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New Books - Environment / Ethical Living / Animals

Books about living ethically and sustainably make brilliant gifts - handing people the knowledge to help make the world a better place (browse related categories Environment & Animal Rights Changing the World )

Cycling the Trans Pennine Trail by Nicolas Mitchell - £9.99
The Trans Pennine Trail (TPT) is one of the finest long-distance cycle rides in England and tackling the route over four days is a marvellous mini-adventure that should appeal to all sorts of cyclists. Every stage of this 205-mile long cycle route, f ... more
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The Hungry Student Vegetarian Cookbook: More Than 200 Quick and Simple Recipes by Charlotte Pike - £7.99
Ditch the takeaways and impress all your mates with this spectacular selection of more than 200 vegetarian recipes.  A student cookbook with a difference, The Hungry Student Vegetarian not only gives more than 200 quick and cheap meat-free reci ... more
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Plants Have So Much to Give Us, All We Have to Do is Ask: Anishinaabe Botanical Teachings by Mary Siisip Geniusz, edited by Wendy Makoons Geniusz - £17.00
Mary Siisip Geniusz has spent more than thirty years working with, living with, and using the Anishinaabe teachings, recipes, and botanical information she shares in Plants Have So Much to Give Us, All We Have to Do Is Ask. Geniusz gained much of the ... more
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A Lebanese Feast of Vegetables, Pulses, Herbs and Spices by Mona Hamadeh - £16.99
A feast of healthy, simple and flavoursome recipes from Lebanon using vegetables and pulses cooked in the traditional way.  This cornucopia of delicious vegetable recipes has been assembled by the author of Everyday Lebanese Cooking. It focuses ... more
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Inglorious: Conflict in the Uplands by Mark Avery - £16.99
Driven grouse shooting, where flocks of Red Grouse are chased by lines of beaters so that they fly over lines of 'guns' that shoot the fast-flying birds, is a peculiarly British fieldsport. It is also peculiarly British in that it is deeply rooted in ... more
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The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Over 100 Vegan Recipes to Glow from the Inside out by Angela Liddon - £16.99
After a decade of struggling with an eating disorder and subsisting on diet, low-calorie processed foods, Angela Liddon vowed to get healthy once and for all. Done with feeling sick and tired, she threw out her fat-free butter spray and low-calorie f ... more
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Ten Million Aliens by Simon Barnes - £8.99
This is the momentous story of the millions of species - sometimes unimaginably strange - that make up the animal kingdom.   Humans, blue whales, rats, birds of paradise, ridiculous numbers of beetles, molluscs the size of a bus, bdelloid roti ... more
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The Burning Answer: A User's Guide to the Solar Revolution by Keith Barnham - £8.99
A user's guide to the solar revolution - and why we must all get on board before it is too late.  Our civilisation stands on the brink of catastrophe.   Our thirst for energy has led to threats from global warming, nuclear disaster and c ... more
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Tales from Concrete Jungles: Urban Birding Around the World by David Lindo - £14.99
Born and raised in London, David Lindo's passionate interest in the natural world, especially birds, began at an early age. His thriving curiosity opened a door for him into an unexplored world of urban birding. Years later he decided to champion the ... more
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Hot Damn and Hell Yeah: Recipes for Hungry Bandito. Vegan Tex-Mex and Southern Eats by Ryan Splint - £7.99
Hot Damn and Hell Yeah shows regular people how to use familiar, easy-to-find ingredients to create tasty, spicy vegan incarnations of typical Southwestern (and a little Southern) food.  This is not the stereotypical healthy vegan fare: Nothing ... more
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Walden Warming: Climate Change Comes to Thoreau's Woods by Richard B. Primack - £10.50
In his meticulous notes on the natural history of Concord, Massachusetts, Henry David Thoreau records the first open flowers of highbush blueberry on May 11, 1853. If he were to look for the first blueberry flowers in Concord today, mid-May would be ... more
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Amongst the Wolves: Memoirs of a Wolf Handler by Toni Shelbourne - £9.99
One girl, eleven wolves – and a whole host of heart-warming stories.   Toni Shelbourne would never have believed that a phone call, one morning, from a wolf handler at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust would lead to ten years of unique experience ... more
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Spotting and Jotting Guide: Our British Birds by Matt Sewell - £6.99
