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New Books - Environment / Ethical Living / Animals

Books about living ethically and sustainably make brilliant gifts - handing people the knowledge to help make the world a better place (browse related categories Environment & Animal Rights Changing the World )

Few and Far Between: On the Trail of Britain's Rarest Animals by Charlie Elder - £16.99
Seeking the beautiful, the breathtaking and the bizarre, Charlie Elder goes in search of Britain's rarest and most endangered animals.   Travelling the length and breadth of the UK, and meeting up with experts along the way, he tracks down se ... more
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A Less Green and Pleasant Land: Our Threatened Wildlife by Norman Maclean - £16.99
Disentangling the facts from the hype, this 'Domesday book' of the British and Irish countryside offers a definitive and up-to-date survey of the state of our wildlife today.  Norman Maclean, editor of the bestselling Silent Summer, examines the ... more
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The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono - £10.99
A beautiful gift edition of this classic fable about one man's quest to create a forest, with a new introduction by Richard Mabey.   In 1910, while hiking through the wild lavender in a wind-swept, desolate valley in Provence, a man comes acr ... more
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Alex Through the Looking Glass: How Life Reflects Numbers, and Numbers Reflect Life by Alex Bellos - £8.99
From triangles, rotations and power laws, to fractals, cones and curves, bestselling author Alex Bellos takes you on a journey of mathematical discovery with his signature wit, engaging stories and limitless enthusiasm. As he narrates a series of eye ... more
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Wildlife in the Anthropocene: Conservation After Nature by Jamie Lorimer - £18.50
In Wildlife in the Anthropocene, Jamie Lorimer argues that the idea of nature as a pure and timeless place characterized by the absence of humans has come to an end.  Offering a thorough appraisal of the Anthropocene — an era in which human acti ... more
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A Time Traveller's Guide to Life, the Universe & Everything by Ian Flitcroft, illustrated by Britt Spencer - £12.99
Albert Einstein said his first ideas about relativity came from looking in the mirror as a teenager and wondering what it would be like to travel on a beam of light. This is the story of that journey ...   A Time Traveller's Guide to Life foll ... more
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Artwash: Big Oil and the Arts by Mel Evans - £12.99
Published on the fifth anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, Artwash is an intervention into the unsavoury role of the Big Oil company's sponsorship of the arts in Britain. Based on a high profile campaign, Mel Evans targets Chevron, Exxo ... more
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The New Wild: Why Invasive Species Will be Nature's Salvation by Fred Pearce - £6.99
Veteran environmental journalist Fred Pearce used to think of invasive species as evil interlopers spoiling pristine ‘natural’ ecosystems. Most conservationists would agree. But what if traditional ecology is wrong, and true environmentalists should ... more
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Off the Map: Lost Spaces, Invisible Cities, Forgotten Islands, Feral Places... by Alastair Bonnett - £9.99
In a world of Google Earth, in which it is easy to believe that every discovery has been made and every adventure already had, Off the Map is a stunning testament to how mysterious our planet still is.   From forgotten enclaves to floating is ... more
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Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist by Bill McKibben - £10.99
Bestselling author and environmental activist Bill McKibben recounts the personal and global story of the fight to build and preserve a sustainable planet.  Bill McKibben is not a person you'd expect to find handcuffed and behind bars, but that ... more
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Meadowland: The Private Life of an English Field by John Lewis-Stempel - £8.99
What really goes on in the long grass?   Meadowland gives an unique and intimate account of an English meadow’s life from January to December, together with its biography. In exquisite prose, John Lewis-Stempel records the passage of the seaso ... more
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A Philosophy of Walking by Frédéric Gros, translated by John Howe. Illustrated by Clifford Harper - £9.99
"A long walk, Gros suggests, allows us to commune with the sublime."(New York Times) "It is only ideas gained from walking that have any worth."(Nietzsche) By walking, you escape from the very idea of identity, the temptation to be someone, to ... more
