguing biographies of some o ... more
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8 Keys to Raising the Quirky Child: How to Help a Kid Who Doesn't (Quite) Fit in by Mark Bowers - £9.99
Tips and strategies for parents of kids who are “different” than all the rest.  A quirky child experiences difficulty fitting in and connecting with others usually due to an interpersonal style or behavior that stands out from the other kids. ... more
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Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives by Chloe Combi - £8.99
"An important and timely book. These are voices that need to be heard."(Anthony Horowitz) Today’s teenagers are growing up in a world of widening social inequality, political apathy and economic uncertainty. They join gangs, are obese, have undera ... more
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The Kindness Handbook: A Practical Companion by Sharon Salzberg - £12.99
A friend criticizes you. You grow impatient with someone you’re trying to help. A cell phone user annoys you on a train. Would your first response to these situations be kindness? In The Kindness Handbook, Sharon Salzberg explores with insight and cl ... more
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Missing Microbes: How Killing Bacteria Creates Modern Plagues by Martin Blaser - £8.99
A clarion call to save humanity’s most essential fellow creatures – and our health.  Far beneath our skin exists an unfathomable, ancient universe – an internal ecosystem that is critical to our health. Dr Martin Blaser invites us into the wi ... more
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A Little Bit of Tarot: An Introduction to Reading Tarot by Cassandra Eason - £7.99
Tarot cards have been used through the years as a method of divination that can offer nuanced, personal readings.   In this accessible guide, Cassandra Eason introduces the tarot to beginners, from your first reading and suggested ways of lay ... more
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Happy Tarot by Serena Ficca - £17.99
Happiness can change the world. And it's just the perfect moment to be happy. Blue sky, green grass, red apples, yellow sun, and an honest smile to see the world like we should. Happiness can change your life.   78 Arcana and a little booklet. A po ... more
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Plants Have So Much to Give Us, All We Have to Do is Ask: Anishinaabe Botanical Teachings by Mary Siisip Geniusz, edited by Wendy Makoons Geniusz - £17.00
Mary Siisip Geniusz has spent more than thirty years working with, living with, and using the Anishinaabe teachings, recipes, and botanical information she shares in Plants Have So Much to Give Us, All We Have to Do Is Ask. Geniusz gained much of the ... more
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Daily Meditations for Calming Your Angry Mind: Fifty-Two Mindfulness Practices by Jeffrey Brantley MD and Wendy Millstine NC - £12.99
Leading mindfulness expert and author of Calming Your Anxious Mind, Jeffrey Brantley, MD, offers daily mindfulness-based meditations to help you gain control of your emotional reactions, improve your relationships, and cultivate peace, balance, and w ... more
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Colour Me Mindful: Tropical by Anastasia Catris - £4.99
A mindful art therapy colouring book for adults, filled with breathtaking tropical scenes.  Not just for kids anymore, colouring delivers a deeply satisfying experience that is almost meditative and colouring books are growing in popularity as ... more
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Badshah Khan: Islamic Peace Warrior by Heathcote Williams - £8.99
A book-length investigative poem from the author of ‘Whale Nation’ about the amazing life and legacy of Badshah Khan, Islamic Peace Warrior and friend of Mahatma Gandhi. As the violent excesses of Islamic extremist groups dominate the media, here is ... more
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Love in the Time of Contempt: Consolations for Parents of Teenagers by Joanne Fedler - £12.99
In Love in the Time of Contempt, Joanne shares her philosophy that we are meant to parent imperfectly. Our mistakes are the start of the important conversations we need to have with our kids. But we are also meant to parent mindfully: parenting needs ... more
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Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Under-Rated Organ by Giulia Enders - £14.99
The key to living a happier, healthier life is inside us.  Our gut is almost as important to us as our brain or our heart, yet we know very little about how it works. In Gut, Giulia Enders shows that rather than the utilitarian and -- let's b ... more
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The Madwoman in the Volvo: My Year of Raging Hormones by Sandra Tsing Loh - £9.99
In a voice that is wry, disarming and totally candid, the "imaginatively twisted and fearless" (Los Angeles Times) Sandra Tsing Loh tells the moving and laugh-out-loud tale of her roller coaster ride through "the change". Loh chronicles relatable, ev ... more
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How to Walk by Thich Nhat Hanh, illustrated by Jason DeAntonis - £7.99
How to Walk is the fourth title in Parallax’s popular Mindfulness Essentials Series of how-to titles by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, introducing beginners and reminding seasoned practitioners of the essentials of mindfulness practice. Slow, concentrat ... more
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Daily Meditations for Women Who Love Too Much by Robin Norwood - £8.99