There is nothing better than spotting a bird you have never seen before, so here is a handy way of keeping all your jottings in check.   In Matt Sewell's much-loved pop art style, and small enough to pop in your pocket, Spotting and Jotting G ... more
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How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate by Andrew J. Hoffman - £9.99
Though the scientific community largely agrees that climate change is underway, debates about this issue remain fiercely polarized. These conversations have become a rhetorical contest, one where opposing sides try to achieve victory through playing ... more
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Looking Behind the Label: Global Industries and the Conscientious Consumer by Tim Bartley, Sebastian Koos, Hiram Samel, Gustavo Setrini, and Nik Summers - £18.99
What does it mean when consumers “shop with a conscience” and choose products labeled as fair or sustainable? Does this translate into meaningful changes in global production processes? To what extent are voluntary standards implemented and enforced, ... more
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The High-Protein Vegetarian Cookbook: Hearty Dishes That Even Carnivores Will Love by Katie Parker and Kristen Smith - £14.99
Where do vegetarians get their protein? From delicious plant-based foods, including beans, nuts, quinoa, and even raw cocoa These ingredients are used to their best advantage in this new cookbook.   As a vegetarian living with a meat-eating guy, t ... more
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Dip: Wild Swims from the Borderlands by Andrew Fusek Peters - £8.99
In Dip, Andrew Fusek Peters describes an extraordinary year of wild swimming. He leads us to rivers, lakes, waterfalls and hidden pools, into untamed landscapes that have the potential to surprise and move us in unexpected ways. Following in the wake ... more
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The Hunt for the Golden Mole: All Creatures Great and Small, and Why They Matter by Richard Girling - £9.99
This story is a quest for an animal so rare that a sighting has never been recorded.   The Somali golden mole was first described in 1964, but the sole evidence for its existence is a tiny fragment of jawbone found in an owl pellet. Intrigued ... more
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Cakes, Custard and Category Theory: Easy Recipes for Understanding Complex Maths by Eugenia Cheng - £12.99
A curious cookbook for the mathematical omnivore   Most people imagine maths is something like a slow cooker: very useful, but pretty limited in what it can do. Maths, though, isn't just a tool for solving a specific problem - and it's definit ... more
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Walking Away by Simon Armitage - £16.99
Not content with walking the Pennine Way as a modern day troubadour, an experience recounted in his bestselling and prize-winning Walking Home, the restless poet has followed up that journey with a walk of the same distance but through the very oppos ... more
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Ecosocialism: A Radical Alternative to Capitalist Catastrophe by Michael Löwy - £10.99
Capitalism is killing the planet, and the preservation of a natural environment favorable to human life requires a radical alternative.  In this new collection of essays, long time revolutionary and environmental activist Michael Löwy offers a v ... more
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Animal Music: Sound and Song in the Natural World by Tobias Fischer & Lara C. Cory - £15.99
DO ANIMALS SPEAK TO EACH OTHER? WHAT DO THEIR SONGS MEAN? WILL WE EVER BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THEM AND TALK BACK?   Ever since the accidental discovery of whale song in 1967, the idea of complex animal sentience has been gaining strength with ... more
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Cold Blood: Adventures with Reptiles and Amphibians by Richard Kerridge - £9.99
Can we know what it feels like to be a toad? Or a lizard? Join Richard Kerridge on the hunt for Britain’s reptiles and amphibians and realise the potential of puddles and ditches everywhere.  As a boy, Richard Kerridge loved to encounter wild c ... more
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The Great Transition: Shifting from Fossil Fuels to Solar and Wind Energy by Lester R. Brown - £10.99
The great energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy is under way.   As oil insecurity deepens, the extraction risks of fossil fuels rise, and concerns about climate instability cast a shadow over the future of coal, a ... more
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Concise Coastal Bird Guide by Richard Allen, David Daly, Szabolc Kokay, Dan Cole and Stephen Message - £4.99
This beautifully illustrated mini field guide is packed with information on the coastal birds of Britain and the near Continent. It covers more than 170 species, which are illustrated with superb full-colour artworks that show - where relevant - vari ... more