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The Shepherd's Life: A Tale of the Lake District by James Rebanks - £16.99
From James Rebanks, the Herdwick Shepherd, comes The Shepherd's Life, a story of the Lake District and its people which could redefine the literature of rural life.   Some people's lives are entirely their own creations. James Rebanks' isn't ... more
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H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald - £8.99
‘In real life, goshawks resemble sparrowhawks the way leopards resemble housecats. Bigger, yes. But bulkier, bloodier, deadlier, scarier, and much, much harder to see. Birds of deep woodland, not gardens, they’re the birdwatchers’ dark grail.’  As ... more
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A Rough Ride to the Future by James Lovelock - £9.99
In A Rough Ride to the Future, James Lovelock - the great scientific visionary of our age - presents a radical vision of humanity's future as the thinking brain of our Earth-system   James Lovelock, who has been hailed as 'the man who concei ... more
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Tweet of the Day: A Year of Britain's Birds from the Acclaimed Radio 4 Series by Brett Westwood and Stephen Moss - £14.99
A beautiful and imaginative guide for the armchair naturalist that everyone will want to own.  Imagine a jazz musician, improvising on a theme. Then imagine that he is able to play half a dozen instruments - not one after another, but almost simulta ... more
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Uncommon Ground: A Word-Lover's Guide to the British Landscape by Dominick Tyler - £16.99
This book offers an enchanting visual glossary of the British landscape: photographs and stories which take the reader from the waterlogged fens to the white sands of the Western Isles. 'Out...over the hill and then down the dip and through some lump ... more
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This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate by Naomi Klein - £8.99
Forget everything you think you know about global warming. It's not about carbon - it's about capitalism. The good news is that we can seize this existential crisis to transform our failed economic system and build something radically better.  In ... more
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Bloomsbury Pocket Guide to Butterflies by Bob Gibbons - £10.00
This book is as visually impressive as it is useful in the field, with many stunning full-page and double-page photographs to support the authoritative text.   The introduction explains the basics of butterflies and their identification. Each s ... more
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What Nature Does for Britain by Tony Juniper - £9.99
Ecology meets economics head on in Tony Juniper's valuation of the UK's natural capital.   From the peat bogs and woodlands that help to secure our water supply, to the bees and soils that produce most of the food we eat, Britain is rich in 'n ... more
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Gods of the Morning: A Bird's Eye View of a Highland Year by John Lister-Kaye - £14.99
For more than three decades, John Lister-Kaye has been enraptured by the spectacular seasonal metamorphosis at Aigas, the world-renowned Highlands field centre. Over the years, the glen's wildlife has come to infiltrate his soul, whether it is a warb ... more
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Down To The Sea In Ships: Of Ageless Oceans and Modern Men by Horatio Clare - £8.99
Acclaimed nature writer Horatio Clare travels the great oceans on cargo ships, and witnesses the collision of two temperaments: man and the sea Our lives depend on shipping but it is a world which is largely hidden from us. In every lonely corne ... more
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Farmageddon: The True Cost of Cheap Meat by Philip Lymbery - £9.99
Farm animals have been disappearing from our fields as the production of food has become a global industry. We no longer know for certain what is entering the food chain and what we are eating – as the UK horsemeat scandal demonstrated. We are reachi ... more
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Landmarks by Robert Macfarlane - £20.00
Landmarks is Robert Macfarlane's joyous meditation on words, landscape and the relationship between the two.   Words are grained into our landscapes, and landscapes are grained into our words. Landmarks is about the power of language to shape ... more
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Chris Packham's Wild Side of Town: Getting to Know the Wildlife in Our Towns and Cities by Chris Packham - £16.99
This new edition is suitable for anybody with an interest in urban wildlife and conservation and is written by the renowned TV presenter Chris Packham.  It is an educational and striking guide to the full range of wildlife that can be found in a ... more