The in-depth practical companion to the hugely popular bestselling self-help book, Women Who Love Too Much. These meditation exercises will help readers feel happier within themselves, and will pave the way towards happy, successful relationships. &n ... more
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The Time in Between: A Memoir of Hunger and Hope by Nancy Tucker - £12.99
When Nancy Tucker was eight years old, her class had to write about what they wanted in life. She thought, and thought, and then, though she didn’t know why, she wrote: ‘I want to be thin.’   Over the next twelve years, she developed anorexia ... more
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Zen: 50 Mandalas to Help You De-Stress by Jeuge-Maynart and Ghislaine Stora (Editors) - £5.99
Pick up your colouring pencils and create a wonderful oasis of peace on paper.  Mandalas are traditionally used to help focus attention during meditation. In this notebook you will find 50 traditional and contemporary mandalas to colour in as y ... more
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Raising Generation RX: Mothering Kids with Invisible Disabilities in an Age of Inequality by Linda M. Blum - £18.99
Recent years have seen an explosion in the number of children diagnosed with “invisible disabilities” such as ADHD, mood and conduct disorders, and high-functioning autism spectrum disorders. Whether they are viewed as biological problems in brain wi ... more
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Empathy: Why it Matters, and How to Get It by Roman Krznaric - £8.99
Influential popular philosopher Roman Krznaric argues our brains are wired for social connection: empathy is at the heart of who we are. It's an essential, transforming quality we must develop for the 21st Century.   Through encounters with ac ... more
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Dip: Wild Swims from the Borderlands by Andrew Fusek Peters - £8.99
In Dip, Andrew Fusek Peters describes an extraordinary year of wild swimming. He leads us to rivers, lakes, waterfalls and hidden pools, into untamed landscapes that have the potential to surprise and move us in unexpected ways. Following in the wake ... more
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The Saffron Road: A Journey with Buddha's Daughters by Christine Toomey - £14.99
A brief meeting with a Buddhist nun in India made a deep impression on Christine Toomey. It sent her on a two year, 60,000-mile odyssey to learn more about the contemporary women choosing in their thousands to become part of a long tradition of femal ... more
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The Obsessive Joy of Autism by Julia Bascom, illustrated by Elou Carroll - £9.99
Julia Bascom offers a rare and powerful insight into the joys of autistic obsessions. Her writing will resonate powerfully with other autistic people, and encourage those who have a person with autism in their lives to look out for and nurture that j ... more
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Curious: The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends on it by Ian Leslie - £9.99
"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious"(Albert Einstein)Everyone is born curious. But only some retain the habits of exploring, learning and discovering as they grow older. Which side of the 'curiosity divide' are you on? In Curio ... more
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The Little Book of Resilience: How to Bounce Back from Adversity and Lead a Fulfilling Life by Matthew Johnstone - £7.99
The Little Book of Resilience is about how we can fortify our lives mentally, emotionally and physically. It is not about what happens when we get knocked down but more about what happens when we get up again. It is a book about what resilience is an ... more
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Celtic Mythology: The Nature and Influence of Celtic Myth - From Druidism to Arthurian Legend by Ward Rutherford - £8.99
In this lively and absorbing account of the world of Celtic myth and the role it has played in the development of western culture, Ward Rutherford explores one of the jewels of European cultural heritage. In so doing he demonstrates how deeply Celtic ... more
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The 10 Best Anxiety Busters: Simple Strategies to Take Control of Your Worry by Margaret Wehrenberg - £8.99
Suffer from a fear of flying? Break out in a sweat during presentations? Experience a sudden panic attack when in a confined space, like an elevator? Whether you’re struggling with mild anxiety or battling more severe phobia or panic, these are commo ... more
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The Meaning of Anxiety by Rollo May - £10.99
The Meaning of Anxiety is as relevant and illuminating now as when it was first published in 1950.  Challenging the idea that mental health means living without anxiety, it explores anxiety’s potential for self-realisation and explores ways to a ... more
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The Iceberg: A Memoir by Marion Coutts - £8.99
In 2008 the art critic Tom Lubbock was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The tumour was located in the area controlling speech and language, and would eventually rob him of the ability to speak. He died early in 2011. Marion Coutts was his wife.  ... more
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Thrive: The Power of Psychological Therapy by Richard Layard and David M. Clark. - £10.99
A ground-breaking argument for better treatment of mental health from Richard Layard (author of Happiness) and David M. Clark.   Britain has become a world leader in providing psychological therapies thanks to the work of Richard Layard and Da ... more
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