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Out of the Woods: The Armchair Guide to Trees by Will Cohu, illustrated by Mungo McCosh - £8.99
Out of the Woods is an affectionate, convivial guide to Britain’s 50 commonest trees, in which Will Cohu takes you on a revelatory journey – from the wildest woodland to municipal carpark, via field hedgerow and orchard garden.  Stunningly il ... more
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Playing for Time: Making Art as If the World Mattered by Lucy Neal - £16.99
This groundbreaking handbook is a resource for artists, community activists and anyone wishing to reach beyond the facts and figures of science and technology to harness their creativity to make change in the world.   This timely book explores the ... more
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Eat, Sleep, Cycle: A Bike Ride Around the Coast of Britain by Anna Hughes - £8.99
For Anna, a cycling enthusiast, the decision to ride 4,000 miles solo around the coast of the UK wasn’t that hard. But after epic highs, incredible lows, unforgettable scenery and unpronounceable place names, her simple idea turns into a compelling j ... more
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Common Ground by Rob Cowen - £16.99
'I am dreaming of the edge-land again'  After moving from London to a new home in Yorkshire, Rob Cowen finds himself on unfamiliar territory, disoriented, hemmed in by winter and yearning for the nearest open space. So one night, he sets out ... more
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A Growing Space: A History of the Allotment Movement by Lesley Acton - £14.99
There are currently over 300,000 allotment plots in the UK, with roughly 100,000 people on waiting lists. Allotments are popular, and under threat. This accessible social history book looks at how changing economic, political and cultural conditions ... more
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Beautiful Earth: Our Planet Explored from Above by Dirk H. Lorenzen - £14.95
Beautiful, constantly changing yet endangered: this is what our planet looks like from the skies. Beautiful Earth offers a completely new viewpoint on our well-known globe. From fascinating cloud formations caught by weather satellites to erupting vo ... more
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Bob Flowerdew's Organic Gardening Bible: Successful Growing the Natural Way by Bob Flowerdew - £18.99
Bob Flowerdew’s Organic Gardening Bible is a comprehensive and invaluable guide to gardening in a more natural, sustainable and pleasurable way. Bob has been gardening organically for over 30 years – he knows all there is to know – and he packs this ... more
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Wild Nights: Camping Britains Extremes by Phoebe Smith - £9.99
It’s not until we push ourselves past our perceived limits, till we feel so cold and so tired that we feel we can’t go on any further, that we discover what we are truly capable of...   Britain’s most famous wild camper and best-selling author ... more
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Wild Camping: Exploring and Sleeping in the Wilds of the UK and Ireland by Stephen Neale - £14.99
From getting back to nature with a tent, some matches and a few litres of bottled water, to enjoying a pub dinner and camping out in the garden afterwards, this book shows how to get stuck into wild camping in all its forms. Beautiful wildernesses; t ... more
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The Gluten-Free Italian Vegetarian Kitchen by Donna Klein - £14.99
From tantalizing appetizers to delicious desserts, The Gluten-Free Italian Vegetarian Kitchen is a collection of authentic Italian dishes with a vegetarian and gluten-free twist. More than 225 recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, breads, pizzas, pa ... more
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The Secret World of Oil by Ken Silverstein - £9.99
Oil is the lifeblood of modern civilization, and the industry that supplies it has been the subject of intense interest and scrutiny, as well as countless books. And yet, almost no attention has been paid to little-known characters vital to the indus ... more
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Sustrans' Traffic-Free Cycle Rides: 150 Great Days Out by Wendy Johnson - £15.99
Sustrans' official guidebook brings together 150 of the UK’s finest traffic-free walking and cycling routes in celebration of 20 years of the National Cycle Network.   Offering a unique glimpse into the UK’s remarkable landscapes, history, cul ... more
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Just 5 Vegetarian: Make Life Simple with Over 100 Recipes Using 5 Ingredients or Fewer by Hamlyn - £5.99
100 effortless recipes for vegetarian dishes prepared with just 5 ingredients.  With no more than 5 ingredients, you can create simple and delicious vegetarian meals that are packed full of flavour and easily adaptable - for example, Beetroot P ... more