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Why Vote Green 2015: The Essential Guide by Shahrar Ali (Editor) - £10.00
With a foreword by Jenny Jones   The recent groundswell of support for the Greens has made them something of a dark horse in British politics. Will the party build on Caroline Lucas’s 2010 breakthrough and convince the electorate that they ... more
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Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design by Charles Montgomery - £9.99
Why are some cities a joy to live in, and others chronically miserable? As award-winning journalist Charles Montgomery reveals, the answers lie in the intersection between urban design and the emerging science of happiness. Journeying to dozens of ci ... more
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The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert - £8.99
Over the last half a billion years, there have been five mass extinctions of life on earth.   Scientists around the world are currently monitoring the sixth, predicted to be the most devastating extinction event since the asteroid impact that ... more
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Making a Wildflower Meadow by Pam Lewis - £14.99
Meadow-making helps preserve our fragile environment from further decline but it requires knowledge and skill to create a successful meadow. In this timely book, Pam Lewis's passion for traditional pasture management and the preservation of our nativ ... more
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White Beech: The Rainforest Years by Germaine Greer - £9.99
One bright day in December 2001, sixty-two-year-old Germaine Greer found herself confronted by an irresistible challenge in the shape of sixty hectares of dairy farm, one of many in south-east Queensland that, after a century of logging, clearing and ... more
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An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield - £8.99
An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth is an inspirational memoir of space exploration and hard-won wisdom, from an astronaut who has spent a lifetime making the impossible a reality.  Colonel Chris Hadfield has spent decades training as an astronaut ... more
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200 Light Vegetarian Dishes by Hamlyn - £4.99
A range of delicious low-calorie vegetarian dishes to enjoy which will delight your tastebuds without straining your waistband.   Cutting down on red meat is a great way to avoid eating too much saturated fat, as well as keeping your cholester ... more
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The Power of Living Raw by Nicky Arthur - £14.99
Are you sick of being tired? Are you constantly battling sugar cravings? Are you thoroughly sick of yo-yo dieting? If you are confused about which nutritional path to follow, or are feeling overwhelmed with so much media coverage and are suffering fr ... more
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Natural Green Cleaning Book by Anness Publishing - £3.99
This title features traditional methods for the eco-friendly household. It is a practical guide to cleaning with eco-friendly, natural products, featuring ideas for inside and outside the home and personal use. It features the five natural cleaners t ... more
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Grow All You Can Eat in Three Square Feet by Naomi Schillinger - £14.99
Grow All You Can Eat in Three Square Feet innovative guide to maximizing even the smallest of gardening space so you can grow delicious fruit and vegetables, in abundance, at home. This must-have manual showcases a multitude of plots and inspirationa ... more
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200 Easy Vegetarian Dishes by Denise Smart - £4.99
Deliciously simple recipes for tasty meat-free dishes.  Many of us are choosing to reduce or completely remove meat from our diet and this book offers 200 simple yet mouthwatering recipes that make vegetarian eating a truly delicious choice.&nb ... more
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The Vegan Cheat Sheet: Your Take-Everywhere Guide to Plant-based Eating by Amy Cramer and Lisa McComsey - £9.99
Go vegan without going crazy.   The Vegan Cheat Sheet is a take-anywhere resource that puts all the essential information about eating vegan at your fingertips, featuring:   • Three weeks’ worth of exciting vegan menus • More than 100 no-braine ... more
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Woodworking Wisdom & Know-How: Everything You Need to Design, Build, and Create by Taunton Press - £13.99
The latest addition to Black Dog’s best-selling Wisdom and Know-How series, this complete, all-in-one, easy-to-follow resource, from the reliable experts at Taunton Press, covers everything you need to know about woodworking, from carving to building ... more
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From Deptford to Antarctica by Pete Wilkinson - £14.99