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Don't Trust, Don't Fear, Don't Beg: The Extraordinary Story of the Arctic Thirty by Ben Stewart - £12.99
There is a saying in Russian jails. Never ne boysya ne prosi: don't trust, don't fear, don't beg. Don't trust because life here will always disappoint you. Don't fear because whatever you're scared of, you are powerless to prevent it. And don't beg b ... more
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Few and Far Between: On the Trail of Britain's Rarest Animals by Charlie Elder - £16.99
Seeking the beautiful, the breathtaking and the bizarre, Charlie Elder goes in search of Britain's rarest and most endangered animals.   Travelling the length and breadth of the UK, and meeting up with experts along the way, he tracks down se ... more
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A Less Green and Pleasant Land: Our Threatened Wildlife by Norman Maclean - £16.99
Disentangling the facts from the hype, this 'Domesday book' of the British and Irish countryside offers a definitive and up-to-date survey of the state of our wildlife today.  Norman Maclean, editor of the bestselling Silent Summer, examines the ... more
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The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono - £10.99
A beautiful gift edition of this classic fable about one man's quest to create a forest, with a new introduction by Richard Mabey.   In 1910, while hiking through the wild lavender in a wind-swept, desolate valley in Provence, a man comes acr ... more
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Alex Through the Looking Glass: How Life Reflects Numbers, and Numbers Reflect Life by Alex Bellos - £8.99
From triangles, rotations and power laws, to fractals, cones and curves, bestselling author Alex Bellos takes you on a journey of mathematical discovery with his signature wit, engaging stories and limitless enthusiasm. As he narrates a series of eye ... more
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Wildlife in the Anthropocene: Conservation After Nature by Jamie Lorimer - £18.50
In Wildlife in the Anthropocene, Jamie Lorimer argues that the idea of nature as a pure and timeless place characterized by the absence of humans has come to an end.  Offering a thorough appraisal of the Anthropocene — an era in which human acti ... more
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A Time Traveller's Guide to Life, the Universe & Everything by Ian Flitcroft, illustrated by Britt Spencer - £12.99
Albert Einstein said his first ideas about relativity came from looking in the mirror as a teenager and wondering what it would be like to travel on a beam of light. This is the story of that journey ...   A Time Traveller's Guide to Life foll ... more
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Artwash: Big Oil and the Arts by Mel Evans - £12.99
Published on the fifth anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, Artwash is an intervention into the unsavoury role of the Big Oil company's sponsorship of the arts in Britain. Based on a high profile campaign, Mel Evans targets Chevron, Exxo ... more
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The New Wild: Why Invasive Species Will be Nature's Salvation by Fred Pearce - £6.99
Veteran environmental journalist Fred Pearce used to think of invasive species as evil interlopers spoiling pristine ‘natural’ ecosystems. Most conservationists would agree. But what if traditional ecology is wrong, and true environmentalists should ... more
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Off the Map: Lost Spaces, Invisible Cities, Forgotten Islands, Feral Places... by Alastair Bonnett - £9.99
In a world of Google Earth, in which it is easy to believe that every discovery has been made and every adventure already had, Off the Map is a stunning testament to how mysterious our planet still is.   From forgotten enclaves to floating is ... more
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Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist by Bill McKibben - £10.99
Bestselling author and environmental activist Bill McKibben recounts the personal and global story of the fight to build and preserve a sustainable planet.  Bill McKibben is not a person you'd expect to find handcuffed and behind bars, but that ... more
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Meadowland: The Private Life of an English Field by John Lewis-Stempel - £8.99
What really goes on in the long grass?   Meadowland gives an unique and intimate account of an English meadow’s life from January to December, together with its biography. In exquisite prose, John Lewis-Stempel records the passage of the seaso ... more
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A Philosophy of Walking by Frédéric Gros, translated by John Howe. Illustrated by Clifford Harper - £9.99
"A long walk, Gros suggests, allows us to commune with the sublime."(New York Times) "It is only ideas gained from walking that have any worth."(Nietzsche) By walking, you escape from the very idea of identity, the temptation to be someone, to ... more
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