Pete Wilkinson helped establish Friends of the Earth, leaving after three years. In order to allow his his natural campaigning flair to flourish he then joined Greenpeace UK. He was a co-founding member and became a central figure in the UK’s embryon ... more
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Walking the Literary Landscape: 20 Classic Walks for Book-Lovers in Northern England by Ian Hamilton & Diane Roberts - £12.95
Literature and a love of the English countryside are natural companions. Walking the Literary Landscape brings the two together in a collection of 20 circular routes in the north of England, all between 3 and 9 miles (5 and 15 kilometres) in length. ... more
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Genes, Cells and Brains: The Promethean Promises of the New Biology by Hilary Rose and Steven Rose - £12.99
"On my must-read list!"(Margaret Atwood) Our fates lie in our genes and not in the stars, said James Watson, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA. But Watson could not have predicted the scale of the industry now dedicated to this new frontier. S ... more
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Encounters in the Wild: Barn Owl by Jim Crumley - £10.00
In the Encounters in the Wild series, renowned nature writer Jim Crumley gets up close and personal with British wildlife. With his inimitable passion and vision, he relives memorable encounters with some of our best-loved native species, offering as ... more
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Four Fields by Tim Dee - £9.99
One of the very best of the new nature writers meditates on the relationship between man and grass by looking at four real fields in four different continents.   Shortlisted for the 2014 Ondaatje Prize  In his first book since the acclai ... more
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Fired Up Vegetarian: No Nonsense Barbecuing by Ross Dobson - £14.99
Who said barbecues were just for meat eaters? King of the Grill Ross Dobson turns traditional barbecue food on its head with 80 versatile vegetable recipes for vegetarians and meat lovers alike.  Drawing on culinary influences from around the gl ... more
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The Joy of Walking: For Those Who Love to Roam by David Bathurst - £9.99
This pocket-sized miscellany, packed with fascinating facts, handy hints andcaptivating stories and quotes from the world of walking, is perfect for anyonewho knows the incomparable joy and freedom of lacing up your hiking bootsand heading for the hi ... more
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Philip's 101 Objects to Spot in the Night Sky: A Fun and Practical Guide to the Stars and Planets by Robin Scagell - £9.99
The new Philip's 101 Objects To Spot In The Night Sky is a fun and practical guide to identifying and observing 101 of the most fascinating and exciting sights in the northern-hemisphere sky for young newcomers to astronomy, explaining what can be se ... more
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Philip's The Urban Astronomy Guide by Robin Scagell - £9.99
Philip's The Urban Astronomy Guide provides the ideal introduction to the fascinating hobby of astronomy for the town dweller. These days, you don't have to live close to a city or town centre to suffer from the effects of light pollution. From your ... more
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Home Grown: Adventures in Parenting off the Beaten Path, Unschooling... by Ben Hewitt - £12.99
In this most personal of his books to date, Ben Hewitt shows us how small, mindful decisions about day-to-day life can lead to greater awareness of the world in our backyards and beyond. In telling the story of his sons’ unconventional education in t ... more
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Gardening and Planting by the Moon: Higher Yields in Vegetables and Flowers 2015 by Nick Kollerstrom - £8.99
Country folk know that planning their gardening to be in harmony with Lunar Rhythms produce better crops. It's that easy. Lunar gardening results higher yields and better flavoured vegetables. Flowers produce stronger displays and heightened color. ... more
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Land's Edge: A Coastal Memoir by Tim Winton - £8.99
Tim Winton’s homage to the ocean and his childhood is a magnificent celebration of life at its limits.  On childhood holidays to the western coast, Tim Winton’s days followed a joyous rhythm. In the mornings, the sun and surf kept him outside ... more
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A Miscellany for Garden-Lovers: Facts and Folklore Through the Ages by David Squire - £9.99
Gardening is an age-old craft, steeped in mystique and peppered with handed-down wisdom, often derived from 'sons of the soil' who grew larger cabbages than their neighbours.   This fact-drenched and beautifully illustrated insight into garden ... more
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